The Fire Trial, Sequel
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Reichstag Fire Trial, the Sequel
by Jared Israel

How can one describe it? Slobodan Milosevic, who has a genius for getting things just right in few words, calls it a "a genocidal circus." This was TV, and it takes awhile to process the images: on the one hand, a modest man, genuine, very smart; on the other hand, a sugary nightmare of Empire.

Now that the Americans run the world, they like to wheel out a British voice for classy effect, but it wasn't enough. Twice the voice, one 'Judge' May, 'Chairman' of the 'Tribunal', (in this New World Unreality, one is driven to excessive use of quotation marks...) had to hit the button on his desk cutting Milosevic off in front of 300 million viewers because things were not going according to script. I'll say one thing for May: he does know when to use the cut-off button. When Milosevic finishes making a complete fool of him, he can definitely find work as a Talk Show host.

To the glib unreality of CNN's standard coverage, with the cameras first lingering on Stately Old Building buildings and a reporter who talked like what's-his-name who used to narrate ' Lives of the Rich and Famous,' was added the faux-judicial atmosphere of NATO's Tribunal, which looks like the movie set of a court designed by some high-priced ad agency.

Chairman May was the perfect TV pitchman, delivering his memorized lines with what somebody called "cut glass politeness"

"You will have all possible rights under International Law,' he told Slobodan Milosevic plus hundreds of millions of viewers at least six times, as if we are all fools, as if Mr. Milosevic were a fool, as if in this theme park of a court room with its bit actors in designer robes, this drone of a Chairman was addressing some fellow actor rather than the man who stood up to Richard Holbrooke, the man who led the country which for ten years resisted Washington's attempt to destroy it by violating every international law, an actual statesman who had just been kidnapped by quisling Serbs - the greatest shame for all Serbs - kidnapped on orders of a monstrous foreign power, as if Slobodan Milosevic could reasonably be expected to act like a good slave and say, 'yes, sir, of course, sir...'

"It's a very complicated process," cooed the false May, don't you think you might want to reconsider your decision to defend yourself?"

"I consider this tribunal false tribunal and indictments false indictments. It is illegal, not being appointed by UN general assembly so I have no need to appoint council to illegal organ," said the real Slobodan Milosevic. "Mr. President..."

If I remember right, that was the first time May cut off his mike.

May pouted to the cameras, meaning: 'Why does this man have so much anger?' But he maintained his cut-glass, explaining to the three hundred million that of course this unwise decision could be reversed anytime because NATO's court was entirely fair minded and now would or perhaps would not Mr. Milosevic care to exercise his inalienable right to listen to the indictment of lies?

"That's your problem," said Milosevic.

May looked definitely pained, telling the world: 'Now do you see why we had to drop uranium-encased bombs on them? '

"What is your plea?"

"This Tribunal aims to produce false justification for the war crimes committed in Yugoslavia."

"I asked you a question," said May, telling the world: 'Don't test us; we only have so much patience.'

"And I have given you my answer," replied Milosevic. "This Tribunal," but May cut his microphone again.

One almost expected the Director to shout "CUT!"

Mr. Milosevic,

if it's not too much trouble,

could you kindly stick to your lines?

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