Tales of Serb Attrocities
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avgust 20, 2008

















Tales of Serb atrocities are nothing but NATO propaganda

All those tales of Serb atrocities are nothing but NATO propaganda designed to justify the murderous bombing of a country which posed no threat to its neighbors and any other country. In desperation, NATO supporters keep repeating the old propaganda about Bosnia and Croatia, most of which has been shown to be false. International investigators have had more than ample time to find any evidence of Serb war crimes in Croatia and Bosnia and have consistently turned up nothing.

For example, after years of digging at Srebrenica, where thousands of civilians were supposed to have been murdered, investigators have only been able to find a couple of hundred bodies of soldiers killed in battle.

The so-called Racak massacre turned out to be nothing but a staged scene where the KLA dragged bodies to a ditch and claimed it was the scene of mass murder.

The "ethnic cleansing" accusation just doesn't work in the light of the hundreds of thousands of Albanians who stayed and worked alongside the Serbs in Kosovo, especially in Pristina.

The "indictment" of Milosevic was nothing more than a recitation of often repeated antiSerbia propaganda. It will be interesting to see how long NATO leaders can keep up the charade.

Russia, Greece, India, China to start with. 23 countries support Nato, 153 don't. Draw your own conclusions.