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avgust 20, 2008

















The Relentless Propaganda Drivel Continues

by Matt Hardman

No TV news program now is complete without the obligatory interview with the cuddly friendly Albanian family hard done to by the nasty evil genocidal Serbs.

They even got me believing it at one point - almost.

Strange how quickly the KLA could point the media to all these sites where bodies have been found. Or not strange, since they killed some of them.

I have no doubt that some Kosovar Serbians went berserk when their Albanian neighbours called in the air force to bomb their children,
also no doubt that many of these sites are of KLA massacres before and after March 24th, and no doubt that there was no state sponsored, planned campaign. Just neighbours who had been in the front line for years taking revenge on each other.

Bilbo says "we won the propaganda war" - like that was hard to do
when all he and others did was repeat the output of 100 TV stations and the 1000 reporters reading from the scripts on the hour every hour of every day like automatons. Doesn't mean you told the truth. Know what thoughtcrime is? It's certain you have no idea. Enjoy your democracy. Bilbo says "nato won the war" - you have no idea just what you have 'won' yet - you will in a year or two.

Seeing as a large part of their real reason for starting the war was blown to pieces by Yugoslavia's refusal to give in to them, the 'cover story' put about at the time that it was a humanitarian intervention now has to be played to the hilt. History must record that there were mass atrocities committed after March 24th, by Kosovar Serbians and by them only. If there were no mass graves it would be necessary to invent them. If there were no atrocities to report it would be necessary for journalists wishing to keep
their jobs to report them anyway.
That is why whatever they say and whatever they show none of it can be taken at face value.

All the journalists sent to Kosovo are pussycats, if they were not they wouldn't have sent them. They are lazy, they just want to send in their reports and hide in their hotel rooms,
they eagerly accept what is said by those who want to use them and do no investigating.