Who Won and Who Lost
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Why Albaninas Fled
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March 2000: Kosovo One Year Later
Ethnical Aspects on NATO
Ethnic Cleansing
Europe`s Plan to Control the Balkans
Comparison between Clinton and Hitler
Americans are learning to accept War Crimes
Serbs and Roma Flee KLA Terror in Kosovo
NATO Learns for Whom It Has Won a War
What do we do next? Massacre Serbs
When Others Converted, Serbs Didn`t
Who Won and Who Lost
Crisis in the Atlantic Alliance
UN Security Council Draft Resolution
Serbs Withdraw under UN Resolution
Did the Serbs Lose (NATO view)
NATO and Russia Breakthrough
A Truly Heroic Resistance
Refusing to Rebuild Bombed Infrastracture
Escorting KLA into Kosovo
Indicator of a Future Plan
Resolution 1244
The Ultimate War Crime
Who Will Punish NATO?
NATO Complicit in Ethnic Cleansing of Serbs
Tyranny to Kosovo Albanians
Attacks by Albanians Intensifying
100,000 Dead Kosovars
KFOR & UN Legalization of Anarchy


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avgust 20, 2008

















Who Won and Who Lost?

PHOENIX, June 3 - This is the 100th Special TiM GW Bulletin published since the start of NATO's war on Serbia. And the war is still officially on. But the main protagonists are already jockeying for positions during the upcoming "peace process." Or better make that the "piss process," if we may borrow a phrase which Prof. J.P. Maher of Chicago uses in reference to the Irish "piss process."

It is at times like this that we are usually asked the perennial question which follows every war - who won? Did NATO win?

Of course, not. Its reputation is in shreds, as is its credibility, both militarily and politically. As is Washington's and London's. As long as decent citizens of the world live and breathe, some will be pursuing the NATO war criminals until justice is served, and they are prosecuted for their war crimes in Serbia. The presence of the Russian and other non-NATO troops in Kosovo will also ensure that this terrorist organization will have to share the spoils in Kosovo with other countries.

Did Milosevic win?

Of course, not. He may have bought himself some extra time on this earth or out of prison, but he is unlikely to stay in power for much longer, as he did when he betrayed the Serbs of Bosnia in Dayton. It's now a toss up as to who will get to him faster - some outraged Serbs or NATO. Even if he is a self-professed atheist, Milosevic should be praying to God as he did when holding hands with Jesse Jackson that NATO wins this particular race. For, if the Serb people get a hold of him and his communist wife now, they are likely to end up as Romania's Ceausescu couple did in December 1989.

As if reinforcing this notion, the European Parliament President, Jose Maria Gil-Robles, said today in Cologne, Germany, that the European Union will not support any reconstruction program in Yugoslavia after the Kosovo war as long as Milosevic remains in power.

Did Russia win?

Of course, not. At least not the "real Russia," whose outrage against NATO the New World Order quislings, such as Boris Yeltsin and Viktor Chernomyrdin, simply ignored. Our Russian sources report that the Russian delegation at the Belgrade talks was split down the middle, with the military contingent strongly opposed to Chernomyrdin's betrayal of both the Serb and the Russian interests. Should Russia's military leaders one day decide to do a little more than just verbally oppose the Yeltsin-Chernomyrdin subservience to NATO, chances are that the Kosovo "piss process" may explode right back into the NATO leaders' faces.

And obviously, neither the Serb nor the Albanian people won. Both have been victimized by their leaders as well as by NATO.

So is there anyone that won?

Yes. The folks who planned and started the war - America's "death merchants" and other multinational industrials, bankers and media outfits, represented in the globalist organizations, such as Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateralists... In other words, the money behind the NATO war criminals. And even their victory may be short-lived. For, the American and other western taxpayers have now seen their ugly faces. And what their money can do to humanity.

Make that - our money, extorted from us, the taxpayers, by their proxies, like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Jean Chretien... and the lame Congress or parliamentarians. All we need to do is turn off that tap, and we can start saving lives.