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How fake guns and painting the roads fooled Nato

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NATO officers began to realise the discrepancy between their own claims and reality within hours of the start of the Yugoslav military withdrawal. In just the first stage of the Serbian retreat, they logged 250 tanks moving out of Kosovo - all undamaged - and at least 40,000 men. This was supposed to be the troop strength of the entire Third Army; thousands more soldiers left in the next three days.

All of which casts serious doubt on Nato's wartime propaganda. On 17 April, for example, Nato spokesman Jamie Shea was boasting that the alliance was "knocking the stuffing out of Milosevic" while General Wesley Clark, the Nato commander, said on 27 May that after 27,000 Nato sorties, his pilots had conducted "the most accurate bombing campaign in history."

Although Nato repeatedly struck power stations and radio-television repeater stations (READ MILITARY TARGETS) - and suggested that it had killed more than 500 Yugoslav soldiers in a B-52 raid on Kosovo in the last week of bombing - it seems to have caused little damage to Serbian military equipment.

The Yugoslav air force was meanwhile hidden from view. Although a number of its machines were destroyed - including three that were shot down - several MiG-29s were moved around the country, sometimes secreted at night in the trees off the motorway west of Belgrade, surrounded by farm machinery and metal sheeting so that Nato's photo-reconnaisance officers would not recognise their 'signature'. "There wasn't enough room for the MiG-29s to fly in," an official here said. "As soon as you take off, you're approaching your own border. We quickly realised that flying was out and that combat was hopeless. The order was to sit and protect the aircraft, to save the lives of our pilots.  But we made something NATO would find."

Here is what NATO was good in destroying...

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