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avgust 20, 2008

















Milosevic Is No Prince Lazar; More Like Vuk Brankovic

PHOENIX, June 3 - "Capitulation!" With this single word, a Belgrade resident summed up the "peace agreement" reached today, after the discussions between the Russian envoy, Viktor Chernomyrdin, and the Finnish president, Martti Ahtisaari, with the Yugoslav president, Slobodan Milosevic. Yugoslav parliament approved the agreement by a 136-74 vote in a special closed session this morning, as the Radical Party pulled out of the coalition government with Milosevic's Socialist Party. "We shall not sit in the government and await the arrival of NATO troops in Kosovo," said Vojislav Seselj, the Radical Party's leader.

"Chernomyrdin stabbed us in the back," the above Belgrade resident added. Predictably... as he had done to Russia in Chechnya. As we have said several times before, "no friend of Al Gore can be a friend of the Serbs", "Why did it take him so long to betray us?", another Serb resident told us, referring to Milosevic. "We could have had the same result with far fewer lives lost."

Belgrade and much of Serbia was appropriately in darkness this evening, its lack of electricity, due to earlier NATO strikes, symbolizing this moment of darkness in Serb history. Almost 610 years ago, the Serb Prince Lazar faced similar choices.

Unlike Milosevic, however, Prince Lazar chose the heavenly, over the earthly kingdom. Here's a poem about it from the epic cycle of Kosovo:

Prince Lazar of noble ancestry! Which kingdom will you choose? Will you choose the earthly kingdom? Or you will choose the heavenly kingdom? If you choose the earthly kingdom... All your army will perish, And you, Oh Prince, will die with them"

After the Prince heard these words, He pondered all sorts of thoughts: "Dear God, what shall I do and how shall I? Which kingdom shall I choose? Shall I choose the earthly kingdom? Or shall I choose the heavenly kingdom? The earthly kingdom lasts only a brief time, But the heavenly kingdom always and forever." So the Prince chose the heavenly kingdom.. Then the Turks mounted their attack against Lazar. And the Serbian Prince Lazar perished, Together with his entire army, Seventy-seven thousand a number, And all was holy and honorable And acceptable to gracious God...

So Milosevic is no Prince Lazar. This turncoat communist is more akin to Vuk Brankovic, a traitor who failed to heed Prince Lazar's call to Battle of Kosovo in June 1389, heralded here through the famous curse of Stefan Musich:

If any Serb, or man of Serbian birth, Or any man of Serbian kith or kin, If any such a man comes not with me To battle on the field of Kosovo - Never shall he know a son or daughter; Whatsoever he may touch shall wither; Vineyard, field of wheat - his sweat and labor fruitless; And his generations barren!

Milosevic's betrayal was unfortunately all too predictable. It was just a matter of time and circumstances. Here is, for example, an excerpt from a column which this writer wrote on Oct. 11, 1998. It was published by the Washington Times on Oct. 25, 1998 under the title, "An Ugly Double Standard in Kosovo Conflict" (the full text is available at our Web site - "...Ever since the summer of 1994, Milosevic has been playing the role of a "designated bogey," thus facilitating the realization of the U.S. government's geopolitical aims in the Balkans, and the dismemberment of his own country. In return for Milosevic's being such a good "bad guy," Washington has repeatedly propped him up when the Serbian people rose up against this former communist.

But if, in the end, NATO does end up waging war against Serbia, even if only to absolve Milosevic from the responsibility of giving up Kosovo, the action will set a dangerous precedent. It will mean nothing less than the end of national sovereignty and all inherent rights which sovereign nations have enjoyed for centuries world over. As a result, any nation will now have reasons to fear the capricious wrath of the "world's only remaining superpower," the new neo-colonial Big Brother. Capricious, because the new Big Brother's power is only based on a "might makes right" legal principle.

For example, even if the Serbian government did do what the West is accusing it of having done, and even if the protection of supposedly endangered minorities is the overriding legal principle which outweighs the issues of national sovereignty, how can one explain the fact that this only applies to Serbia? The U.S./NATO never bombed Turkey over its atrocities against the Kurds; or China over Tibet; or Indonesia over East Timor; or Israel over its various enemies, including even extra-territorial military assaults on neighboring countries; or Russia over Chechnya; or Great Britain over Northern Ireland; or Spain over its treatment of the Basques; etc.

In short, NATO's involvement in the Balkans is NOT about protection of civilians - Albanian or any other kind. It is about projection of power into a political vacuum created by the end of the Cold War. And about connecting NATO East (Turkey) with NATO West (Bosnia) - over the backs of a small predominantly Orthodox Christian nation whose territory unfortunately happens to intersect these NATO strategic interests.

If the Serb leader had been smart, he would have realized all this, and would have worked for his country to become a part of NATO, just as the predominantly Orthodox Christian Greece is, for example. As it were, Milosevic totally misread the geopolitical tea leaves around the end of the Cold War. This former communist counted on the backing of the Soviet Union as he chose to snub the world's biggest superpower (in the 1989-1990 period). When the Evil Empire collapsed, Milosevic was left stark naked, without a friend in the world. And the Serbian people have been paying the price for his arrogance and stupidity ever since. In August 1994, Milosevic finally realized his error, turned coat, and turned on the Bosnian Serbs, too (whom he had been supporting prior to that). He became a western vassal, a "designated bogey," and a facilitator of the destruction of his own people. What followed was NATO's bombing of the Bosnian Serbs in August-September 1995; expulsion of some 250,000 Serbs from Croatia; the Dayton "Peace Accords" - actually the terms of surrender which Milosevic had signed in November 1995; and NATO's occupation of the Serbian territories in Bosnia in early 1996.

And now, the next (Kosovo) phase of NATO's expansion in the Balkans is about to unfold - with or without the bombing of Serbia. The "perpetual war for perpetual commerce" globalist principle is being affirmed once again in Kosovo. Which means that the U.S. and other western taxpayers can now start playing an "eeney, meeney, miney, mo..." game of their own: How much money and how many human lives will this overseas troops deployment cost us? Americans can also ask why we don't zip out of office - PERMANENTLY - the U.S. "Zippergate" officials who preach the virtue of chastity while chastising virtue the world over?"