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avgust 20, 2008

















Last Free People in Europe.


To investigate and expose a crime you need to discover the motive and the modus operandi of the perpetrator. The best piece of evidence in this war is to be found in the "Rambouillet Accords." Chapter 4 of this 85-page Nazi-like ultimatum dealt exclusively with what is to be done with the economic assets of Kosovo. Article 1 (page 45) calls for the privatization of the entire Yugoslav economy. Followed, of course, by the country's total occupation. Rambouillet amounted to nothing short of an organized theft of Yugoslav resources by Western corporations. Even the Serbophobic New York Times admitted in a 1998 article, "below Kosovo, a war's glittering prize awaits the conqueror." However, that same media rarely mentioned the 17 trillion dollars in mineral assets of Serbia.

Serbia's mineral resources are the richest in all of Europe west of Russia. The Trepca mine was built by the British before World War II; it was the first thing Hitler captured and the first thing the KLA terrorist captured when they entered Kosovo. The British now occupy this valuable asset of the Serbs that represents 34% of Serbia's energy source. Kosovo's coal reserves are the second largest on the continent with enough coal to last 500 years.

The coast of Montenegro and the port of Bar is the most valuable, cost effective, deep water port in the entire Eastern Mediterranean Sea-the cheapest route for the flow of goods in and out of Eastern Europe and beyond. Rarely mentioned are the valuable oil and natural gas pipelines that flow through Serbia from Russia to Central Europe. Serbia has always sat at the crossroads of the trading world, and she has always been coveted by her neighbors.

Before this war, in 1990, a major lock system was built on the Danube River in a joint venture by Serbia, Hungary and Romania. These locks on the Danube River will be the backbone in bringing billions of dollars of Caspian Sea oil each year through Serbia to the rest of Europe. Was there a better reason to destroy and weaken Serbia? Vienna is complaining they are losing $10 million per day in their ports with the bridges down-I wonder how much Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are losing? It is no accident that a pipeline is also being planned through southern Kosovo-it is not a mere coincidence that NATO troops will be on Kosovo soil throughout the next decade to insure its construction.

But the biggest winners of all in this war are Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, and Raytheon and their happy shareholders. A Pentagon source has told me we have used 63% of our munitions inventory to destroy Serbia. Are any of us surprised that Congress rushed through a $13 billion military spending package after the first two weeks of bombing? Such a bill would not have been possible without this bombing. The NY Times reported that Congress is expected to request an additional $120 billion for the next five years and over $250 billion through the year 2010. And what a bonanza for the munitions makers.

The Military-Industrial Complex and NATO expansion are not the only motivations behind this war. Yugoslavia represents an alternative to capitalism, and no such alternative could be permitted to exist-not in Europe-especially not when Yugoslavia was economically out-performing many of its capitalist neighbors. Despite Western-imposed sanctions, Yugoslavia's economy managed to show one of the best growth rates in Eastern Europe last year.

Unable to wreck the Yugoslav model, the U.S. and its financial mercenary, George Soros, tried throughout this decade to destroy Yugoslavia with a new kind of weapon-the creation of dozens of so-called "democratic opposition parties." Some 20 were organized. He would be ruthlessly vilified if he attempted to split the American political system in this fashion. The divide and conquer routine, however proved insufficient-that is why the U. S. and its henchmen were forced to resort to a terrorist bombing campaign and any pretext would do. No one seemed to care that Rambouillet violated the 1980 Vienna Convention on the Laws of Treaties, which specifically prohibits the use of coercion to extract adherence to a treaty. No Serb in his right mind would have signed an agreement allowing 28,000 NATO troops to occupy the entire country, to give NATO full access to all rivers, ports and air space, and to be forced to pay the bill for the peacekeeping.

Now let's talk about the modus operandi I mentioned earlier. By now you have already been exposed to the con game of this administration and their New World Order lunacy.

First, you incite ethnic conflict-indirectly of course. You overtly support secessionist ideas; then invent some fake history about Illyrians and their destiny for 3,000 years (when, in fact the Illyrians were ruled by both the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. They were shepherds and nomads who never had a government of their own), but that didn't seem to bother many scholars who were in on the ploy.

Next you produce imagined oppression; you secretly finance and arm the secessionists; misrepresent the suppression of violence as a violation of human rights. The easy part was to disseminate fake stories in the media of atrocities, particularly to human rights groups and Jewish organizations; BINGO ... we now have the model for "humanitarian wars" for the 21st century.

Madeleine Albright admitted on CNN that she was in daily contact by cell phone with Hasim Thaci the 30 year-old KLA leader. Mr. Amanpour, James Rubin of the State Department, worked closely with Thaci, as the story goes. He remained in Paris when Rambouillet failed so he could get to know Thaci and get close to this Albanian thug, who last week, liquidated 6 of his commanding officers.

I am sure that most of you have read Monica's Story, or at least the juicy parts. We know now what she was doing to the president of the United States while he was on the telephone arranging to put American troops in Bosnia. It sort of gives us a whole new meaning for the phrase "arm-chair general" doesn't it?

U. S. leaders profess concern for the Kosovo Albanians as an oppressed group, yet they uttered not a single word of outrage against the Czech Republic mistreatment of Gypsies, the British oppression of the Roman Catholic minority in Northern Ireland, the Hutu mass murder of 800,000 Tutsis in Rwanda, the 38,000 Kurds slaughtered and 4 million displaced by our Turkish NATO partner nor the one million Christians killed in the Sudan in the last 7 years. As I speak here this very evening, Christians in the Sudan are being sold into slavery. Young Christian boys are being sold to pedophiles for the sexual appetites of men in that miserable culture. NATO even seems oblivious to the on-going slaughter in Sri Lanka and East Timor. Apparently, none of these victims fall into the category of our so-called "national interest."

Thirty men died in Ron Brown's plane crash-they were all corporate vultures whetting their appetite on the spoils of Yugoslavia. We eagerly dismembered a socialist system to transform Yugoslavia into a cluster of weak extremist principalities incapable of charting an independent course of self-development. The International Monetary Fund will help to complete the process by making all of the natural and mineral wealth of Yugoslavia accessible to multinational corporate exploitation. Impoverished, Yugoslavia still has a proud record of a 90% literacy rate and a very skilled Serbian population-who will now be forced to work at subsistence wages.

The dismantled petroleum, mining and automobile industries no longer offer any competition with existing Western producers. With a shattered economy, and 90% unemployment, Serbia is now wide open to transnational companies that could invest and rebuild on their terms. The title of Michael Lees 1990 book The Rape of Serbia now rings with an astonishing truth.

I defended the Serbian struggle, not merely because it was the moral thing to do, but because this is the last truly multi-national state in Europe and the last free people in Europe. The Serbs proved to be a stuborn and powerful obstacle to the IMF and NATO domination of southeastern Europe. This is why Serbia was savagely demonized, betrayed, and finally slaughtered. Regardless of what you or I think about Milosevic, he was victorious in keeping his nation from total NATO occupation. He won a victory in that the UN rules over Kosovo, and he removed the future guarantee of Albanian independence. These are not small accomplishments.

Since the truth would be unpopular with American voters, the administration's foreign policy had to invent lies to justify their actions.

Senators like Joseph Biden and others resorted to calling Serbs illiterates, degenerates, rapists, and baby killers. I reminded this Serbophobic senator that those so-called illiterate Serbs downed the most secret, most expensive and the most technologically advance piece of military hardware of the 20th century-The Stealth fighter. The protest posters in Belgrade that week mocked the U.S. ego by saying, "Sorry NATO, we didn't know it was invisible."

The big lie is triumphant. The defeat of the Serbs leaves us all with a much more dangerous world. But I am not about to compare William Jefferson Clinton to Hitler; that's an injustice to the full range of Clinton's social pathology. My anger can be best summed-up by a line from the famous Broadway play, The Greatest Little Whore House in Texas: "My momma didn't raise any dummy, stop peeing on my boot and telling me it's raining."

Now Senator Mitch McConnell has pushed the envelope of racism to the extreme by passing legislation last week to name Yugoslavia a "terrorist state."

With every fiber of your being you need to prevent this legislation from passing in the House in the coming weeks. As a terrorist state, there will be no travel in or out of Yugoslavia. Mail will be stopped and all of us will be subject to government restrictions on communications with Serbia. Speaking out will carry a price that might be considered subversion. There will be no reconstruction by any nation and no medical assistance and tens of thousands of Serbs will die right before our eyes-just like 1.8 million Iraqi people have died in the last 5 years. The stupidity of this bill is that without rebuilding Serbia, where 60% of Europe's trade flows down the Danube River, the trade will permanently stop. Serbia's neighbors will be punished right along with the Serbs. Mitch McConnell has just shown how much hate can drive a person to immoral conduct and hate speech.

President Clinton told us "he wanted to build a bridge to the 21st Century,"-he just forgot to tell us he planned to destroy all the old ones first. This is the same president who promoted a 'Marshal Plan' for Serbia just 4 weeks ago-he had no intention of rebuilding what he destroyed. There is not even the pretence of shame, the lies simply fall from his lips. His remark this week that he "won't give one red cent to Serbia" is an interesting turn of phrase-it harkens back to his draft dodging days in the USSR, where those "Reds" claim he urinated on an American flag?

I am suggesting to the Serbs in Yugoslavia that, if the NATO and the United States refuse to pay for the reconstruction of Yugoslavia and if the bill to name them a 'terrorist state' passes in the House, that Serbs should refuse to live in this NATO-created ghetto and that at least 4 million of them storm the borders of their neighbors. If the NATO partners thought it was catastrophic to have 700,000 Albanian refugees in heart of Europe, maybe reconstruction aid will look like a bargain.

- The liars abound in this war. Jamie Shea and Mr. Amampour at the state Department, Jamie Rubin told us Rugova was killed and his house was burned down. Rugova gave a press conference three days later from his home.

- We were fold Fhemi Agani the man who signed Rambouillet was killed by the Serbs. He was assassinated on a train by the KLA.

- That 100,000 Albanian men were herded into the sports stadium in Pristina. Agency France Press went to the stadium the day that statement was made and they found it empty.

- General Wesley Clark, whose hands are covered in the blood of Waco, are now covered in the blood of Serbian victims-he lied too. His claim that the Serbs killed 100,000 Albanians is shockingly exaggerated. There were not 600,000 internally displaced Albanians in Kosovo, the figure is hard pressed to even reach 10,000. Gen. Clark's did not destroy 100 personnel carriers of the Serbian army-only 13 Serbian tanks were destroyed. He did not destroy 60% of Milosevic's "war machine" as he called it. Paul Beaver of the Jane's Information Group out of London reported from Kosovo last week, saying: "During the 7 days I traveled around Kosovo I encountered only one burnt-out armored personnel carrier and two low-loaders with their backs broken." He also said: "45,000 Serbian troops left Kosovo," (5,000 more than NATO claimed Milosevic had in the region). Beaver also said, "I saw 250 Serbian tanks, 450 armored personnel carriers, and over 400 artillery systems headed for Belgrade. We didn't even scratch Milosevic's army, less than 500 Serbian troops were killed and most died in combat with the KLA."

- William Walker said he only cried two times in his life-when his mother died and when he saw the Racak massacre. I think not. This is convenient amnesia with overtones of deception. During Walker's diplomatic tenure in El Salvador, death squads, trained in the US, decapitated thousands of victims. Their heads were placed on pikes and were used to dot the countryside, according to Father Daniel Santiago and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who has just established a tribunal investigative team to hear and receive evidence of what was done to the Serbs in this war.

Caught in a series of 1991 bank robberies in Pasadena, two Albanian criminals confessed that they were robbing banks in California "to raise money for the Albanian lobby in the U. S." Congressman Lantos and Senator Dole received campaign contributions from that Albanian lobby.

In a recent interview on 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl asked Madeleine Albright: "I understand that 500,000 Iraqi children have died due to our sanctions ... was it worth it?" Albright replied, "It was worth it." Our government insists that we have an aversion for assassinating foreign tyrants. Apparently, we have no aversion to starving a half million Arab children to death. The Serbian people are now asking how many of their children must die in this bizarre foreign policy of US imposed genocide by sanctions. Every time I see that woman's face I think of the remark by Winston Churchill about Eleanor Roosevelt. "I have seen the war and I have seen Eleanor-I'll take the war." Rambouillet, the French chateau named for the bastard child of Louis the XIV, is filled to the roof with art works, artifacts, furniture, and rugs stolen by the Nazis in WWII that the French refused to return to their rightful Jewish owners. Can you imagine Madeleine Albright parking her derriere on the stolen Louis the XIV sofa, while deciding what next to steal from the Serbs.

There will never be peace in the Balkans by prosecuting Milosevic, while President Tudjman and President Izetbegovic, the 'commanders and chiefs' of their armies who had concentration camps in which Serbs were raped, tortured, and murdered, go free.

The beginning of the Balkan quagmire started in 1990 in Foreign Appropriations Bill #101-513, in which Senator Robert Dole buried 23 lines that denied financial aid to Yugoslavia when that nation was $31 billion in debt. This bill was a direct violation of the Helsinki Act, which forbids "any act of economic or other coercion." In 1990, prior to these wars, the Yugoslav exchange rate was about 165 dinars to one American dollar. I hold in my hand a 500 billion dinars note. Yes-500 billion dinar. The week it was printed its value was 10 cents. A week later it was not worth the paper on which it was printed. That is what Senator Dole, and Presidents Bush and Clinton did to the people of Yugoslavia.

The most disappointing aspect of these civil wars was watching millions of Serbs do nothing. There are 11 million people in Serbia, yet Milosevic couldn't muster an army of 500,000 men-a mere 4% of the population. As 630,000 Krajina Serbs were cleansed, Serbs in Belgrade sat at their cafes and drank coffee, mocking those Serbian as Balkan hillbillies-making fun of their clothes and their peasant dialect.

When the Bosnian war started, the Belgrade Serbs refused to lift a finger. But when Belgrade was bombed those same Serbs wanted the world to rise up in indignation. Montenegrin Serbs, whose hats carry the slogan "Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava," (Only Unity Can Save the Serbs), will most probably abandon the Serbian race and seek independence-so much for Samo Sloga.

If Montenegrin Serbs despise Milosevic so much, why don't they join forces with the Belgrade Serbs to unseat him? And how in God's name do 600,000 people think they can ecconomically survive as an independent state without a massive infusion of IMF loans that will imprison them more than any socialist regime has.

When this all started, there were three boats at the dock. The Croatians rowed to their independence victory-rarely did you hear any words of dissension. The Bosnian Muslims rowed their boat to the victory, and achieved the first Muslim state in Europe, no matter how small; but the Serbs, were still at the dock fighting over who would be the rowing captain. It's a Serbian sickness, we can't seem to put our petty differences aside for the greater cause and that continues to divide us and inflict conquest upon our people. Maybe this war has taught us the greatest lesson of all.

The Serbian American Voters Alliance, with the acronym SAVA, was the first Serbian lobby in Washington, it was started in 1989 by David Vuich. We simply didn't support him because most Serbs seem to have this aversion as to why we need to pay someone to tell the truth. The answer to that riddle is because others are being paid to lie. When SAVA was established the Croatians panicked and raised $5 million and hired Ruder and Finn who kicked our butts for the last 8 years.

One of the congressman said "the current lack of Serbian representation in Washington is tragic. Twenty Muslim organizations have formed a coalition to lobby. The Albanian Democratic League has $9.3 million in their bank balance."

There are 1.2 million Serbs in the US. If each one us gave just $1 dollar per week, that's not much to ask., we would have 4 million dollars a month to start kicking butt, too. We were out-foxed, out smarted and out spent. The $80 million the Croats, Muslims, and Albanians spent on public relations have returned to them ten fold-they got their independence and billions of dollars in Yugoslav assets.

Serbs have always been a generous people, sometimes to a fault. Our hospitality is legendary. Just go into any Serbian home and they empty their refridgerator on the dining room table.

Then why are we not generous to each other outside of our homes?