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US troops out of Europe!


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of the Belgrade Coup

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Kosovo Conflict - A Balkan Tragedy

It is our objective to counter the distorted image held by the public of both the Serbs and the real nature of US and NATO intervention in the Balkans. 

We will proove that the military assault had nothing to do with humanitarian issues and that the KLA have commited violence against their own people who are loyal to Serbia.

We hope to convince you that the truth is very different to what most of us currently believe and what the media wants us to believe.

Please study this site, take your time, this isn`t entertainment its important and its real.  Remember that prejudice is a barrier to the entrance of truth into the mind, be on your guard, you make your own decision after you have seen the presented facts.

You will find here many links to other sites that shed light on whats really happening and why the West must be challenged in pursuing its new colonialism, sometimes called the 'New World Order'.

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