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avgust 20, 2008


















Might makes Right

by Jared Israel and Rick Rozoff

Below is a news dispatch from yesterday's edition of the daily report issued by KFOR, that is, by NATO in Kosovo:

"KFOR News Update Pristina, 24 May 2001 By Maj. Axel-Bernd Jandesek, KFOR Spokesman

"More Than 450 UCBMP Members Surrendered "By the end of ...KFOR's soft policy towards UCBMP extremists, more than 450 former extremists had taken advantage of this policy. These people voluntarily laid down their arms and turned themselves in at several KFOR checkpoints. KFOR screened and released all UCBMP members who are not suspected of having committed serious crimes."

Did you notice that the headline talks about UCBMP terrorists 'surrendering' but the actual news concerns their being released?

Now, by way of contrast, consider the following excerpts from the famous U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, which is NATO's legal justification for occupying Kosovo:

"The KLA and other armed Kosovo Albanian groups [must] end immediately all offensive actions and comply with the requirements for demilitarization... "[The United Nations Security Council] condemns all terrorist acts by any party [and reaffirms] the commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the other States of the region, as set out in the Helsinki Final Act... "[The UN and the security forces operating under its jurisdiction in Kosovo will see to the] demilitarizing the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and other armed Kosovo Albanian groups." (http://www.kforonline.com/resources/documents/unscr1244.htm) The KFOR dispatch reports that KFOR released about 450 terrorists, only detaining an unknown number who were "suspected of having committed serious crimes." Keep in mind, we are not talking about shoplifters here. We are talking about armed terrorists (if they weren't armed how could they have "voluntarily laid down their arms"?) who invaded southern Serbia. What crimes could they have committed that were not serious? Isn't taking part in an armed invasion of Serbia a "serious crime"?

The contrast between the language of UN Resolution 1244 - "respect for Yugoslav sovereignty", "disarm the KLA", "armed Kosovo Albanian groups [must] end immediately all offensive actions" - and the reality of UN/NATO practice is striking.

What message has KFOR delivered to Albanians by arresting and then releasing approximately 450 terrorists?

4. WHAT IF...


Some things to consider:

1) The article makes no mention of how KFOR determined whether a captured terrorist was "suspected of having committed serious crimes." One assumes KFOR did not allow Serbian forces to interrogate the detainees; that they did not stage "lineups" and bring villagers from southern Serbia who had witnessed terrorist crimes to identify the attackers. Apparently the only way KFOR had of suspecting that a terrorist had committed "serious crimes" was if the terrorist confessed or was accused by his or her fellow terrorists, which seems unlikely.

2) Any soldier in any army who "commits serious crimes" could be subject to trial and punishment. Thus, by stating that it was allowing all the captured terrorists to go free except those "suspected of having committed serious crimes," KFOR was declaring that the UCPMB terrorists constituted a normal army engaged in legitimate military action.

3) But what was this normal army doing? It was invading southern Serbia, that is, a sovereign country, and indeed a country whose sovereignty KFOR was committed, by United Nations Resolution 1244, to protect.

4) And what were the invaders doing in southern Serbia? They were laying land mines, killing policemen, sniping at civilians. By letting these men go free, wasn't KFOR declaring that these acts of violence against Serbs and uncooperative ethnic Albanians in Serbia (and by extension, against similar groups in Macedonia) do not constitute "serious crimes?"

5) This is an unusual amnesty. Normally, amnesties are granted as an act of forgiveness by the party which has been attacked. But KFOR was not attacked. Yugoslavia was attacked. KFOR controls Kosovo, a part of Yugoslavia, because of an act of war - the 1999 aggression against Yugoslavia. Moreover, the people who did the attacking have been trained by elements of KFOR!

So what do we have? KFOR (that is, NATO) bombs Yugoslavia; KFOR occupies Kosovo, which is part of the Yugoslav Republic of Serbia; KFOR trains terrorists who attack the rest of Serbia; KFOR detains some of those terrorists; and then out of the kindness of its military heart, KFOR declares an amnesty and forgives - whom? Whom does KFOR forgive? The terrorists it has trained. (3C)

The people attacking southern Serbia call themselves the UCPMB, but they are in fact members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Another part of the KLA is attacking Macedonia with the immediate goal of intimidating, coercing and cajoling the powerful Albanian clan leaders into supporting the KLA's campaign to rip off chunks of various Balkans countries and create a Greater Albania. (1)

A key part of the KLA's message to local Albanian clan leaders is: resisting us is futile because the West is on our side.

To make this argument convincing, the KLA needs evidence of Western support. The problem is that, for political reasons, NATO cannot at this time openly endorse the KLA. Indeed, since NATO always said Macedonia was a 'good' country and since NATO claims not to support Albanian expansionism, NATO must publicly seem to oppose the secessionists. By arresting 450 terrorists and then releasing all the ones who "are not suspected of having committed serious crimes," NATO has cleverly resolved the paradox of its duplicity: the arrest says, "We officially oppose Albanian expansionism," while the release says, "But of course we really consider Albanian expansionist terrorism perfectly legitimate."


The Serbs have a problem dealing with the West. Their political culture affirms the value of honesty, which tends to leave them unprepared for the current world. They naively believe that if someone signs an agreement he can be expected to carry it out. How quaint.

The so-called International Community did of course swear (in Resolution 1244) to defend Yugoslav sovereignty and prevent Albanian terrorism, but no matter: the West has discovered that the supposed oppression of Albanians in Kosovo, which though never actually proven to exist was nevertheless the justification for the 'humanitarian bombing' of Yugoslavia, has now migrated to southern Serbia and Macedonia. Soon it may extend to Northern Greece and other European countries as well.

The existence of this contagious epidemic of anti-Albanian discrimination is accepted by the mass media as fact without evidence. It is an axiom of Balkans life: wherever Albanians exist they are oppressed. Once accepted, this axiom renders any crime committed by Albanian terrorists understandable: after all, they are oppressed. And so the various terrorist forces who are killing uncooperative Macedonian Albanian clan members not to mention Macedonian policemen are described in the mass media as rebels, the same as two and a half years ago when they were killing uncooperative Kosovo Albanian clan members not to mention Serbian policemen.


According to Resolution 1244, KFOR and UNMIK (the United Nations in Kosovo) were supposed to disarm the KLA terrorists two years ago. Instead, the KLA handed over a few obsolete weapons after which KFOR and UNMIK announced that the KLA had been disarmed. Commented a Russian writer:

"The head of the U.N. mission in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, has announced that KLA representatives had turned in 10,000 units of various types of weapons which allows the mission to speak about the completion of the disarmament process. 'We are satisfied that the OAK [KLA] handed in 10,000 firearms, even if we know that they still have another 100,000 guns,' joked one of the members of the U.N. mission in Kosovo." ('Russian Press Digest' September 21, 1999)

This duplicity made UNMIK and KFOR accomplices in every crime the KLA has committed with those weapons ever since, including murders in Kosovo, southern Serbia and Macedonia.

Next, KFOR and UNMIK declared that the KLA had been dissolved (another lie) and set up the so-called Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC), comprised of KLA members. To head the KPC, the UN appointed KLA chief Adam Ceku. Ceku is a notorious and experienced war criminal, thus right for the job. (2)

Then the KPC members - who you will recall are members of the KLA - were recruited into a new group with even more initials, the UCPMB, and dispatched to attack Southern Serbia. The BBC (that's the British public TV/Radio network, not a subsidiary of the KLA) recently admitted that NATO has been training these terrorists since they first attacked southern Serbia. (3) The BBC attributed this ongoing training to an oversight on the part of the trainers. (These things will happen.)

And now, KFOR gives 450 terrorists a blanket amnesty.

4. WHAT IF...

Let's put KFOR's behavior in perspective. Imagine that Canada has created, trained and armed a narco-terrorist secessionist group. The Canadians, who have seized and occupied Buffalo, New York, in order to prevent human rights abuses, unleash said terrorists, whom the Canadian media refers to as 'rebels', to lay waste northern New York State.

The rebels ambush American police, plant land mines in shopping malls and murder civilians. They especially target the leaders of local minority groups, pointing out that a) they are oppressed and b) they will be killed unless they supply recruits for the rebels. (1)

When the rebels capture American security forces they mutilate them and ship back the pieces; this demonstrates the intensity of rebel pain over human rights abuses. (3b)

In addition, some rebels commit serious crimes.

The rebels, who are entirely indigenous, go into battle under a blanket of Canadian attack helicopters which impartially fire missiles at U.S. forces. This levels the playing field. (3b)

Of course U.S. forces are banned from pursuing the rebels back into Buffalo, which would constitute expansionist aggression. They are also banned from using heavy weapons (anything more powerful than a pistol) which would be a war crime. Any U.S. officer ordering the use of heavy weapons is immediately declared guilty of crimes against humanity followed by his arrest and subsequent trial by the Criminal Tribunal for the Former USA, an impartial court paid for by Canada and other philanthropic organizations. (4)

Refusing to countenance lawlessness, Canada detains some terrorists; in the spirit of forgiveness, Canada releases the terrorists unless they are "suspected of having committed serious crimes." (To determine suspect-ability, each terrorist is asked the following question: "Do you recall committing any serious crimes?" If a terrorist (that is, rebel) answers "Yes" he or she is held for psychiatric examination.

Well? What do you think?

If Canada did the above would there be mushroom clouds over Ottawa? You better believe it.

But for NATO, which organized the KLA and has been using it as a proxy army to break up the Balkans into manageable protectorates, it's all a matter of Human Rights.

OR should we say, "Might Makes Right."