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avgust 20, 2008

















Who is Telling us the Truth about the Serbs?


"When men differ in opinion, both sides ought equally to have the advantage of being heard by the public; when truth and error have fair play, the former is always an overmatch for the latter."

In the last three months we have seen the one who should be the guardian of the flame of free speech, the President of the United States, bomb the Yugoslav TV studios, transmitters, and the nation's electric power plants for the stated purpose of silencing that nation's electronic media. "Serb radio and TV is an instrument of propaganda and repression," a NATO spokesman, Air Commodore David Wilby, declared on April 8. "It is ... a legitimate target in this campaign."

In spite of bombing the studios, and killing journalists and make-up artists, the Serbs somehow managed to continue sending reports out. NATO spokesman Jamie Shea and Bill Clinton announced the growing "success" in destroying Slobodan Milosevic's military. Shea said that over 10,000 of the 40,000 Serb soldiers in Kosovo had been killed, two-thirds of its MIGs destroyed and 40 per cent of Milosevic's 280 tanks had been destroyed, along with 60% of their artillery and mortars, while "wiping out" Milosevic's MIGs.

A month ago, on May 24th, Bill Clinton wrote a letter to the editor in the New York Times in which he said:

"Meanwhile, our air campaign has destroyed or damaged one-third of Serbia's armored vehicles in Kosovo, half its artillery, most of its ability to produce ammunition, all its capacity to refine fuel and done enormous damage to other sectors of its economy. Though he has driven hundreds of thousands of Kosovar Albanians from their homes, Mr. Milosevic has not eliminated the Kosovar Liberation Army. Indeed, its ranks are swelling, and it has begun to go on the offensive against Serb forces hunkered down to hide from air strikes."

On the day the bombing stopped, Milosevic was shown on CNN telling the people of Yugoslavia that the "476 soldiers" who were killed were heros. Who was lying? Jamie Shea and Bill Clinton, or the "indicted war criminal", Slobadon Milosevic? Milosevic claimed only 476 soldiers were killed. Shea and Clinton were saying, before the bombing stopped, that 10,000 Serb soldiers were killed, the KLA was going on the offensive against the Serbs, and that NATO had taken out "half its artillery."

And then, the Yugoslav army came out of hiding and started leaving Kosovo. The entire world was able to count tanks as they left, and the number of soldiers - of the 40,000 that were reportedly there - less the 10,000 reportedly killed. As it turned out, only 13 tanks had been destroyed, not 112.

In the London Telegraph yesterday, John Simpson, who reported the war from Belgrade, announced that

"Time and again when I was in Belgrade my colleagues back in London used to ask me about signs of casualties. The military death toll must be pretty high by now, they would say; what about the funerals, the death notices, the anecdotal evidence that lives were being lost? "I always answered, quite truthfully, that the only casualties I heard anything about were civilians. Not surprisingly, as it turned out. Something like 400 soldiers seem to have been killed, as compared with about 1,700 civilians. Night after night Nato would hit army barracks and government ministries, as though the Yugoslav army were obliging enough to hang around there."

After more than 40,000 or so sorties and thousands of tons of bombs, what NATO hit were empty barracks, canvas and wood replicas of artillary and mortars, old armored personnel carriers, broken-axled and rusting, which the Serbs had carefully left out for NATO pilots to see and bomb from 13,000 feet. From 13,000 feet, apparently, farm tractors were mistaken for armored personnel carriers so a real, but dead, personnel carrier was a reasonable decoy.

Of the "wiped out MIGs" - all but three of them recently came out of hiding and flew back to Belgrade.

In spite of the humbling truth now becoming obvious to all - that NATO did lie, John Simpson still believes the REST of the charges: "Now we see the terrible evidence that made President Clinton and Tony Blair determined to carry on in spite of everything; and the torture chambers and mass graves of Kosovo will join the other dark horrors of the 20th century. But good intentions are not quite enough." And, let's not forget all those raped Albanian women - that Clinton mentioned in his letter to the New York Times:

"The Balkans are not fated to be the heart of European darkness, a region of bombed mosques, men and boys shot in the back, young women raped, all traces of group and individual history rewritten or erased. Just as leaders took their people down that road, leaders must take them back to a better tomorrow. Ultimately, we and our allies can help make this happen, if we stick with NATO's campaign and follow through with a strategy to insure that the forces pulling southeastern Europe together are stronger than the forces tearing it apart."

A month after Clinton's letter was printed, on June 22, 1999 the New York Times printed an article which stated, in part: "So far, there is no solid evidence of systematic rapes by the Serbs, as was reported in Bosnia, and not a single woman said in the interviews that she was sexually penetrated by a Serbian soldier."

Now, rape and war historically have gone together. In fact, as recent American history with the Tailgate scandal and statistics on many US college campuses appears to indicate, some men don't even need the excuse of a war to rape women. And, haven't we been told by the President that a major justification for the bombing was because Serb soldiers were raping Albanian women? How dare the Albanian women deny being raped!

So, what do we have here? The women that were supposed to have been raped en masse are saying they weren't. Now Albanian husbands who left their wives and children to face the evil Serbs alone while they ran and hid in the hills are raping and killing Serb women, including at least one nun, but now reject and want to divorce their wives because the husbands (and the world media) BELIEVE the Serb soldiers always rape women? And we are all supposed to believe this is the gospel truth because Bill Clinton and Jamie Shea said it? Is this as accurate as the 10,000 dead Serb soldiers we were told about just a couple of weeks ago?

Clinton and NATO tried very hard to silence the Serb media while flooding the world airwaves with what turns out to have been NATO "error." The truth is coming out about the lies told of "10,000" dead Serb soldiers and most of its tanks, planes and artillery being destroyed. It was Milosevic, not Jamie Shea, who gave the most accurate number.

My friend in the Marines, Master Sergeant Frankinburger sent me over the week-end a bit of a different view than what we are hearing from those who seem to be desperately trying to justify 78 days of bombing:

Dear Mary,

Took a security patrol out a couple of days ago. Didn't run across any bad guys. The little village we went through was interesting. Through an interpreter, I found out that it had been occupied by regular VJ troops until a couple of weeks ago. The old man I spoke with said that the Serb troops didn't steal or destroy anything in the village and left everything as they had found it. Asked him about mines and he said that they removed all of them and took them with them when they left. Obviously very disciplined regular army troops. The people in the village were ethnic Albanian but didn't seem to harbor a lot of resentment toward the Serbs, I suppose having the regular VJ in their village kept the MUP and paramilitary away. The old man ended up guiding us through the fields and trails in the area. (Good patrol tip, walk only where the locals walk.) He also went into his house and gave us some smoked sausage, tomatoes, bread, and peppers. Very poor people, so this really meant a lot. We've had nothing but MREs for three weeks so the feast we had when we returned to our lines was the highlight of the day. Anyhow, this was just one small village and in no way can it be construed to represent what is going on or happened in the rest of the country. Just some simple farmers who would be glad just to be left alone to work the soil and live their lives. Mostly old folks, women, and children. And the little ones just about broke my heart. They have a healthy fear of men with guns. Ain't a Marine here doesn't have a soft spot for the kids. This mess over here isn't their fault. It's a side of this hell hole that isn't glamorous enough to make the evening news.

Semper Fi',


The sad thing is - these gentle Albanians Master Sergeant Frankinburger met are also in danger from rampaging KLA terrorists, just as the young wife who is being cast aside by her cowardly husband is in danger of being divorced or possibly even executed. Why? Because they are not saying hateful, nasty things about Serbs, which is the KLA's doctrinal basis for seizing Kosovo.

If NATO and the United States is so sure of the identity of all those people in "mass graves" in Kosovo - how come they overestimated the number of dead Serb soldiers by 95%, and the number of destroyed tanks by 89%?

The whole world now hates the Serbs, thanks to the media. Are those war crime stories "justifying" the bombing as inaccurate as the body counts and tanks destroyed stories? And, how does the raping, killing, ethnic cleansing, and murder rate of the Serb forces compare with what we are able to photograph of the raping, killing, ethnic cleansing and murder rate of the KLA?