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avgust 20, 2008


















"Facts are Stubborn Things" - No Genocide in Kosovo Clinton's Media Defenders Now Admit

Inserts from article by Mary Mostert

After months of trying to pretend the "story" was over in Kosovo, one by one, it seems, major news sources are beginning to reluctantly admit that they published lies trying to justify Clinton's use of the U.S. Airforce to destroy Yugoslavia. I received reports yesterday about three different news sources finally publishing articles about issues some of us have talked about for months. Radio Talk Show Hose Chuck Baldwin, of Florida, who had said during the bombing that it was "highly unlikely that genocide was taking place and that Bill Clinton was lying through his teeth pointed out yesterday in a column entitled "What Genocide?":

"President Clinton assured the American people that as many as 100,000 people had been slaughtered. Later the figure was reduced to 10,000. We were told that mass graves could be seen from our hi-tech satellites. (These were the same satellites that didn't know it was the Chinese Embassy that we were bombing.)"

Baldwin cites the Sunday Times of London, October 31 edition, which quoted a pathologist who led the Spanish team looking for bodies in the aftermath of the fighting as saying: "I calculate that the final figure of dead in Kosovo will be 2,500 at the most. This includes lots of strange deaths that can't be blamed on anyone in particular."

Baldwin, who is a mild-mannered minister, charged,

"In fact, Clinton and his bloodthirsty comrades killed more people during that illegal war than the Serbs had killed during the preceding decade! When will the American people wake up the fact that one cannot trust the word of a pathological liar? And those who have sold their souls to defend and protect a pathological liar cannot be trusted, either. That the congress and people of this country grant to Bill Clinton any degree of credibility or trust demonstrates their own stupidity! "For the sake of opinion polls and media intimidation, the US Senate must now face eternity with the blood of thousands of innocent people on their hands!"

On October 27th, the Los Angeles Times reported from Pristina that the environmental disaster the Serbs have been talking about for five months and which was summarily dismissed by the Clinton spinmasters, is real. In an article entitled "U.N. Urges Cleanup of 'Hot Spots' Left by Kosovo War" the LA Times reported: "Urgent steps are needed to clean up "hot spots" of pollution created by NATO bombing of Yugoslavia during the spring." The United Nations Balkans Task Force identified four pollution sites where it urged "immediate action from a humanitarian point of view." So far, Clinton has blocked all efforts to repair civilian water, electrical and heating plants targeted during the 79 days of bombing. In fact, he is using the threat of winter and the impending deaths of elderly, ill and children this winter from Yugoslavia's bitter winters as a weapon to force the Yugoslavs to surrender their elected leader, Slobadan Milosevic, who was indicted by the NATO financed Yugoslav Tribunal for a genocide that never took place.

And, while it still downplays the possibility that the bombing of chemical plants and oil refineries resulted in pollution severe enough to cause birth defects in infants, it did announce that the Danube River is MORE polluted than first believed. Furthermore, the pollution is not coming from the Serbs, but upstream from other nations, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

The report stressed that the hot spots identified in the study "should be handled as places where humanitarian assistance is needed," despite international economic sanctions imposed on Yugoslavia. The sites of "urgent concern" identified in the 104-page study are in four cities:

* Pancevo. NATO bombed a major industrial complex that included a petrochemical plant, a fertilizer plant and an oil refinery. This caused "serious leakages of 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) and mercury; burning of vinyl chloride monomer to form dioxins; burning of 80,000 tons of oil and oil products releasing sulfur dioxide and other noxious gases; high concentrations of EDC found in water of [a] canal running into the Danube; high concentrations of mercury and petroleum products in the canal sediments." * Kragujevac. Heavy damage was inflicted on the Zastava car factory complex, including a power station, assembly line, paint shop, computer center and truck plant, releasing high levels of potentially harmful dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs.

* Novi Sad. This city's oil refinery was a principal target of NATO bombing. Concerns now center on "the risk that ground water polluted with petrochemicals from oil refinery could enter drinking water wells."

* Bor. Airstrikes targeted a copper mine and smelting plant and a nearby oil depot. Disruption of the copper mine operations has led to the chronic release of large quantities of sulfur dioxide gas. Damage to electric facilities caused localized PCB contamination.

"It is important to ensure the safety of the environment and the cleanup of these areas immediately, in order to avoid risks to human health and long-term ecological damage," the report says.

The third media report sent to me by readers was a column by Richard Gwyn from the Toronto Star in Canada which was entitled: "No genocide, no justification for war on Kosovo." Gwyn wrote:

IN THE GENOCIDE of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo by the forces of Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic, the worst incident occurred at the Trepca mine. As reported by American and NATO officials, large numbers of bodies were brought in by trucks under the cover of darkness. The bodies were then thrown down the shafts, or were disposed of entirely in the mine's vats of hydrochloric acid. Estimates of the number of dead began at 1,000.

That was six months ago, in the middle of the war undertaken to halt what both U.S. President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair called ``a human catastrophe.'' Estimates of the number of ethnic Albanians slaughtered went upward from 10,000. U.S. Defence Secretary William Cohen put the count at 100,000.

Three weeks ago, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia released the findings of Western forensic teams investigating the horror at Trepca. There were not 1,000 bodies down the mine shafts at Trepca, reported the tribunal. There were not 100 bodies there. There was not one body there, nor was there any evidence the vats had ever been used to dispose of human remains.

Shortly afterward, the tribunal reported on its work at the most infamous of all the mass graves of ethnic Albanians, at Ljubenic near the town of Pec. Earlier, NATO officials had said 350 victims had been hastily buried there by the retreating Serb forces. There were not 350 bodies at Ljubenic, though. There were five.

So far, not one mass grave has been found in Kosovo, despite four months' work by forensic teams, including experts from the FBI and the RCMP.

This discovery - more accurately, this non-discovery - first was made public three weeks ago by the Texas-based intelligence think tank, Stratfor. Stratfor estimated the number of ethnic Albanian dead in Kosovo at 500.

Last weekend, the story was broadcast for the first time by the TV Ontario program Diplomatic Immunity. (Last Sunday's New York Times was still using the ``10,000 deaths'' figure.)

The story has begun to appear in European newspapers. Spain's El Pais has quoted the head of the Spanish forensic team, Emilo Pujol, as saying he had resigned because, after being told to expect to have to carry out 2,000 autopsies, he'd only had 97 bodies to examine - none of which ``showed any signs of mutilation or torture.''

Because 250 of 400 suspected mass graves in Kosovo remain to be examined, it's possible that evidence of mass killings will yet be found. This is highly unlikely though, because the worst sites were dug up first.

No genocide of ethnic Albanians by Serbs, therefore. No ``human catastrophe.'' No ``modern-day Holocaust.''

No genocide means no justification for a war inflicted by NATO on a sovereign nation. Only a certainty of imminent genocide could have legally justified a war that was not even discussed by the U.N. Security Council.

No genocide means that the tribunal's indictment of Milosevic becomes highly questionable. Even more questionable is the West's continued punishment of the Serbs - the Danube bridges and the power stations remain in ruins - when their offence may well have been stupidity rather than criminality.

The absence of genocide may mean something else, something deeply shaming. To halt the supposed genocide, NATO bombed targets in Serbia proper. Because of ``collateral'' or accidental damage, such as the bombing of a train, some 500 civilians were killed (Belgrade claims almost 1,000 deaths). NATO very likely killed as many people as were killed in Kosovo.

The number of these dead isn't large enough to justify NATO's actions being called a ``human catastrophe.'' But, unless proof of genocide can be produced, NATO's actions were clearly a moral catastrophe.

It's sad to watch the moral leadership slipping away from America which has chosen a leader no one can respect or desire to follow.

I firmly believe the US has absolutely no mandate to "lead" a cockroach much less the world. The anti-Christian U.S. with the anti-Christ incarnate in the White House is the world's most cunning, terrorist entity on this planet. The U.S. promotes and exports violence.

I firmly hope that America gets it's due for committing international Crimes with impunity.

The American masses are certainly uninformed and mis-informed. They are not, however, illiterate. And, as Rep. Henry Hyde and other House Managers of the Impeachment of Bill Clinton often said, when being condemned in the media, "Facts are stubborn things." With the internet and a growing readership of people who tell their friends and neighbors about my daily sorting through facts, and the efforts of a talk show host here and an editorial writer there and a netropolitan news reporter somewhere else, the "hardly heard voices" like mine are becoming louder and more insistent. The questions now beginning to be asked about those "genocide" stories cannot be stifled.

I predict by the Presidential elections a year from now the lies told and the Social Security money spent to destroy Yugoslavia will be a major American campaign issue