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US troops out of Europe!
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avgust 20, 2008


















Hugo <> Jan 2000

Yes we did see burning homes and a mass movement of civillians. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that NATO aircraft were engaged in mass bombing, often 24hrs a day, with an assortment of weapons, probably including napalm, which despite being banned in 1977 was used to cruel effect in Iraq in 1991.

NATO made vast numbers of unsubstantiated accusations during the campaign, because these were presented in a formal, well presented PR forum, with kind assistance from ITN, BBC, CNN, the public were by and large bound to beleive them. These media companies handed over free of charge, vast amounts of air time, often on NATO terms at times NATO dictated. In a free society equal time would have been allocated to NATO's critics.

Recall the claim that Ibrahim Rugova was dead ? A lie
Recall the claim that the Serbs bombed a refugee convoy ? A lie
Recall the initial denial about the Chinese Embassy? A lie
Recall the claim about only military targets? A lie
Recall the claim about 700 bodies dumped in a well? A lie
Recall the promise that no TV stations would be attacked? A lie

You and other non thinkers, are only too willing to uncritically accept NATO's "explanation" for the burnt buildings and mass refugee columns.

NATO being run by western imperialist powers, has no monopoly on truth. NATO is comprised of the very same powers and institutions that supplied arms to Indonesia and Iraq whilst they were at the height of their crimes.

Whilst Suharto was encouraging the genocide of East Timorese, British Aerospace, the SAS and many other western bodies, were happily "assisting" the regime, yet constantly denied any complicity.

The same journalists and commentators that were ostracised for publicising this some 20 yrs ago, are right now condeming NATO, yet despite their obvious track record, you`d prefer to side with the

Very curious.

You beleive NATO if it makes your life easier.