US troops rescue terrorists
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avgust 20, 2008


















U.S. Troops Rescue Albanian Terrorists, Causing Anti-American Riot in Macedonia

The American president who said during his election campaign that he would pull the U.S. troops out of the Balkans has just done a turn-about-face. George W. Bush pushed the U.S. deeper into the Balkans quagmire when an unspecified number American G.I.'s were ordered Monday to rescue some 320 secession-minded Albanian terrorists from Aracinovo, a small town only six miles northeast of Skopje, Macedonia's capital. The U.S. troops marshaled 15 buses, 3 trucks, 3 ambulances and 16 Humvees for an operation in which the Albanian rebels were whisked off to safety of the NATO-occupied Kosovo (see map)
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The news of the American G.I.'s coming to the aid of Albanian terrorists spawned a huge riot in Skopje, during which the Macedonian Parliament was occupied by some of the over 5,000 angry citizens for several hours. Protesters fired guns in the air and shouted anti-western slogans during the night of June 25-26. The Jan. 26 New York Times carried a front page photo of the Macedonian troops trying to prevent some citizens of the Umin Dol village from attacking the 101st Airborne Division G.I.'s who were rescuing the Aracinovo Albanian rebels. Outside the capital, an American diplomat was slightly wounded, apparently accidentally, by the Macedonian army soldiers.

It is especially ironic that the U.S. troops were ordered into action in Macedonia less than a week after George W. Bush and his senior foreign affairs officials declared that they did NOT want the U.S. troops involved in any NATO operations that were to follow an eventual ceasefire between the Macedonian government and the Albanian secessionist rebels. But saving Albanian terrorists was evidently a justified mission. Why? Because birds of a feather flock together. Albanian insurgents in Macedonia were doing Washington's bidding just as they were three years ago in Kosovo No wonder a top NATO official in Macedonia (Daniel Speckhard) defensively told the New York Times that the U.S. action was "a one-time offer (to save the rebels) aimed at bolstering peace."

Really? If so, why did NATO, the Albanian terrorists' air wing and bus company, let the terrorist leave Macedonia with their weapons, rather than disarm them first?

Details, details… The NATO "lie and deny" spokespeople have never been very strong on details or logic...

Meanwhile, back to Macedonia, why would the U.S. government not-so-secretly support the Albanian rebels? In a word, the answer is - OIL.
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Note how the locations of the latest Albanian insurgency lie northeast of Skopje. In other words, trouble spots are AWAY from the Albanian ethnically-dominant areas. But they do lie along the route of the future oil corridor - the "Green Interstate," as we put it
green.jpg (32231 bytes)(green.jpg). So much for the latest Albanian terrorist activity having anything to do with "liberation" or "secession" of this Macedonian minority from Macedonia.


The US based AMBO pipeline consortium is directly linked to the seat of political and military power in the United States and Vice President Dick Cheney's firm Halliburton Energy.

The feasibility study for AMBO's Trans-Balkan Oil Pipeline, conducted by the international engineering company of Brown & Root Ltd. [Halliburton's British subsidiary] has determined that this pipeline…will become a part of the region's critical East-West corridor infrastructure which includes highway, railway, gas and fiber optic telecommunications lines.

And upon completion of the feasibility study by Halliburton, a senior executive of Halliburton was appointed CEO of AMBO. Halliburton was also granted a contract to service US troops in the Balkans and build "Bondsteel" in Kosovo, which now constitutes "the largest American foreign military base constructed since Vietnam".5 Coincidentally, White and Case LLT, the New York law firm that President William J. Clinton joined when he left the White House also has a stake in the AMBO pipeline deal.