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avgust 20, 2008

















NATO vs UN (attempt to replace the U.N. Security Council with the NATO Council)

rat <> wrote in message news:KZU63.27$

It is pretty clear what has occured in the past few days but of course the brain-washed masses of the west don't have a clue and many on this forum are in denial.

Few days ago , I expressed the opinion that something didn't look right . First of all NATO does not look happy with the deal . Second of all NATO didn't seem to follow the part of the deal which says the international presence will be under U.N. control. " Deployment in Kosovo, under U.N. auspicies, of efficient international civilian and security presences which would act as can be decided according to Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter and be capable of guaranteeing fulfillment of joint goals. " Major details such as the composition of the force needed to be worked out. I also predicted that it would be at least a couple of weeks of stalemate before the actual terms are forced on NATO.

This is what I think happened . This deal is of course a compromise.
Milosevic is losing something and I think NATO is losing something too, probably more than they can handle. Russia was assured of U.N. involvement and probably more. NATO is now trying to backstep over that. The deal is still quite vague and both sides see room for maneuver. The deal calls for an "essential" NATO presence. (I keep seeing the word substantial quoted but the deal that was shown on this NG only says essential. ) Whether or not the deal says substantial or essential , the meaning of this word needs to be defined.

The Serbs , quite naturally when presented with demands not yet in writing , made some demands of their own.

NATO is not happy about the future of this deal. The following statement was shown on T.V. and CNN in particular. NATO chooses its words carefully . "
I don't think that Kosovo is going to be a very happy place for Serbs when NATO comes in and ... I don't think Serbs will want to stay there," Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said. So it all goes to the U.N. now. Remains to be seen what will come out of it.

BRUSSELS, June 7 (AFP) - NATO's permanent council of ambassadors on Monday officially noted the stalemate in talks between allied and Yugoslav military men and said it would be up to the G8 powers to resolve the issue.

The Yugoslav side hardened its position "just after a Russian observer -- the Russian military attache in Belgrade -- arrived in Kumanovo (Macedonia)," said a source close to NATO. "There was a problem in Moscow," the source said. He gave no details, but the Russian military was understood to be spearheading opposition in Moscow to the Kosovo peace plan. The source, speaking after a short meeting of ambassadors from the NATO states, said: "The key is in Moscow."

G8 foreign ministers were meeting in Bonn Monday to try to salvage the Kosovo peace process and finalize a UN resolution after NATO and Yugoslavia failed to reach agreement on a troop withdrawal from the province. The G8 comprises the world's seven leading industrialized states plus Russia. NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia was resumed with renewed intensity Monday after the breakdown of talks on a withdrawal of Yugoslav troop and Serb police units from Kosovo. NATO diplomatic sources in Brussels said the Kumanovo talks had run into difficulty over Belgrade's insistence on a UN resolution for Kosovo being voted prior to a Serb pull-out from the war-torn province.

The Russians also want the peace effort to become a UN operation and not one dominated by NATO, although Russia's Balkans envoy, Viktor Chernomyrdin, said in Bonn last week that the UN resolution would come after a Serb withdrawal began and was verified. (rat : I don't recall this and it isn't in the deal.) Allied sources said Yugoslavia wanted to ensure that ethnic Albanian separatists would not be able to take advantage of the troop withdrawal.

(Itar-Tass) =>

NATO issued a "tough ultimatum" to Yugoslav negotiators in the Macedonian town of Blace on Saturday and "gave only two hours to think it over", a Yugoslav Embassy official in Moscow told Itar-Tass. "
Basically, by issuing this ultimatum NATO assumes the right to adopt a political decision on the deployment of troops in Kosovo," he said. The diplomat believes that "if the Yugoslav leadership is forced to accept the ultimatum, this will mean that NATO assumes the right to act without the
consent of the U.N. Security Council."

A Russian military expert, who asked not to be named, said that "if this is so, this will kill all previous agreements on the settlement of the situation in Yugoslavia, including the ones which were worked out recently in Bonn by Chernomyrdin, Ahtisaari and Talbott." "
This is nothing else but an attempt to replace the U.N. Security Council with the NATO Council," he said. The toughness of NATO's position was reiterated earlier today by its spokesman Jamie Shea who said that the meeting in Blace is not negotiations, but an instruction to the Serbs as what they should be doing in order to comply with NATO demands. Russia accuses NATO of wanting to take charge of Kosovo mission.

MOSCOW, June 7 (AFP) -
Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov on Monday accused NATO of wanting to dictate the conditions of a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo before the drafting of a UN resolution on the crisis. "NATO in this document tried to write down the right to deploy force which is based on NATO," Ivanov said upon arrival in Bonn, in remarks broadcast on Russia's RTR television. Hopes collapsed Monday of an early end to hostilities in Yugoslavia when NATO and Yugoslav military commanders separated after two days of talks without reaching agreement on withdrawal of Yugoslav troops from Kosovo.

Earlier Monday, a military official cited by the Interfax news agency accused NATO of seeking to dictate the terms of withdrawal of Serb forces from the troubled province before deployment of an international force.

The UN Security Council has been left outside the framework of the talks, which violates the peace agreements reached during the Chernomyrdin-Ahtisaari-Talbott trilateral talks in Bonn," the official said. He was referring to Russia's Kosovo envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin, his European Union counterpart Martti Ahtisaari and US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, who devised a peace plan accepted by Belgrade on Thursday. Moscow insists forces can only be deployed in Kosovo under the auspices of the United Nations, as provided for under the peace plan.

The Russian official accused NATO's chief negotiator at the pullout talks -- "
Lieutenant-General Michael Jackson was overreaching himself during two days of negotiations at the Yugoslav-Macedonian border. Jackson has taken on too much responsibility. Decisions on any international presence in Kosovo are not made at his level," the military source said. The British general said Yugoslav proposals were "not consistent" with the agreed peace plan and "would not provide a safe return of the refugees and full withdrawal of Serb troops. "There is no alternative but to continue and intensify the bombardments until the Yugoslav side is prepared to implement their commitment," he said.

Despite the hitch, the Russian military source said Moscow hoped negotiations would resume quickly: "It is certainly possible to get the talks back on track, and we are not inclined to dramatize the current situation."