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US troops out of Europe!
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of the Belgrade Coup

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esrevnI eilrahC <Inverse@hovac.com>

Thanks for the revealing statistics. Over the years I have come to see that the New World Order says the exact opposite of what it does.

- It SAYS it likes "democracy", but it overthrows democratically elected governments, e.g., Chile, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Algeria, Guatemala
- It SAYS it likes "freedom", but it has a history of supporting fascist dictatorors
- It SAYS it likes "progress", but it supports the most primitive, tribalistic groups, e.g., Hekmatyr in Afghanistan, the KLA in Kosovo
- It SAYS it likes "diversity", but it supports "ethnic purity", e.g., Israel, Croatia, Kosovo
- It SAYS it has "humanitarian" intentions, but it starts wars, bombs countries back into the stone age and threatens to drop nuclear bombs on non-nuclear third-world states
- It SAYS it wants development, but the IMF does everything possible to keep the third-world impoverished and hopelessly in debt


Kiwi Jack <kiwi_jack_1_NOSPAM@yahoo.com> wrote in message news:37301705.83954416@news.pacific.net.sg...

Repost: Chameleon = Master Baiter. Queen of his own destiny, he seeks to post where no man has posted before.
The Quest: to post irrelevant crap on all 30,000 usenet groups. It is not sufficient to post his drivel on his own web site, he must pollute innocent news groups everywhere. Bring the news to the People! If you can't bring them news, then make shit up and call it a plot.

Go Chameleon!

From: Claude Lowy <clowy@globalserve.net>

I often read your postings on the NG's and enjoy them. Your Website is magnificent and very informative. Thank you for the true version of the story on Kossovo, and congratulations. Keep up with the good work.

Claude Lowy


From: subsonnic@smartt.com (Roman)

Chameleon, Than you very much for your informative posts. I am passing them along to other people so they can see what a horrible, unjust war this is. This war makes me ill and what is worse, is that so many people believe the NATO propaganda. It is important to have other sources of information. My heart goes out to you and to the people of Yugoslavia.



The 'soc.culture.yugoslavia' newsgroup is a profound information source for understanding of what REALLY happens to the minds of ordinary people who are aware of the Balkan events.