A Discussion: Robbie vs. Deepshooter
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Kosovars vs. Kurds
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NATO Cluster Bombs Kill Serbs
The NATO Coup That Failed
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NATO`s Victory
Why New World Order Hates Serbs
Enforcing Agreements
A War of Words
Krajina - The Croatian Invasion


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avgust 20, 2008

















A Discussion: Robbie vs. Deepshooter

In article <memo.19990802194537.7093H@gwaltona.compulink.co.uk>,
robbie@strike_a_light.co.uk wrote:
: > Have you noticed the hammering they are getting on this ng?
: > Well done anti-Milosevic supporters.
: > Keep steady - they are on the run - just like Milosevic's death
: squads.
: > Victory is ours!!

deepshooter <deepshooter@my-deja.com> wrote in message news:7o5pgn$ole$1@nnrp1.deja.com...:

: Hee Hee. Another NATO style victory declared. A lot of noise and a lot of posturing but no real damage done to the fighting troops. Well, you may think you have taken over the ng, but you have no facts to support your endlessly repeated and tiresome tirades against the legitimate leader of Serbia (and all of Yugoslavia). It is a gas to watch Milosevic make fools of Western powerhouses with simple determination, outstanding courage, and clever strategy. 79 days of everything the West could muster and Milosevic still stands at the top,  probably laughing at the clumsy propaganda being waged against him. Now he will begin to rebuild Serbia without the help of the U.S. or any other western power.

Unfortunately for the antiMilosevic fanatics, the "forensic experts" are not finding any signs of atrocities, no evidence of war crimes, no facts to support the rambling KLA horror stories. At the same time, Western leaders who participated in the illegal air attack against the citizenry of Serbia are undoubtedly guilty of punishable war crimes as defined by their own treaties. Of course, no one expects the UN or the World Court to prosecute them, no one expects the UN or the World Court to do anything anymore. For that we can thank William Clinton.

Victory? The position of Milosevic's enemies grow weaker every day. Propaganda stories about detention camps and rape camps have been abandoned as obvious fabrications. Teams of experts searching for evidence of atrocities are turning up nothing. People are being reminded that Milosevic was once considered the partner in peace with the U.S. in Croatia and Bosnia. It was he who pressured the Serbs in Bosnia to stop the fighting. It was under his leadership that Serbia took in and cared for 600,000 Serb refugees from Bosnia without outside help, a feat that still awes leaders of the international humanitarian agencies. It was under his economic genius that Serbia has for years mweathered the boycotts and sanctions unfairly imposed on it by Western powers trying to wrest control of the Balkans. If the Serbs can gain enough strength and determination from Milosevic's example, if they will accept his economic leadership, they will ultimately be the final victors; just as they victoriously stood against NATO's terrorism, they will stand against the economic assault of the West. Serbia will effectively control the Balkans--and Milosevic will stand firmly at the top.

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