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US troops out of Europe!
Democratic Indictment
Who`s the
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avgust 20, 2008

















Democratic Indictment

Veselin Zivkovic, Belgrade


1. All this time through significant humanitarian efforts and worry for Albanian Kosovars future I could feel at least between the lines that this is not key issue but to get rid of president Milosevic. By official indictment this public accusations on western media became more louder although accusation itself was raised based on UK secret service evidences - which could not be used in normal circumstances. In western media he is guilty for death of 100.000 people and for 10 years fights and instability in the region.

To my understanding they are deliberately overlooking one very important point - in this period only possible formula for stability of the region which was SFR Yugoslavia was destroyed and now this fragmentation was continued by supporting secession of Kosovo, Montenegro, Vojvodina, Sandzak.... until Yugoslavia remain municipality of Belgrade.

President Milosevic was trying to resist such policy as much as posible and only trying to defend our country at first SFR Yugoslavia and now shrieked SR Yugoslavia like any other person will do at his position. Other question if he could succeed in his mission and why he couldn't.

I think that USA was quite wrong when considering Yugoslavia as last flame of communism in Europe and trying to turn off such flame with army boot not understading that will open Pandora's box at Balkan peninsula.

It was not difficult to predict that all the world will stand up behind Croatians due to Catholic church, behind Bosnian Muslims due to petrol dollar (they were Serbs but were converted to Muslim religion during 500 years Turkish occupation) and now behind Albanian Kosovars due to narko dollars although they have other native country than Yugoslavia.

It was Don Quixote's attempt to defend against all world powers bloodthirsty to sharpen their their teeth on first victim not strong as Russia not big as China but sufficient enough as example to the others who don't listen well and obey in New world order system. What was our choice but to face most severe economical embargo ever known and finally as fruit on the cake - NATO bombs. To be like Macedonia who have exactly the same problem with Albanian population seeking for Big Albania one
day and looking on Kosovo as their lime stone, and not being asked or having evidence how many foreign soldiers they have on their territory - but getting some peanuts money in return which is much less than loss for their economy.

That's why it is necessary to do as much as possibly destruction before any resolution of UN came to force which can only be the obstacle for NATO humanitarian work. Why such savage people need any resolution at all, when they can sign even blank paper after enjoying NATO air performance.

I am pretty sure that things could not happened in this way if Albanian Kosovar were politically mature enough not to boycott the elections in Serbia and Yugoslavia. But guided by short minded Maoist leaders of KLA and maybe signals from the West they were not allowed to vote. Even with half of the Albanians population (since half illegally immigrated from Albania to Yugoslavia and never got passports and IDs) if he is considered as the main obstacle now, they could prevent president Milosevic to win the majority at the elections by legal way not by terrorist actions of KLA. But ready made scenario of destabilization and occupation of strategically important region was different.

It is not sufficient example of president of Montenegro who was specified as democratic leader although he has got tight victory since voting time was extended illegally from 8 pm up to 5 am next day, only thanks to Albanian-Muslam votes.

I really can not understand the nations who are blackmailing us with bombing and destruction of life conditions to change our president practically sentencing one nation w/o court to long and painful death (very democratic isn't it but we are third world - who cares) and at the same time is not capable to remove their own president after so many lies and sexual atrocities.

As we say first do your own garden and then look for the others.