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US troops out of Europe!
A Discussion - kirill


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avgust 20, 2008


















Paying the price for the arrogance and stupidity

In article <>, wrote:

> So the Serbs are pissed off because we wouldn't fight the war on your > terms and their way? Well gee. Sorry about that. Maybe you should learn > to fight our way. It's called playing Nintendo for keeps.

deepshooter <> wrote in message news:8e7j8t$ruf$

I suspect the Serbs are angry because your brave troops didn't fight a war at all; instead, they dropped bombs and launched missiles from great distances deliberately aimed at nonmilitary targets and killed innocent noncombatants. They attacked a sovereign nation without UN authority in direct violation of International Law. They did it without cause or provocation, and they are still trying to justify it with an endless stream of false propaganda.
Like most Americans, war to you is like a game. Unfortunately for you, you cannot even take pride in that. After 79 days of all-out air and missile attack, your players only hit a dozen military vehicles. The enemy forces were hardly touched. If the inept Wesley Clark had been playing one of those video games, he would have been laughed out of the arcade.
Now your boys are paying the price for the arrogance and stupidity of US political and military leadership. They are trapped in the quagmire that is Kosovo, exposed to the whims and wiles of the KLA, murderous allies placed in power and financed by your bungling government. A large fort has been built to protect American troops from their KLA allies. They dare venture out only in groups. All around them, the region under their administration collapses into the chaos of gangsterism, drug dealing, prostitution, extortion, kidnapping, and murder. Every day helpless American soldiers are witnesses to the decline of world respect for American know-how and ability. Not only can Americans not fight a war, they can't even reign in a small group of thugs they placed in positions of authority.
There is no reason for the Serbs to learn to fight your way. The US is defeating itself without help from any enemy. In time, the US will have to leave the Balkans, bowed, bloodied, and utterly defeated in the eyes of the world. Perhaps then, Americans can follow the advice of their greatest leader and stay out of foreign entanglements.