Comparison between Clinton and Hitler
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Comparison between Clinton and Hitler
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When Others Converted, Serbs Didn`t
Who Won and Who Lost
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Did the Serbs Lose (NATO view)
NATO and Russia Breakthrough
A Truly Heroic Resistance
Refusing to Rebuild Bombed Infrastracture
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Indicator of a Future Plan
Resolution 1244
The Ultimate War Crime
Who Will Punish NATO?
NATO Complicit in Ethnic Cleansing of Serbs
Tyranny to Kosovo Albanians
Attacks by Albanians Intensifying
100,000 Dead Kosovars
KFOR & UN Legalization of Anarchy


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avgust 20, 2008

















Comparison between Clinton and Hitler, Could that happen here?

"Sadly, the comparison between Clinton and Hitler seems to be growing more apt every day. I think it is worth remembering that the German people didn't follow Hitler because he was evil; they followed him because they thought he was good. Remember also that, thanks in part to Hitler's propaganda machine AND in part to people's natural pride and unwillingness to admit when they've been duped, the German people remained blissfully ignorant of Hitler's true nature until a coalition of foreign forces finally smashed their country to rubble."

Could that happen here?

1. Our highest military commander is turning out to be a self-important murdering lying hypocrite with delusions of grandeur. (So was Hitler.)

2. We have a powerful propaganda machine. (So did Hitler.)

3. We have a people who are unwilling to admit that their faith in their leader is misplaced, EVEN when the evidence is placed before them. (So did Hitler.)

4. Our people think of their country as a great shining beacon of truth. (So did Hitler's.)

5. Our people are largely ignorant of the way we are viewed by other nations. (So were Hitler's.)

6. We apparently have a military force composed of human robots who never question the morality of the orders they are given. (So did Hitler.)

7. Our military force is touted as invincible. (So was Hitler's.)

8. But it is not invincible. (Neither was Hitler's.)

9. And the countries we consider our allies can always turn against us. (Hitler's did.)

10. What, exactly, is so special about America that will magically prevent it from becoming a murdering war machine (like Hitler's) that will not be stopped until it is smashed to pieces (like Hitler's had to be)?

Oh, yes, I forgot. Clinton and all of our other presidents cannot seize absolute power because they are elected only for a limited period of time.

Guess what? SO WAS HITLER!! Hitler seized absolute power through political maneuvering after he was elected to office. I do not doubt that any of our presidents can do the same under the right conditions.

The match isn't perfect, of course: Hitler was his own man while Clinton is just a brainless puppet.

And there's no reason for any American president to seize absolute power when the people who are pulling the strings can simply parade a series of clones through the White House. All the same, the recipe above is getting pretty scary.