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US troops out of Europe!


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avgust 20, 2008

















Women and Shepherds Rout Marines

A few days before the raid by the US/KLA on the Preshevo Valley, the US Marines raided three Serb villages in the Brezovica area. This region is known for its ski resort in the Sara-Mountain, in southern Kosovo, bordering on Macedonia. The marines were allegedly searching for weapons. You see, while the KLA employs heavy weapons in its attacks on Serbs in Kosovo and in the Preshevo Valley, and is supported by U.S. helicopters and heavy guns, the Serbs must practice strict nonviolence. It is their moral duty.

They Marines broke down doors on the houses and went on a wild rampage, smashing the furniture, yelling at and kicking the peasants. But used to rough treatment by various oppressors and attackers through history, the villagers soon recovered. The women took to the streets. Armed with heavy wooden sticks, similar to the famous American 2 by 4's, they stormed the Marines, who, surprised by this resolute defense retreated towards their personnel carriers and called "Bondsteel", the most heavily fortified military installation in human history, for reinforcements.

This time, Real Attack Dogs

The rescue team came in the form of a pack of blood thirsty military dogs, quickly airlifted to the mountain villages, and unleashed on the women.

The women fought these vicious dogs with their sticks until their own shepherd dogs, the world famous "Sar-Planinac" 150-pounders came to rescue. With unexpected ferocity these Serbian dogs, who easily tackle packs of wolves and can handle any bear, stormed the American counterparts, and in a brief encounter the entire Pentagon barking brigade was finished off. No survivors.

The Marines, stunned, did not have the chance to pull the triggers on their weapons but fled the battlefield, now strewn with the remains of the Pentagon elite. The Serb village dogs sprinted back to their sheep, returning to the duty of their ancestors. The Marines took off and have not been seen since.

The moral of this real story is simple: let us handle these wolves in a businesslike fashion and get them off our backs - for good.