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US troops out of Europe!
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avgust 20, 2008

















Chameleon quoted on knowledge of the Kosovo99 crisis



Subject: "The Mass Grave of 7,000 Victims in Srebrenica that Madeleine Albright showed the world satellite photographs of was a hoax"

From: "Chameleon®" <chameleonn@mailcity.com> Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 20:32:06 +0200 Newsgroups: soc.culture.austria,soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.irish,
soc.culture.yugoslavia ...<43 lines omitted>... money has a hypnotic influence over such 'outdated' values as patriotism.

Last August in Kosovo... for the rest of this excellent article read it at https://members.tripod.com/kosovo99/albright.htm


Subject: The Rambouillet Accord To: chameleonn@mailcity.com

From: Ian Davis ijdavis@solo.uwaterloo.ca

NATO justified its war against Yugoslavia on the grounds that Serbia refused to sign the Rambouillet accord. This accord is becoming increasingly difficult to track down on the web, in part because the
west is loosing interest, and in part because this document is an embarrassment to NATO.

Please ensure that your site provides easy access to this document, even once other sites have removed access to it. This document is vital evidence and must not be hidden.

Please also call it Ramboullet as well as Rambouillet. This is a very common mispelling in Serbian documents causing people such as myself to look for it under the wrong name.

Only site I know which is referencing it is..  

It would be useful if there are multiple versions to reference each version.

Thanks for your web site.

Ian Davis.


Subject: In our "defense". To: leonchame@mailcity.com


My name is Matthew. I am a university student in Buffalo, New York, and I am against U.S. Nato action in the Balkans. Simply, I believe that is is a problem that should be solve internally so that the destabilizing effects of outside influences are minimalized. I don't think that the average American is learning to accept war crimes.

I think that the average American has been trained to accept whatever he or she sees on the TV, in the paper... and that is that the Serbs are cruel, despotic "butchers" who deserve to be bombed. What isn't talked about is the KLA's original classifacation by the US as a terrorist organization, or the fact that they get a large amount of their support financially from the drug trade, in which the Albanians are key figures in that region.

As for the "mass graves". Foreign papers without alignment, and even some European(mostly Spanish I think) are reporting a surprising lack of evidence of war crimes. It seems that most of those bodies found are men, buried individually, with certain trappings indicative of a respectful, Islamic burial(the orientation of the corpse towards Mecca). Serbs kill civilians and then respect thier religion? I would like to also mention the bombing of the Serb TV station that only brodcasted relatively few Serb station. Clintons's reasoning behind the bombing was that the TV station was broadcasting propaganda. The station was a relay for many Europena stations.

Maybe the US/Nato didn't want the Serbs to see the lies being broadcast, and thus give them a chance to respond? And since when are civilians justifiable targets, or the 1st Amendment (which should be universallly respected, especially by an "enlightened" nation such as ours.

I am actually working out a proposal for a documentary about post war Serbia/Balkans and Europe... I want to approach it from the angle that people view the media, i.e. look at their perceptions of things in regards to what they have heard...(I want to interview in the U.S.: Albanian and Serbian- American communities, and the everday "Joe". Europe: Countries both for and against action and the spill over effects, and then eventually in Serbia... Im looking at making contacts...

if you could help in any way, i would appreciate it.

Matthew George mgeorge@acsu.buffalo.edu

Department of Media Study/Film & Documentary


From: "Jef Wauters" jef.w@tvd.be
To: leonchame@mailcity.com 

Thank you for all the effort you have made to document this website.

We are using many of your texts on an evening with people who want to look critically at the Kosovo war. In order to be honest with them we would like to know who you represent? Do you belong to a political party or a movement? Are you members of an international movement or are you inhabitants of one country? Where did the initiative of this discussion platform originate?

We find we should be able to give a correct idea of the source of this information. Thank you very much.

Jef Wauters Belgium.