100,000 Dead Kosovars
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avgust 20, 2008

















100,000 Kosovo Deaths Shrinking to 3000-6000 Deaths


Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media noted in an article entitled "Playing the Numbers Game" that "Since NATO’s war on Yugoslavia ended, there has been a reevaluation of many of the numbers that were thrown around by NATO and U.S. spokesmen concerning the number of Albanians displaced and killed in Kosovo and the destruction of homes and other property.

A report of NBC’s Andrea Mitchell in which she said that the number of Albanians killed in Kosovo during the war appeared to be in the three to six thousand range, not 100,000 as Secretary of Defense William Cohen and others were predicting."

Even before the bombing started, I warned that the public was not being told the truth by the Clinton Administration. The Serbs had been demonized by the Clinton Administration and by CNN especially, once again taking the Muslim, Nazi, Nationalism side of an argument, while CLAIMING to be supporting "humanitarianism."

Coming just as the Cox report was about to be released, the bombing of Yugoslavia seemed an easy way to get Clinton’s reprehensible behavior in a variety of situations off the front pages. Obviously, Clinton and Albright thought a couple of days of bombing would make the Serbs give up. It didn’t.

During the bombing of Yugoslavia I wrote a number of articles questioning some of CNN’s "Massacre" stories and the ridiculous figures given out by Jamie Shea, NATO’s spokesman.

My favorite number, which not even NATO is now defending, was Jamie Shea’s statement that "100,000 babies" had been "born in refugee camps to Albanian women." NATO Says 200,000 Albanian Women Gave Birth to 100,000 Babies in Two Months? A little simple math, using the published birthrate of Albania women, and the highest possible number of women that could have been in the refugee camps, the period of time (2 months)showed the highest number of babies that COULD have been born if ALL the refugees were in the camps at the same time (they weren't) was something like 425 babies. That's a far cry from 100,000 babies - born in 3 months to approximately 200,000 adult women.

Now that the bombing and the hourly reports have stopped, Accuracy in Media reports, "Several teams of forensics experts from different NATO countries have gone to Kosovo to investigate reports of mass graves of Albanians murdered by the Serbs. The FBI sent a team over to investigate two of the seven sites listed in the indictment of Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes, one where the indictment said six persons were murdered and the other 20. The team included 65 persons and including graphic artists and demolition experts. They took 107,000 pounds of equipment, but we have seen no reports that they discovered any new mass graves in the few weeks that they spent there.

"Although there have been reports that a hundred or more other sites have been reported, the FBI team came home on July 1. This suggests that there was not as much demand for their services as the news stories suggest. An AP story on June 18 said that at least 10,000 Albanians were killed in more than 100 massacres, but as yet very few mass graves in addition to those listed in the Milosevic indictment have been have been identified in news stories. A Reuters story on July 2 said peacekeepers have catalogued more than 100 sites where Albanians "are thought to have been massacred and buried.

I don’t doubt that there are "mass graves," meaning graves where more than 2 people are buried (NATO’s definition.) I don’t doubt there are Albanians at least in some of those graves. What I never hear, however, is just WHERE the hundreds, possibly thousands, of dead KLA terrorists who had been shooting at and killing Serb Police and Yugoslav soldiers are buried. After over 22,000 bombs being dropped on what was supposed to be Yugoslav military targets, and the announcement by Jamie Shea that "10,000 Yugoslav soldiers" were killed by NATO bombs, we find that only 476 Yugoslav soldiers were killed and something like 300 were killed in the almost totally unreported ground war that was being fought between the KLA terrorists and the Yugoslav Army.

"So far one additional mass grave that is believed to contain more than 100 bodies has been found near the village of Celina," Accuracy in Media reports. "A Washington Post story on July 18, said Celina is called ‘ground zero in the U.N. war crimes tribunal’s effort to build a case..’. It is, according to the article, ‘the epicenter of what is proving to be the heaviest concentration of mass graves in Kosovo.’ Yet they have found little more than 50 bodies, and expect to find only 50 more in this village. It adds that U.N. officials suspect ‘thousands more will be found.’"

Of course, all those other sites also were supposed to have a lot more bodies then they had. It seems the Albanians have, shall we say, grossly exaggerated their mistreatment while totally dismissing and denying they are involved in such things as the massacre of the 14 farmers. What has happened is a great deal of exaggeration to justify Clinton’s bombing of Yugoslavia, an event that was timed to begin just before the Cox Committee Report was released outlining national security problems concerning China. (http://www.members.tripod.com/kosovo99/8.htm)

"John Kifner, writing in the New York Times on the same day, said: ‘At least 10,000 people were slaughtered by Serbian forces during their three month campaign to drive the Albanians from Kosovo.’ He cited war crimes investigators, NATO peacekeeping troops and aid agencies as his sources. The headline calls it an estimate, the lead sentence did not "To reach 10,000 bodies, they will have to find 100 mass graves with an average of 100 bodies in each one. In the seven cases in the Milosevic indictment, only one was said to involve over 100 bodies. The average for all seven was 50. The 10,000 estimate appears to be one more wild exaggeration of the horrors of Kosovo."

We know that that Yugoslav army killed a number of KLA terrorists. What is never mentioned is: How many KLA soldiers were killed and where are they buried? How many bodies in those mass graves are fallen members of the KLA who were killing the 300 or so Yugoslav soldiers - and how come CNN, Washington Post, and other major news sources who have reporters over there have never give us that information?

Why the pretense that there was no ground war going on and any "killings" are "massacres?"

Could it be that, having energetically supported the bombing and helping the demonization of the Serbs, that they have to continue ignoring the truth in order to save face?