Serbs Set Fire to Solid Stone
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avgust 20, 2008

















How Did that Evil Serb Set Fire to a Solid Stone and Brick House with No Wood in it?

By: Mary Mostert

 Is a "good" Journalist today Required to Report Bill Clinton is a GOOD leader?

"Many burial sites have been found," the fresh faced young spokesman with a British accent for one of the military groups said at the press conference. "But, bear in mind, there has been a war going on here." And, so we have people like Christiane Amanpour announcing what has taken place as an ethnic Albanian returns to the remains of his home, finding, he says, that 26 of his cousins have been killed and the home destroyed. Amanpour says the house was "torched." Perhaps my 29 years as a building contractor is showing, but the house was clearly a stone house that was stuccoed. I saw no evidence of wood. What I saw was a masonry building that appeared to have been bombed. Now, I don't know who did the bombing, but something more impressive than a match brought down that masonry building. We were shown grisly remains of humans - in fact the Albanian pointed to bits and pieces of hair and teeth and calmly announced that he could recognize his cousin from the teeth (must be a real forensic expert).

Again, what I saw was broken bits of human parts which appeared to have been blown up. Was it the result of Serb mortars or NATO bombs? I saw very similar pictures on after NATO bombed the Serb TV studios, killing a number of people, including a make-up artist, those who manned the cameras and the production facilities and journalists.

I also was sent by a reader articles from the Times in Britain describing a "torture chamber" in Southeast Pristina which contained primitive instruments of torture. "Standing yesterday in the basement, filled with primitive instruments of torture, Lieutenant Blakeley said: "The (Serb) commandant was all very friendly and shook my hand. He showed me some of the rooms because we were afraid the building may have been booby trapped. We didn't go downsairs or to the top floors. It wasn't until after he had gone that we came down here. When we say this it was disgusting. It's quite eerie." "Corporal Frank Gostling, who was guarding the entrance yesterday to prevent evidence being tampered with, said: 'It's obvious what potentially could have occurred there. ...You have strong feelings when you go into that basement.'"

What "potentially could have occurred?" What actual proof exists that those "primitive torture instruments" were actually used by the police? Doesn't that whole scenario seem a little strange? Wouldn't the Serbs blow up or do something to all those primitive instruments of torture before turning the place over to NATO? Why would the Serbs smilingly and peacefully turn over what writer Michael Evans described as: "the dark, evil-smelling medieval torture chamber beneath the Serb Ministry of Interior police (MUP) station" which Evans promptly concluded "must have been a terrifying descent for the hundreds of ethnic Albanians - men, women and children - who were dragged from their homes and brought here for interrogation. "All the instruments of torture are on display. Nothing sophisticated, just brutal weapons held and wielded by the MUP interrogators trying to find any Albanians who knew about the UCK (the Kosovo Liberation Army): knuckle-dusters with sharp-pointed edges; truncheons, one split in half by the force of the blows; cudgels; a long knife, more like a sword with a blade more than 2ft long; a baseball bat; heavy metal chains; a pickaxe; a large brown leather belt; a car battery for electrode 'treatment'; and a black hood.'"

If you visit Folsom Prison, in Folsom, California, you can see an entire wall of very primitive weapons, mostly knives - all of them made by the prisoners to do in their fellow prisoners. Throughout Europe you can find collections of "primitive torture chambers" - and monuments to man's inhumanity to man. In fact, if you visit Poland you can visit the Polish government maintained Auschwitz, Birkenau Concentration camps, preserved as a memorial for all those who perished there during World War II. Birkenau is not a museum, research archive, or publishing house. It is preserved more or less in the state it was found at liberation in January 1945. Did any of the horrified journalists go ask the Serbs what, if anything, they did with that torture chamber, or have they merely swallowed, hook, line and sinker, a view the KLA wants to sell the world? I imagine there are Serbs capable of torturing Albanians, especially after 80 days of seeing their hospitals, TV stations, schools, and churches bombed. In fact, I suspect there are a lot more Serbs capable of torturing Albanians and, if they could, American pilots now than there were three months ago.

One of the investigators for the War Crimes Tribunal stated on CNN yesterday, "If you have a certain kind of policy, excesses take place." That is certainly true. The Serbs have observed a certain kind of policy which might create other excesses - with 80 days of their nation being bombed and struck with missiles because they would not sign a piece of paper surrendering their sovereignty. They finally signed a paper - but it did not call for them to surrender their sovereignty.

Now, I realize my skepticism and logical brain is considered very politically incorrect in the current climate. After all, if it turns out that the tales of "thousands of Albanians being killed" are not true, then Clinton and NATO will be seen by the entire world, even the Western World, as perpetrators of a monstrous policy of aggression similar to that of Adolf Hitler.

One irate reader complained to Mike Reagan, "Is it really in doubt that literally thousands of Albanians are missing? Does one need to be a brain surgeon to deduce whose bodies are buried in those graves? I agree that the networks, especially CNN is happy to show disturbing pictures before they have all the facts but this story is so obviously transplanted Serb propaganda I can't understand how Mary presents it as factual. Why can't Mary understand that Albanians were slaughtered? Men, women and children shot, burned, and beaten. Unfortunately Mary's treatment of the Kosovo conflict reminds me not only of the apologists for Hitler prior to WWII, but also the modern idiots who claim the holocaust didn't occur. Today's story is just one more in Mary's continuing string of stories that attempt so hard to paint Clinton as the bad guy she has lost sight of the real crimes against humanity."

Well, actually, as editor of the Michael Reagan Information Interchange, I simply posted a view, as I often do, from a source near Kosovo, this time in Slovakia - not Yugoslavia - entitled "The X-Files: Whose Mass Graves?" which pointed out that the "mass graves" are clearly marked with some kind of sign, perhaps names. Why does everyone assume that all the people in those graves are Albanians? NATO claims it has killed 10,000 Yugoslavian soldiers. Where are THEIR graves? The Yugoslav Army and the KLA have been blasting each other since shortly after the bombing started. How many of the "mass graves" are the result of those battles? We know of at least two instances when NATO killed scores of Albanian refugees. What mass grave are they buried in?

If you visit Waregem, Belgium, you can visit the Flanders Field "mass grave" where thousands of men killed in World War I, including 368 Americans, are buried side by side. NATO defines a "mass grave" as a spot where more than three bodies are buried. Quite obviously, after 77 days of bombing, there are going to be a lot of mass graves scattered around Yugoslavia. Why in the world is the media assuming that those graves contain bodies of people the Serbs have tortured and killed?

I am accused of a "continuing string of stories that attempt so hard to paint Clinton as the bad guy." How about that! If I think Clinton is the bad guy, my critic darkly hints, I am a "modern idiot" who claims "the holocaust didn't occur" or an "apologist for Hitler prior to WW II." A "good" journalist would be singing Clinton's praises for bombing Yugoslavia back to the stone age, right? Certainly, in 1941 all "good" journalists in Germany were expected, in fact REQUIRED, to report Adolf Hitler as a good guy when HE invaded Yugoslavia.

Well, if that's what a "good" journalist does this day and age, I guess I'll never make it as a 1990s journalist. I still think a journalist needs to answer the questions of who, what, when, where , why and how - before there is enough information to draw a conclusion. And, when I see a solid masonry building with bricks on the ground, most of the roof gone, bodies covered with loose bricks and body parts lying about, I just find it very hard to believe that all happened as the result of a fire set by an evil Serb, as Christiane Amanpour wants us to believe. Those brick and stone walls look a good foot or more thick. How would a fire set by a Serb cause that kind of damage to a stone and brick building that appears to have NO wood in the structure?

So, folks, you are going to be regaled with lots of stories in the next few weeks designed to convince you that Bill Clinton is a good guy who is telling you the truth about those evil Serbs. I don't pretend to know exactly who has been killing whom on the ground in Kosovo. All I know for sure is that Bill Clinton's policy has led America to try very hard to kill as many Serbs as possible because they wouldn't agree to turn their sovereignty over to NATO and hand mineral rich Kosovo over to the Albanians.

And, as the War Crimes Tribunal investigator noted, "If you have a certain kind of policy, excesses take place."

Expect more excesses and more war because of Bill Clinton's incredible 77 day bombing of a small country the size of Kentucky, inhabited by 11 million people, only 63% of whom were Serbs he was trying to destroy. The next problem which NATO will undoubtedly exploit will be in the Serbian province of Vojvodina, which has a population of about 300,000 Hungarians, representing 18% of the province's population. Central Europe Online reports today that " Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Wednesday he backs an autonomy plan proposed by a 300,000-member ethnic Hungarian minority in Serbia, following the Kosovo crisis."

The Hungarians and Serbs have lived peaceably together for many years - but I'm sure Bill Clinton can change that!