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Crimes - If They Are Committed AGAINST Serbs

By Mary Mostert

September 24, 1999

Exactly six months ago today, on March 24, 1999, President Clinton addressed the American people about the American Air Force participation in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. He said: "My fellow Americans, today our Armed Forces joined our NATO allies in air strikes against Serbian forces responsible for the brutality in Kosovo. We have acted with resolve for several reasons. We act to protect thousands of innocent people in Kosovo from a mounting military offensive. We act to prevent a wider war; to diffuse a powder keg at the heart of Europe that has exploded twice before in this century with catastrophic results. And we act to stand united with our allies for peace. By acting now we are upholding our values, protecting our interests and advancing the cause of peace."

So, have the innocent people in Kosovo been protected from a mounting military offensive? Have we prevented a wider war or diffused a powder keg at the heart of Europe that could explode again? Which of our values have been upheld, and which of our interests have been protected? Has the cause of peace been advanced?

I don’t think so.

Clinton went on to say, six months ago, "Now, they've started moving from village to village, shelling civilians and torching their houses. We've seen innocent people taken from their homes, forced to kneel in the dirt and sprayed with bullets; Kosovar men dragged from their families, fathers and sons together, lined up and shot in cold blood. This is not war in the traditional sense. It is an attack by tanks and artillery on a largely defenseless people, whose leaders already have agreed to peace. Ending this tragedy is a moral imperative. It is also important to America's national interest."

Has that all been stopped by the bombing and the NATO occupation of Kosovo? Are men in Kosovo no longer dragged from their families and killed? During the 79 days of NATO bombing, approximately 35% of the ethnic Albanian population of Kosovo fled. Many streaming into refugee camps said they were fleeing because of the bombing. Others said they were forced from their homes and taken by train, bus or cars to the border. No figures were ever given for the numbers of Albania refugees who were illegal aliens in Kosovo.

Today, hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians now live in Kosovo, some of whom apparently never lived there before. Now it is everyone else who, in the words of President Clinton, are being "taken from their homes, forced to kneel in the dirt and sprayed with bullets." Pristina, which had 30,000 Serb residents when KFOR arrived, today has fewer than 1000 Serbs. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which officially disbanded Sunday, had special "Serb-hunting" units, according to two KLA members. The special KLA units "forced the Serbs out of their homes and took them off to kill them in discreet places as far as was possible," said one of the KLA special unit members "But, if they put up any resistance, they mowed them down on the spot." said the rebel officer, whose nom de guerre is "the teacher". "Our group of seven men would go to the Serbs, house by house, and give them between 15 and 30 minutes to get out," the 'teacher' explained. "Then in came the mopping-up team, 13 of them, with the job of executing those who stayed behind," he added. The mopping-up team were "real professionals," said the burly 46-year-old with a Colt 45 pistol protruding from a jacket pocket. The Kosovo capital of Pristina was "split into four zones, each with four units that are still at work today. We have been working in the eastern districts.

Does this bother the American people? It doesn’t seem to bother most of them. Many people still believe the stories told by Clinton and NATO spokesman Jamie Shea. The graves of the 100,000 Albanians that supposedly were killed by the Serbs, according to Jamie Shea, so far have not been located, in spite of 300 paid forensic experts who have been digging up cemetaries in Kosovo for three months. This, for some reason, is not a probem for some people who are determined to believe that all the problems in Kosovo are the fault of Slobodan Milosevic. In the past few days Ralph, a reader of my analyses, with just that mindset has been trying to convince me that the fact there are no 100,000 bodies available to prove the Clinton and Jamie Shea statements is not a hurdle. He started his efforts by saying "Your repeated assertion that NATO is somehow biased against Serbia is absurd as there has never been a single case (as far as I know) of anti-Serb pogroms within NATO countries."

That’s a statement roughly equivalent to saying that the Jews just "made up" all those horror stories about a Nazi holocaust in the 1930s and 1940s. The second largest group of people to die at the hands of the Nazi holocaust in World War II, after the Polish Jews, were the 1.7 million Serbs, or one in seven of the entire Serb population of Yugoslavia at the time. The perpetrators of the Serb holocaust were the Croatians, the Bosnians and the Albanians, all of whom were supporters of Adolf Hitler. Serbs, Gypsies and Jews were targetted and killed. These are the same targets today in Kosovo.

When I challenged his statement, Ralph responded by saying, of the missing 100,000 dead bodies which might prove the claims made about the Serbs:

Ralph: "Since a single large truck can hold 20 automobiles weighing say 3000 lbs each and the average American male weighs perhaps 150lbs (the average Albanian is probably smaller) then that same truck could also carry 400 bodies on each trip. So the Serbian army could transport the 100000 bodies with 250 large truck round trips to Serbia from Kosovo. This is well within the capability of the Serbian army but it does reflect their extreme brutality and extreme violations of human rights.

"What I believe actually happened is - At the beginning of the Kosovo war the Albanian victims were stripped, forced to give up their valuables, lined up, forced to dig their own mass graves and shot in the back. As they died they toppled into these mass graves where their fillings were removed (for their precious metal content) which were then covered with dirt by other Albanian prisoners. (This is extremely well documented.) Selected prisoners were saved for other puposes (ie young women were selected for sadistic sex torture games at Serbian army camps while the Albanian community leaders were given extra torture before they died. (This is also well documented.) Others were saved to act a human shields or were allowed to escape to pressure neighboring countries. (Also well documented.) Note that there is NO evidence that the Serbs ever used body bags."


My Question: If this is well documented, may I see the documentation, please? That’s what I do for a living - going to the original sources, the documents, to get the facts. Where are all these "documents?" Ralph, this is not a revival meeting. What you "believe" simply doesn’t matter. What does matter are the facts.

Ralph: "When the Serbs abandoned Kosovo they knew that their own mass graves could be used as evidence to hang them as war criminals, so they dug up their mass graves (also well documented) and retrieved the bodies. By this time (after 10 weeks) the bodies had dried out, most of the flesh had been rotted away, and the bodies now weighed a small fraction of their original weight. (90% of a persons body weight is water.) This made it even easier to ship the bodies (in many cases merely skeletons) out. However, I'm willing to bet that most of these bodies were merely chopped up (say in wood chippers or using plentiful mining equipment), crushed, dipped in acid (again using the plentiful mining equipment) and used as cheap animal feed or plant fertilizer."


My Question: My life over the years has included periods of times during which I lived on a farm, where I used fertilizer and buried dead animals. Later I was a building contractor, using things like wood chippers and other such equipment. First, bodies don’t "dry out" when buried in the ground, especially during a long, wet Spring like Yugoslavia had this year. They do start rotting, however and they smell awful. If any of the bodies found were "merely skeletons" they would not be bodies from 1998 or 1999. It takes 7-10 years at least for a body to become "a skeleton." Far from those 100,000 bodies being smaller and lighter and consequently easy for the evil Serbs to ship back to Belgrade, they would have been swollen and heavier, after being in the wet ground for a few days to a few weeks. The 40,000 Yugoslav soldiers would, without gas masks, dig up, place on trucks and transport to Serbia 100,000 corpses, while fighting the KLA in a ground war and dodging 70,000 NATO bombs and missiles that were aimed at them, in a matter of a few days., and then re-bury them in Serbia and no one saw them? Or smelled the bodies?

About the wood chippers. Wood chippers don’t chip up bodies. And, what animal would you feed the bodies to after they had been dipped in an acid strong enough to magically disintegrate and pulverize a human body?

Ralph: The reason why much of this was undetected was because there is really no way that most of this activity can be detected from space or from low flying aircraft. Also even a small province like Kosovo is still large enough so that many bodies could be hidden. Also this treatment makes if very difficult to determine the precise number of victim bodies. Naturally there would be many traces of the Serbian brutalities and in fact many traces of these massacres have already been widely discovered.


My Question: So, where are the forensic reports on all these massacres, plus the reports on the names, identities of the corpses? In the Serb reports of KLA atrocities, we have pictures of people without heads and we are told their names. It isn’t enough to find bodies, you know. Bodies can be found in any cemetery. There are, for example, on the battlefields of Europe cemeteries in which the graves of hundreds are found: 368 bodies of American soldiers are buried in Flanders Field in Belgium. At Normandy, a much larger cemetery contains 9,668 bodies of American soldiers, less than one tenth the number of Albanians we were told the Serbs killed and buried without detection.

Ralph: "The Albanian Kosovars have not used similar techniques on the remaining Serbs in Kosovo because they are not that cruel and in any case this requires a large scale organization of mass murderers (which is a hallmark of the German Nazis and the modern day Serbs). These despicable actions are extremely similar to those of the German Nazis in WWII and place an indelible blotch on Serbian honor."


My Comment: Presto! There’s the atrocity! No proof! No Bodies! It’s all fiction - what one man "believes" - because he wants to believe it. To believe otherwise is to face the strong possibility that we are being lied to about the Serbs, just as we were lied to about Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones and many other things. Then we would have to fact the fact that America has committed at the very least a horrible mistake and at the worst a series of war crimes.

Thirty years ago in Vietnam 347 civilians, men, women and children, were killed by American soldiers. Compare that with the 476 Yugoslav soldiers killed by either the KLA or NATO bombs, and 1700 Serb civilians killed, approximately one third of whom were children. And, was the My Lai massacre in Vietnam a "mistake" or the result of "poor training" - or a war crime that was never punished? Using the same criteria that has been used to indict Slobodan Milosevic, President Lyndon Johnson should have been indicted as a war criminal for what happened, and the cover up at the village of My Lai massacre.

Ralph: "Naturally this gives the remaining Albanians a strong incentive to avenge themselves upon their oppressors, and some have used every opportunity to do so. This is unfortunate, as I would prefer that they use the courts to prosecute specific Serbian war criminals but as long as the Serbian people glorify war criminals, appoint them to leadership positions and do not give their many many victims justice, it is very very understandable and perhaps justifiable."


And that, folks, is how an atrocity or a hate crime is "justified." It’s OK to kill the Branch Davidians. Didn’t the government SAY they were a cult? And, it’s OK to kill Serbs. Why, even though there are no bodies to prove they killed 100,000 people, the bodies gotta be SOMEWHERE - because the government SAID the Serbs killed 100,000 innocent Albanians.

Of course, a lot of those Albanians are in uniforms and have mortars and have killed hundreds of Serbs, including about 300 policemen - but we never talk about where members of the KLA who were killed in battle are buried. Nor do we read about a paralyzed old Serb woman, the last Serb left in her area, decapitated and mutilated. Whatever happens to Serbs, we are told by the Ralphs of this world, they deserved it.