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avgust 20, 2008

















Is It Democracy or Anarchy that Clinton and Blair Demand in Europe?

By Mary Mostert

After the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia ended, an all out effort was made by the victors to force Slobodan Milosevic to resign in favor of "democratic elections" the worldwide media hammered at us daily. In October 1999 "anti-Milosevic" rallies grew to 150,000 people. Today those rallies are lucky to get 15,000 people. What happened? Well, for one, the people of Yugoslavia have watched the beleaguered Milosevic manage somehow to repair roads, rebuild the five transmission lines destroyed by American bombs and missiles and fix downed bridges sufficiently that people can walk, and in some cases drive, across rivers in spite of sanctions which have prohibited the Serbs from being able to buy materials to make those repairs from other nations - not even former parts of Yugoslavia.

In fact, reports coming to me indicate that the utter chaos in the area is in Kosovo, which is being governed by the United Nations and KFOR and costing billions of dollars. It's hard to conclude that there is anything but almost total anarchy going on in Kosovo, based on reports from KFOR itself and its apparent inability of protecting ANY non-Albanian or even moderate Albanians in the province.

Clinton and the West are demanding that the Serbs kick Milosevic out of office and in a "free election" choose someone more to their liking. In fact, that apparently was the main reason for the bombing of Serbia. In a Memorial Day speech 1999, as our bombers were obliterating as much of Yugoslavia as possible, Bill Clinton justified the action saying:
" In Kosovo we see some parallels to World War II, for the government of Serbia, like that of Nazi Germany, rose to power in part by getting people to look down on people of a given race and ethnicity, and to believe they had no place in their country, and even no right to live. But even more troubling, we see some parallels to the rumblings all around the world where people continue to fall out with one another and think they simply cannot share common ground and a common future with people who worship God in a different way or have a slightly different heritage.

Of course, he failed to mention the fact that, in Kosovo, approximately one third of the people who were creating problems were not citizens of Yugoslavia but were illegal aliens from Albania, after its communist government fell apart. Apparently that is not significant. In the United States there are currently about 3.5 million illegal aliens, in a population of over 268,000,000, many of them arriving during the Clinton Administration, and it is not politically correct to point out that they often are the prime source of crime. Ask any police chief in any town in California or Texas. That is not a "racist" statement. It is simply an historical fact. Once the group that generated most of the crime in big cities of America were the Irish. In Rochester, New York, the Irish immigrant section of town in the 1850s was so dangerous the local police stayed out of it.

So, when America found out the hard way in Kosovo that the Albanians were not angels and the reason why Milosevic sent in the Yugoslav Army, was because over 300 members of the police had been shot and killed by Albanian terrorists in 1998-99. And, it didn't seem to matter whether the policemen were Serbs or ethnic Albanians. The fact of the matter was, and is, that a well armed group of ethnic Albanian terrorists goes around killing, robbing, raping and burning down homes of anyone who is non-Albanian, or even Albanians who are peaceloving.

Now, in the news, is another European politician who has spoken out against a veritable take-over of Austria by aliens. Jorge Haider, of Austria's Freedom Party, took second place in elections in October and his party has become part of the Austria government. This came about, as did Milosevic's electoral victories, via people voting in free and open elections. The result of votes cast last October gave the ruling Social Democrats in Austria 33 per cent, down from 38 per cent in 1995, the Freedom Party 27.22 per cent, up from 21, and the conservative People's Party, the junior partner in the ruling coalition, 26.9 per cent, down from 28.3 per cent
"The election has thrown Austria's traditional political landscape into confusion and prompted a frenetic bout of horsetrading on forming a new government."
Why? Because the Freedom Party is dubbed a "far right" party - similar, to the media, of the "far right" wing of the Republican party, for example. As a result of the Austrian people choosing candidates that the socialists of Europe and America deem "dangerous" and "too far right," they appear to be about ready to cancel the Austrian democratic election.

What exactly has Haider said that is so terrible? He has said he would halt immigration. Shades of Pat Buchanan! Why? Because he thinks that the growing crime rate and unemployment problems in Austria may be traced to the 30% of the population who are NOT Austrians. Is he wrong in stating that is a problem? No one I have read have disputed the figures. They have merely condemned Haider for SAYING it out loud.

Haider was also strongly criticized by Anti-Defamation League of Austria's Jewish community, and Austrian political leaders for equating the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans from Bohemia and northern Moravia after World War II with the Holocaust. Speaking on the subject of restitution to victims of the Nazi regime on the "ZiB2" television news program, Haider said, "If Jewish emigrants are granted their demands, there will be no end to this so-called reparation. When Sudeten-Germans make the same demands to the Czech authorities, they are told that it's not possible, because the line must be drawn somewhere. But what's fair for one should be fair for all.
"This really upset the ADL which considered the statement a minimizing of "the Jewish genocide" according to Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, and Marta Halpert, ADL Central and Eastern European Regional Director. "By comparing these two incomparable historic events, Mr. Haider minimizes the tragedy of the Jewish genocide."

Actually, Haider was not "minimizing the Jewish genocide." He was saying there has to be an end to the reparations game. Shortly after World War II the remaining Jews of Europe received huge amounts of financial assistance to either emigrate to Israel, America or elsewhere or rebuild in European countries. Admittedly before and during the war the Jews had little help. In fact, bills passed in 1921 and 1924 in the United States limited immigration of Jews and others, just in time to make it increasingly difficult for the Jews of Europe to escape Nazi extermination. A total of 5, 750,000 Jews had been slaughtered by the German Nazis.
However, in the constant designation of the holocaust being a "Jewish genocide" other groups of people, including the 1.7 million Serbs who were slaughtered by Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian Nazis during World War II, plus the slaughter of Poles, Gypsies (Roma), mentally retarded and others deemed "undesirable" have been all but ignored. In fact, in recent years the U.S. media, especially CNN have criticized the Serbs for "hanging on" to their distrust of Croatians, Albanians and Bosnians who killed one in seven Serbs 50 years ago in an effort to eliminate them as an ethnic group.

In "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William Shirer described the episode that cost the most lives in Hitler's 1939-40 "resettlement" program in Poland:
On October 9, two days after assuming the latest of his posts Himmler decreed that 550,000 of the 650,000 Jews living in the annexed Polish provinces, together with all Poles not fit for 'assimilation,' should be moved into the territory of the General Government, east of the Vistula River. Within a year, 1,200,000 Poles and 300,000 Jews had been uprooted and driven to the East. Himmler himself described it, in addressing the S.S. Leibstandarte:
"It happened in Poland in weather forty degrees below zero, where we had to haul away thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands; where we had to have the toughness - you should hear this, but also forget it immediately - to shoot thousands of leading Poles ...Gentlemen, it is much easier in many cases to go into combat with a company than to suppress an obstructive population of low cultural level, or to carry out executions or to haul away people or evict crying and hysterical women."  
Yes, 5,750,000 Jews died. But the total number of deaths resulting from those years was 30,000,000 people - 20 million of them died in the USSR, who was our ally in World War II.

I can't think of any policy that is more apt to rekindle the resentments and anger that led to the death of 30 million people in World War II than the constant ignoring of the others who suffered and died in those Nazi concentration camps. Remembering the lives of the 23,350,000 who lost their lives due to World War II does not mean that the 5,750,000 Jews have been forgotten.

If, as I have read, 30% of the people living in Austria today are foreign born, we are not in a good position to lecture the Austrians on "accepting" more foreign born. When the United States limited immigration in 1921 and 1924, it was because there were 13,920,692 foreign born living in the United States in 1920 in a population of 105,710,620. America thought it had too many aliens when only 13% of its population were foreign born. The stringent restrictions on immigration led to a mere 580,207 immigrant aliens being allow into the United States from 1931 to 1941 - of which only 161,262 were Jews.

It is bizarre that there is such condemnation of people like Haider who don't want their nation turned totally into a conclave for Africans or Middle Eastern Muslims, when the African and Middle Eastern Muslim nations have policies hostile to the immigration of whites from Europe. In fact, in South Africa, people whose families have lived there for over 300 years are being driven out, with Nelson Mandela saying, publicly, "Let them go! Good riddance!"

That might be compared with Haider saying, after criticism from Israel over his comments about too many "foreigners" in Austria, ""Israel should clean up in front of its own door and first resolve its problems with the Palestinians!" This just about created apoplexy in the International media. However, one might say that nations, such as the USA and Israel, are being a tiny bit hypocritical in lecturing Haider about getting along with others. Under Clinton we have bombed quite a number of nations and seem to have now, or have had, sanctions against half the nations of the world, one of them being an island 90 miles off the coast of Florida. The nations of Europe we seem to be condemning, Yugoslavia and Austria, so far have not bombed anyone else's country.

Increasingly, it appears, if voters in other countries don't vote the way the White House wants them to vote, they are treated as enemies and either isolated, sanctioned or bombed. And where does that lead? Quite often to the kind of anarchy that now exists in Kosovo.