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US troops out of Europe!
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+ Bar Too High For Serbs to Comply
+ Why New World Order Hates Serbs
+ New Roman Empire

+A Truly Heroic Resistance
+Theory of American Stupidity
+Last Free People in Europe

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24/08/08 Kosovo - A Deliberate Plan
24/08/08 Don't forget what happened in Yugoslavia
25/07/08 Search For Justice


26/03/03 Lies & Greed behind an illegal war (Iraq) Collateral Murder

WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff.

  The Perfect Storm (Iraq)
21/03/03 20 Lies from the President of USA (Iraq)
  My policy will destroy only one street (Iraq)
04/03/03 All necessary means (Iraq)


19/10/02 US Looking for Trouble Again
01/07/02 Fox News
28/06/02 NATO's Kosovo mission failed
15/01/02 Facts about USA - A Rogue Nation


30/10/01 Internet Security
03/07/01 Reichstag Fire Trial, the Sequel
  U.S. Troops Rescue Albanian Terrorists
31/05/01 NATO: Terrorism against Serbia is no crime
13/05/01 Economic Terrorism (Part 1)
  Deadly Economic Medicine (part 2)
  Macedonia - Victim of Western Conflict-Mismanagement
15/02/01 Proclamation for the anniversary
  Kosovo Commission Report (part 1)
  History of the independence (part 2)
  Missing the essentials by not listening at all (part 3)
  Conditional Independence (part 4)
  Possible consequences for the Balkans and elsewhere (part 5)


31/12/00 Why Albanians fled during NATO Bombing
  Foreign Interference in the Yugoslav elections
04/12/00 Preshevo Valley - A Strategic Prize
  Women and Shepherds Rout Marines
21/10/00 William Walker - Fabricating a Serb Massacre
17/10/00 How the West organised Milosevic's downfall
05/10/00 Images of the Belgrade Revolution on October 4 & 5, 2000


Soros World
27/08/00 Clinton Kosovo Fraud
24/07/00 NATO operation bear a heavy burden of responsibility
15/07/00 Louise Arbour: Unindicted War Criminal Part 1.
15/07/00 Louise Arbour: Unindicted War Criminal Part 2.
15/07/00 It is Etiquette
08/07/00 Montenegro goverment delema - A Referendum on independence?
17/05/00 US Foreign policy


Slandering a whole nation with no legal recourse to libel suits.
02/05/00 Washington applies Genocide Convention to others, but does not accept it itself
28/04/00 Paying the price for arrogance and stupidity
11/04/00 Miscarriage of justice
  Are you ready for the new lies next time?


ITN unbiased news source, Who are you kidding?
  You beleive NATO if it makes your life easier


US government suckers for the KLA


US Senators vote to abandon their constitutional right to vote, Why?


March 2000: Kosovo: One Year Later


Is It Democracy or Anarchy that Clinton and Blair Demand in Europe?
30/01/00 Srebrenica: The Mythological Massacre - 3 Years Later, And Still Searching
Srebrenica Vanishing Corpses
Srebrenica Numbers Game
Srebrenica Eyewitness
19/01/00 E-mails to Chameleon - Hugh
12/01/00 New Age of Humanitarian Vigilante Power (11 articles)
12/01/00 The Story "Decoys for Nato"


12/12/99 How fake guns and painting the roads fooled Nato
NATO's bombing of Chinese embassy in Belgrade was deliberate
An Impartial Tribunal? - Part 3.
An Impartial Tribunal? - Part 4.
An Impartial Tribunal? - Part 5.
12/11/99 An Impartial Tribunal?
An Impartial Tribunal? - Part 2.
07/11/99 "Facts are Stubborn Things" - No Genocide in Kosovo Clinton's Media Defenders Now Admit
E-mails to Leon Nov 1999
10/10/99 Violations of international laws committed by NATO – Part 1
10/10/99 Violations of international laws committed by NATO – Part 2
10/10/99 Misleading UN Report on Kosovo
03/10/99 Americans Are Learning to Accept War Crimes
09/09/99 Crisis in the Atlantic Alliance
29/08/99 The Evolusion of Democracy
Serbs and Roma Flee KLA Terror
13/08/99 100,000 Kosovo Deaths Shrinking to 3000-6000 Deaths
KFOR & UN Legalization of Anarchy in Kosovo
10/08/99 A Discussion - kirill
A Discussion: Robbie vs. Deepshooter
07/08/99 US Evil Policy:  As KLA murders, Congress funds the KLA
NATO Learns for Whom It Won a War
05/08/99 Pre-1989 Albaina Rule in Kosovo - Historical Postscript
Pre-1989 Albanian Rule in Kosovo - The Aftermath
02/08/99 Pre-1989 Albanian Rule in Kosovo - The War
Pre-1989 Albanian Rule in Kosovo - Background Part 2
How NATO propaganda misled the public
30/07/99 Pre-1989 Albanian Rule in Kosovo - Background Part 1
29/07/99 What do we do next?   Massacre Serbs!
What the President and NATO Deign to Tell Us
Who’s the War Criminal Responsible for Rape and Murder of Serbs in Kosovo?
27/07/99 Ethical Aspects on NATO's Intervention in Kosovo
26/07/99 Legitimate Targets
24/07/99 Techniques used by Ruder Finn
22/07/99 Krajina the Croatian Invasion
18/07/99 Last Free People in Europe
15/07/99 The Failure of Diplomacy
14/07/99 The Empire - New World Order
Theory of European Stupidity
08/07/99 Was CNN involved in a NATO effort to assassinate the Serbian information minister?
Theory of American Stupidity: Part 1, 2, 3 & 4
Manoevers Focused of Mounting Chaos
06/07/99 Do not Sell the Hide of the Bear Until the Bear is Dead.
Ethnic Cleansing and US foreign policy
04/07/99 Kosovars vs Kurds
The method of distortion and without any substantiation
02/07/99 Attacks by Albanians on Kosovo Serbs Intensifying
Comparison Between Clinton and Hitler, Could this be possible?
Who is telling us the truth?
30/06/99 Tyranny to Kosovo Albanians Recreated by KLA
German interests in the war against Yugoslavia - part 1&2
26/06/99 My Opposition to the US/NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia
NATO`s "Victory"
NATO forces complicit in ethnic cleansing of Serbs
25/06/99 Relentless Propaganda Drivel Continues
Who will punish NATO if it doesn`t obey what was signed and agreed?
Washington Post reports only on Albanians
War Crimes Tribunal on NATO
24/06/99 Europe`s plan to control the Balkans
Kosovo Peace Plan
22/06/99 Lies, Damn Lies & Maps
The Ultimate War Crime
How Did that Evil Serb Set Fire to a Solid Stone and Brick House with No Wood in it?
20/06/99 UN Resolution 1244 and Watch NATO in Kosovo
19/06/99 Indicator of a Future Plan
Albanian rule in Kosovo  Part 2.
Denials of NATO - A debate
US Media seeks to justify NATO war
17/06/99 Albanian rule in Kosovo Part 1.
Ladies and Gentlemen
The NATO Coup that failed
16/06/99 At the Turn of the New Century
The Media and the War against Yugoslavia
Imperialism and the Balkans
The Global Eruption of US Imperialism
14/06/99 Clinton`s Speech on Yugoslavia: Piling Lie Upon Lie
Clinton Official at Rambouillet: "We intentionally Set Compliance Bar Too High For Serbs to Comply"
13/06/99 Autonomy or Independence
13/06/99 Tales of Serb Attrocities
12/06/99 Democratic Indictment 
11/06/99 Revealed: How deal was done
10/06/99 War crimes law applies to U.S. too
What Will Refusing to Rebuild Bombed Infrastructure in Serbia Do to Its Neighbors?
Winning and Losing Depends Upon How One Measures It.
This is the News
09/06/99 Following is the text of the UN draft resolution on Kosovo
Mass Graves Hoax
NATO and Russia Find Breakthrough
08/06/99 NATO vs UN - attempt to replace the U.N. Security Council
Serbs withdraw under UN Resolution
07/06/99 Did the Serbs Lose?
High Treason
Who Won and Who Lost?
06/06/99 Aftermath
05/06/99 A Truly Heroic Resistance
Kingdom of Serbia
04/06/99 Jamie Shea
Killing and Terrorizing Serb Civilians
03/06/99 World Power Oil & Gold
NATO confirmed Propaganda Lies
A reply to a supporter of the US-NATO bombing of Serbia
02/06/99 A War of words
31/05/99 Clinton to Weasel Out is to Keep Committing More Crimes
30/05/99 Comfort for Americans, A Sellout for the Rest of the World
26/05/99 Motivations and Consequences on NATO and Kosovo