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avgust 20, 2008

















Barry Marjanovich wrote:
> Montenegro considers split from Yugoslavia
> > By ALEN MLATISUMA, Associated Press
> > PODGORICA, Yugoslavia (July 7, 2000 9:25 a.m. EDT > - Montenegro's government urgently debated
> Friday whether to
> declare independence and risk Yugoslavian military intervention or
> submit to oppressive new measures imposed by Slobodan Milosevic's
> regime.

deepshooter answered:

Since there has been no referendum and a majority of the citizens of Montenegro do not wish to be independent, such a unilateral declaration would mean the government officials are relinquishing their offices. Perhaps, the Yugoslav federal government could then legally appoint their replacements pending a new election.

> > The high-stakes meeting came after Yugoslavia's parliament changed the
> federation's constitution, tightening Milosevic's grip on power and
> degrading Montenegro's status.

The parliament changed the procedure for selecting the president of Yugoslavia. Now Milosevic will have to run in an election rather than be appointed by the parliament. It's called democracy, a frightening prospect to the NATO puppets ruling Montenegro.

> > The parliament of Montenegro, Serbia's much smaller partner in the
> Yugoslav federation, was expected to pass a resolution later Friday
> rejecting the constitutional amendments and the authority of the federal
> institutions.

Notice how they carefully avoid calling for a referendum on independence. Milosevic and other Serbian authorities have already announced that Serbia would abide by the results if Montenegrins voted to separate from the federation. The Western bootlickers know very well that a large majority of the citizens would vote to remain in Yugoslavia.

Well, they may be in for a surprise: the clever Milosevic may call for an election to determine the status of Montenegro before the constitution becomes operative. A free election would mean the end of line for the Western toadies now screaming for independence.

> > Montenegro's pro-Western leadership has slowly been concentrating power
> in the republic, in what is known as "creeping independence." The
> only remaining federal institution in the republic is the Yugoslav army,
> which could intervene if Montenegro proclaims outright independence.

The Yugoslav army would have to intervene to protect the parliament from outraged Montenegrins who would violently object to their country being handed over to Western agents and KLA killers without even a vote of the people.

> > Still, the reformist leadership has refrained from full independence,
> fearing military intervention by Milosevic, the Yugoslav president. The
> Montenegrin leadership also lacks support from the United States and
> other nations, which fear a new Balkan war.

US and its European lapdogs are already trying to get the UN to recognize the independence of Montenegro without a referendum. The Western carpetbeggars have funded a 20,000 man mercenary army for the specific purpose of starting a new war in Montenegro. Trouble is, they are a mercenary army, good only for terrorizing civilians, and useless against the Yugoslav military, even with US air support. Open warfare would mean the quick demise of the present Montenegrin administration.

> > Montenegrins are themselves deeply divided into pro-Serb and
> pro-independence camps.
> > Under the constitutional amendments, both the Yugoslav president and
> parliament's upper house will be chosen in a popular vote.
> > Montenegro has only 600,000 people, compared to Serbia's 10 million. A
> direct election of the president and the legislators cuts its influence in
> the federation, concentrating power in Milosevic's hands.

The solution is simple: Montenegro could become an autonomous province of Serbia, like Vojvodina. That would be better than becoming the vassal province of Albania which is what almost certainly will happen if the US gets its way.

> > The upper house currently includes 20 deputies from Serbia and 20 from
> Montenegro, all chosen by both republics' parliaments. Assembly
> members elected the Yugoslav president.
> > Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic warned Thursday that by adopting
> the amendments, Milosevic's regime had destroyed the "federal
> constitutional system."
> > Djukanovic did not call for outright independence, but other senior
> Montenegrin officials indicated the amendments enacted in Belgrade could
> > quicken the pace.

Go for it! Call for a referendum today.

> > Milosevic's allies argued that direct election would confer "the
> greatest possible democratic legitimacy" to the institution of the
> president. They challenged the opposition to compete with Milosevic in an election.
> > Although the Serb leader's popularity is believed to have plummeted
> since last year's NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, he is still in full
> control of the media and state institutions - limiting the opposition's chances for a   fair election race.
> > Serbia's opposition has historically been weak and divided, another
> factor making it unlikely a viable rival candidate could be found.
> > Milosevic has been indicted by an international war crimes tribunal for
> atrocities committed during his crackdown in Serbia's Kosovo province,
> which triggered last year's 78-day NATO bombing campaign. Staying in
> power would be Milosevic's best guarantee against prosecution.

It doesn't really matter who becomes the leader Yugoslavia: no Serbian official who wishes to remain alive in Serbia would ever allow Milosevic to be taken from the country to be tried by the foreign governments who ruthlessly bombed Serbia for almost three months. The Serb people would never permit it.