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US troops out of Europe!
A Discussion - kirill


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A Discussion - Kirill

Does life go on as normal (as possible) in Kosovo? I'm left here wondering whether the ethnic hatred between the Serbs
and the Albanians will continue to manifest even with NATO involvement. Will things ever settle down to normal?

kirill <
kirill@university.ca> wrote in message

You are seriously uninformed. Since KFOR took over 170,000 Serbs have been driven out of Kosovo with only 30,000 remaining. The KLA and its supporters are allowed to commit murders of Serbs, Romas, Gorans and others with impunity. The issue is not ethnic hatred, it is Albanian nationalist fanatics supported by NATO in their quest to sever Kosovo from Serbia. Otherwise explain the treatment of 200,000 Albanians in the rest of Serbia, or the 400,000 Muslims (Sandjak, where there were Bosnian Muslim refugees during the war in Bosnia!) or Croats. All of them live and peace (except for NATO bombs) and without harassment. Serbia is the only multiethnic state remaining from the former Yugoslavia. It has 38% of its population non-Serb. All the other states have "purified" themselves.

PS. Albanians have a had a free hand in Kosovo since the times to Tito even during the 90's when they basically did anything they wanted at the prompting of their lunatic leaders. When the Albania based KLA started it military campaign in 1998 to sever Kosovo from Serbia, there was an appropriate military response from Serbia. About 250,000 *temporary* refugees resulted as the KLA was crushed, most of who stayed in Kosovo and 30,000 of who moved into Albania and Montenegro. NATO, being the principle patron of the KLA, forced Serbia to "withdraw" its forces and created the conditions for the KLA to regroup and re-infiltrate. The same lies about refugees starving in the hills as during the bombing campaign were used to stir up sympathy for the KLA which was relabelled from terrorist organization to "freedom fighters".