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US troops out of Europe!
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avgust 20, 2008

















YDS <> wrote

Ladies and Gentlemen, - British Tommies do not learn!

Should we agree that British were historically engaged in dishonest political activities: devastating Indians, fighting off Spain colonies, enslaving Africans, terrorizing Arab nations, cheating American Indians, surrendering World War 2 prisoners to Soviets, humiliating Ireland. They talk they are honest and wealthy, but they are neither of those - the poorest in the planet in the spirit and material possession, they are historical rubbers of the world (partially due to their poverty). What a crook one has to be to enjoy killing out of pride for their selfbeing! What a jerk one is to be sending missiles with Passover greetings! Are they Christians, or are there more Muslims in London than Englishmen? Why during Irak campaign there have been some excuses in the media about Ramadan, but none were heard during Orthodox holidays.

If Americans, although they say they do, know little about other cultures, possibly because they are relatively young expanding super-industrial empire, British do not have such excuse. Over their history the lie and cowardy was their main tool and they pretty much like to stick to it. I believe any nation in the world may say couple of nice words to brave Tommies. "Winners are not judged" is their shameful credo. It is such close to "goals justify the means" from the bloody Bolsheviks takeover in 1917 in Russia. Shame that this talented nation pretending to be one of the world most advanced lost a sense of simple respect for other human being lives and feelings. British learned nothing from others. Even in British parliament you can count by fingers of one hand those educated jerks who undertook an effort to learn foreign language. To learn compassion and understanding is much more difficult and... why bother.

Yes, British Tommies do not learn. They sing their beloved Keapling songs and see "only dust from marching boots". They saw it for such a long time that now, even stopped and hindering in their little poor island, their eyes are full of shit and their soles are dustier than their boots. They were killing, they are killing and the will. Is there any doubt that they will not? Why not, if a single thing they value is the self-respect. Sure enough they are eager to torture anybody who threaten their respectful snobby character. Isn't that right British?
You like to post to Russian news groups so much, so go ahead answer what is your faith in life? Who do you like besides yourself? Or may be you do not care what these Serbian, Russian, Irakian, Indians, Argentinians etc losers say and feel? It will not be a surprise.

You, British, screamed so much about human values recently. You might even convinced yourself that you are the savers of the world.
But what if you are not? What if you are indeed who you are - the bloody proud bastards? Think about it. Exercise your high-IQ power and tell us why you find such a pleasure in harassing the world? It is going to be quite dark picture with only Brits all over. Perhaps, the contrary is much better.