Why Kosovars Flee
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Why Kosovars Flee their Homes
By Gregory Kozlovsky, Zurich, April 24, 1999

From: kly@rsplus01.cern.ch (Gregory Kozlovsky)

Many people in poor countries dream of emigrating to Europe or America. Certainly so in Kosovo which already has a large diaspora in Europe. Now, if a credible rumor is spread that those who run over the border will be taken to rich countries as refugees, many people will start fleeing. Naturally, to qualify for refugee status, these people will be required to tell about atrocities committed by the Serbs. Of course, when people hesitate, bombs are a weighty additional argument in favour of fleeing.

For those who know to read between the lines, there were some hints even in the mainstream media that this is the case with Kosovo refugees. Certainly, it would be much less expensive to keep refugees in Albania or Macedonia. Nevertheless, some of them were taken to Europe, apparently to maintain hope of following them among those who remain in Albania and induce more of those still in Kosovo to flee. It was noted in passing, I think on the CNN Web Site, that many of those who were to be taken to Turkey protested, and nobody was unhappy about being taken to Germany. Here is another quote from the article by Carl Limbacher which appeared on
www.newsmax.com on April 23.

Vice President Al Gore announced on Wednesday that the U.S. would welcome up to 20,000 Kosovar refugees to the American mainland, scuttling an earlier plan for emergency resettlement at Guantanamo Bay.

The administration claimed that the Guantanamo option was ditched after the displaced Kosovars rejected the idea of being relocated so far from their homeland. Yet neither Gore nor anyone else explained why the equally distant American mainland was geographically more acceptable.

Why indeed does it make any difference for those who escaped atrocities and want to return?

Apparently, Serbian government finally understood the game and started preventing people from crossing the border.

At the end, few "lucky" refugees will be selected to be used as a cheap labor and the rest returned to their home country when they are no longer needed. People already largely forgot story of Vietnam refugees. They were lured with promises of good life in the US, many of them died at the see, some made it to the US or Europe, most spent years in refugee camps in Asia and were forcibly repatriated to Vietnam. This is a lot of human suffering, but no amount of suffering ever stopped barbarians in Washington or even slowed down their verbal diarrhea concerning their own high morality and "values."

Using refugees for their political goals is one of the trademarks of American foreign policy and Kosovo is only the latest example of American skill. Will at least those few who will be finally admitted to the "free world" taste good life promised to them? If they knew what will happen to them, their children in America, probably few would want to leave. The refugees do not know the world outside of their immediate environment, they imagine that their life in America will be the same as before, only
richer and more free. They don't know that their families will break up, Their children will reject their culture and embrace "values" completely foreign to their parents.