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avgust 20, 2008

















As KLA Massacres Serbs, Congress Funds KLA

By Mary Mostert,

On March 24, 1999, the day Clinton gave the signal for NATO to begin bombing Yugoslavia he said to the American people, "Right now our firmness is the only hope the people of Kosovo have to be able to live in their own country without having to fear for their own lives. Remember: We asked them to accept peace, and they did. We asked them to promise to lay down their arms, and they agreed. We pledged that we, the United States and the other 18 nations of NATO, would stick by them if they did the right thing. We cannot let them down now. Imagine what would happen if we and our allies instead decided just to look the other way, as these people were massacred on NATO's doorstep. That would discredit NATO, the cornerstone on which our security has rested for 50 years now." This statement was made shortly after the KLA had seized control of much of Kosovo, during 1998, and had ethnically cleansed 90 villages of all Serbs.

The "people of Kosovo" Bill Clinton was referring to were Albanians, many of whom had illegally crossed over from Albania after the collapse of the Albanian economy and communist government. They were not citizens of Yugoslavia. In 1998, 180 Serb policemen and 120 Serb soldiers, were killed by KLA terrorists in a province of two million people. That would be comparable to a group composed mostly of recent illegal aliens killing 300 policemen and soldiers in one year in, say, one county of New Jersey which contained one-third of the State's population.

So far, as of July 28th, the official crime statistics of the first six weeks of the UN and NATO mission in Kosovo and Metohija is: 198 murders, 840 lootings and 573 arsons and usurpation of apartments, plus about 130,000 Serbs who have left their houses and fields trying, when they can not keep their property, to save their heads.

When the bombing began in March, we were informed that 1,800,000 Albanians lived in Kosovo and 200,000 Serbs. During the height of the 3 month refugee outflow of Albanians, the highest figures reported by the United Nations claimed that about 35-40% of the Albanian population had fled - either to escape the bombing or to because they were told to leave. During the six weeks of NATO occupation, 130,000 of the 200,000 Serbs have fled the KLA reign of terror in Kosovo - which is about 65% of the Serb population of Kosovo have become refugees.

On March 24, Bill Clinton was concerned that NATO might be discredited if "these people" meaning the people of Kosovo, "were massacred on NATO's doorstep." Kosovo is no longer "NATO's doorstep." It is NATO's HOUSE. NATO is in charge there - and in six weeks 65% of the Serbs have fled, 198 have been massacred, while many of their homes and apartments have been seized and occupied by Albanians.

At this point, in spite of wild reports during the bombing of "10,000 Albanians killed and buried in mass graves" no such numbers have materialized. Furthermore, of the so-called "mass graves" found, we have not gotten ANY reports of the number of KLA soldiers who were killed in battle. How many of the "mass graves" are actually graves of KLA terrorists? Out of curiosity, where ARE the graves of those KLA terrorists, anyway?

We've watched and counted the massacres of Serbs. Before the latest massacre of 14 Serbs in their fields in Staro Gracko village in the past week the farmers asked for protection as they harvested their crops, since there was a pocket of KLA terrorists in the area. The British troops in the area refused to stand guard. If, as NATO has told us, the accords signed by Milosevic was the Serb "surrender" of sovereignty which NATO had demanded at Rambouillet, and NATO is totally in charge of Kosovo, what do all the massacres, lootings, rapes, etc. inflicted on the Serb, Gypsy and Montenegrin minorities mean? According to Bill Clinton's March 24th statement, it means that NATO has been discredited.

According to the Times of London, "The West is only now facing the real nature of its wards (the KLA and the warring Albanian clans) and the Western diplomats are afraid that their greatest nightmares will became reality: that that KLA will take apart into fractions, out of which one will continue to perform ethnic cleansing of remaining Serbs, while others will do other jobs with Mafia gangs."

On June 23 the UN interim civilian coordinator, Sergio Vieira de Mello, issued a report that said Kosovo seems "back to normal" and the "once deserted" streets of Kosovo towns are again "bustling" with Albanians. Of course, normal for the KLA is terrorism - and when the Serbs and other minorities have been driven out, who will they practice terrorism on?

If Northern Albania is any indication, total anarchy is ahead for Kosovo - with American, British, German and Italian troops in the middle - as Albanian clans begin to fight one another for control of some of that money that congress appropriated for the KLA terrorists, to resettle the approximately 600,000 Albanians who fled to their homeland, or to Macedonia during the bombing. If the UN figures are reasonably correct, approximately one third of the Albanian population were refugees over the 3 month period. Today, 65% of the Serb population of Kosovo are refugees. The hundreds of thousands of internally displaced Albanians, reported during the bombing by NATO, do not exist, apparently. What does exist is that approximately two thirds of the Serb population now are refugees, having been forced out of their homes by marauding Albanians - many of whom may not even ever have LIVED in Kosovo. The borders between Albania and Kosovo, a province of Yugoslavia, are totally unmanned at this point.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, the Congress of the United States prepares to pass an appropriations bill which appears to be designed to prevent the Serbs from being able to recover from the 78 days of bombing, by branding Yugoslavia as a "terrorist state," stiffening sanctions to prevent Yugoslavia from being able to trade even with its former provinces where needed materials for reconstruction, are manufactured.

H.R.2606, Sponsored by Rep. Sonny Callohan, which will be debated this week, specifically prohibits any aid to Serbia, and designates both Kosovo and Montenegro, Serbian or Yugoslavian provinces, as "exempt" from the sanctions imposed on Serbia. H.R. 2606, the companion bill to S. 1234, which passed on June 30th 97-2 in the Senate, does not at this point have a provision branding Yugoslavia a "terrorist state" which, as I pointed out in a previous column, ( appears to be designed to kill Yugoslavia's children, elderly and sick. HR 2606 appropriates funds for foreign operations, export financing, and related programs for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2000. It does contain the following, which would prohibit any aid to the nearly one million Serb refugees who have fled to Serbia from Croatia, Bosnia and now Kosovo:


SEC. 537. None of the funds appropriated by this Act may be made available for assistance for the Republic of Serbia: Provided, That this restriction shall not apply to assistance for Kosova or Montenegro, or to assistance to promote democratization.


Once passed, the House and Senate will appoint conferees to agree on the final bill, which could still mean that Serbia is declared a terrorist state and stiff sanctions imposed which would prevent the rebuilding of the bombed heating plants before winter and make it impossible for medicines to be imported into Yugoslavia. A similar restriction against Iraq has resulted in the deaths of over 500,000 children, which Madeleine Albright says is "worth it."

Oddly, in HR 2606, there is a provision which would also prohibit foreign assistance to the "Government of the Russian Federation Should it Enact Laws which would discriminate against minority religious faiths." SEC. 567 states: None of the funds appropriated under this Act may be made available for the Government of the Russian Federation, after 180 days from the date of enactment of this Act, unless the President determines and certifies in writing to the Committees on Appropriations and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate that the Government of the Russian Federation has implemented no statute, executive order, regulation or similar government action that would discriminate, or would have as its principal effect discrimination, against religious groups or religious communities in the Russian Federation in violation of accepted international agreements on human rights and religious freedoms to which the Russian Federation is a party."

Kosovo, where scores of Serbian Orthodox Churches and monasteries have been vandalized, burned, nuns raped and food stolen, is not mentioned. Apparently, it's OK for the Albanian Muslims to persecute Christian Serbs but it's a no-no for the Russian Federation to discriminate against Christian Russians.

Since NATO admitted that its bombing campaign, supposedly designed to destroy Milosevic's army failed miserably, there have been suggestions that "the next time" in order to win that the "civilian population will be targeted earlier and more vigorously." One of my most reliable military advisors scoffed at that analysis. The reason why the NATO bombing was such a military failure, he said, was BECAUSE it clearly targeted civilians. Of the approximately 2100 deaths resulting from the 6 weeks of bombing and ground fighting with the KLA, three fourths of them were civilian deaths. NATO's claim of killing 10,000 of "Milosevic's soldiers," wiping out his airforce and seriously "degrading" his armored vehicles turned out to be wildly exaggerated.

Now, it appears, the United States Congress intends to continue the war against the civilians of Yugoslavia.

Hundreds of schools in Yugoslavia were damaged or destroyed by American bombs and missiles, as well as water treatment plants, heating plants, which provide heat to Yugoslavian homes, churches, schools and industry. This policy, which will hit the children, the elderly and the sick the hardest, will create an anti-American anger in a once very pro-American population. When the children die - the anger lasts for generations.

Once upon a time most Americans would be appalled at a deliberate policy of targeting children in war. During World War II, remember, thousands of British children were brought to America to save them from the bombing raids. Fifty years later America is bombing schools, maternity wings of hospitals and refugee convoys in which the majority of the people are children. This is not just a mistake. This is not just wrong. This is an evil policy which is contrary to everything this nation stands for.

Let your Representative and Senators know NOW what you think. Urge the removal of Section 525 in Senate Bill 1234 which would declare Yugoslavia a terrorist state and all provisions in both HR 2606 and S 1234 which discriminate against the Serbs. It should be obvious to even to most disinterested that the Serbs are not the terrorists.

It's the KLA which are proven terrorists, gun runners and drug smugglers. Why is it that this president always seems to come to the aid of foreign nationals who are heavily involved in illegal drug trade? And, even more to the point, why is this Republican congress supporting such a policy?