Who Will Punish NATO?
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US troops out of Europe!
Why Albaninas Fled
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Montenegro Goverment Delemna
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March 2000: Kosovo One Year Later
Ethnical Aspects on NATO
Ethnic Cleansing
Europe`s Plan to Control the Balkans
Comparison between Clinton and Hitler
Americans are learning to accept War Crimes
Serbs and Roma Flee KLA Terror in Kosovo
NATO Learns for Whom It Has Won a War
What do we do next? Massacre Serbs
When Others Converted, Serbs Didn`t
Who Won and Who Lost
Crisis in the Atlantic Alliance
UN Security Council Draft Resolution
Serbs Withdraw under UN Resolution
Did the Serbs Lose (NATO view)
NATO and Russia Breakthrough
A Truly Heroic Resistance
Refusing to Rebuild Bombed Infrastracture
Escorting KLA into Kosovo
Indicator of a Future Plan
Resolution 1244
The Ultimate War Crime
Who Will Punish NATO?
NATO Complicit in Ethnic Cleansing of Serbs
Tyranny to Kosovo Albanians
Attacks by Albanians Intensifying
100,000 Dead Kosovars
KFOR & UN Legalization of Anarchy


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avgust 20, 2008

















Who will punish NATO if it doesn`t obey what was signed and agreed?

1. History teaches us when somebody so powerful is pushing others to accept very misty conditions - it always smells on manipulation. And all this forced situation is one big manipulation, that is probably why I personally can't be relaxed after aggression stopped on Yugoslavia and still feel unpleasant deep in stomach, if you understand what I mean.

2. Signed "Peace" Resolution instead having Belgrade plain like football playground still have some traps like sneaky Rambouillet amendment in order to keep window for secession of Kosovo opened a bit. As usual there was a great dose of fear if Serb side will obey what was agreed although we know the sorts of possible punishment but question is how to punish other side for not fulfilling contract clauses and this lack of instrument is repeatedly used to skip the agreement and manipulate. JA moved back in agreed period - less than two weeks and what about KLA so called demilitarization in Resolution? By today signed agreement with Mr. Tachi (who ? you don't know Mr. Tachi in his first political promotion) is given now another 90 days to release everything except guns and rifles. With such short period and cruel conditions it's difficult to believe that KLA members can robber, kidnap and kill all the remaining Serbs and some extension by amendment is expected as usual.

3. USA mainstream philosophy ALL THE SERBS ARE GUILTY AND HAVE TO PAY since they have been looking all this military and paramilitary atrocities, rapes and slaughters of their neighbors Albanians and did nothing. As a matter of fact except another manipulation started in village of Racak when killed KLA members were shown as civilians this style was used in all other cases because KLA army are in fact civilians but armed ones and who can distinguish who is who when they are dead. (can not carry weapon).

4. I feel that KLA is core of NATO CORE their eyes and ears like George Robertson said during the air campaign became their brains in finall stage.

5. Russian attempt of having defined their role and share in peace process, disturbed KLA with possibility of having UN CORE as well when we will have to much CORES and some fission might happened. That's why Prishtina airport is not important at all as strategic point after taken over by Russians (maybe NATO will use submarines for transportation), but less worthy than 750 mil $ of MMF annuity for Russian credit. This is cheaper than Albanian's fear from Russian sector which might cause partition of Kosovo, and Serbs in Kosovo are by definition very happy with NATO CORE especially now when fully protected including churches older than America itself.

Sorry to the potential people who could read this confused text until last line but I must stop here because this volume of manipulation and mixing up everything in one pot as top level international politics is making me so sick. Among so many bright events, there is no space for consideration when and how normal human beings weather Gypsy, Egyptian Serbian or Albanian can live together ever again or we must all fly somewhere near Cuba in the ghetto.

Veselin Zivkovic

Belgrade, Yugoslavia