US Bombing of Albanian Refugees
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Clinton Tells Editors the US Bombing of Albanian Refugees is Milosevic's Fault

By: Mary Mostert, Analyst, Original Sources,

April 16, 1999

Yesterday in San Francisco, in response to a question from an editor at the American Society of Newspaper Editors, President Clinton said bombing of Albanian refugees by an American pilot was "regrettable and tragic, but no reason to change the mission" and blamed the carnage on Slobodan Milosevic. He said that "the refugees would not have been in harm's way had not Milosevic's forces driven them from their homes. We cannot simply watch as hundreds of thousand of people are brutalized, murdered, raped, forced from their homes ... all in the name of ethnic pride."

16[1].jpg (44471 bytes)  The only problem with that answer of course is that these people were not brutalized, murdered or raped by Milosevic's forces. They were brutalized and murdered by having an American pilot drop a bomb in their midst after Milosevic assured them it was safe for them to return to their villages, now that the government forces have driven out, or killed, the KLA forces. Furthermore, they have been told, the Americans have this remarkable technology which allows them to read a license plate on a car from 30,000 feet up in the air and the American pilots are the best educated and trained people on the face of the earth. They are not incompetent or accident prone. 

Before the Pentagon 'fessed up to the Yugoslav version of the reports - that the attacks came from NATO aircraft most of those editors had published front page stories in their newspapers from the Associated Press which reported the Serbs "may have been responsible for the carnage." Network TV reports said the Serbs had done the bombing. Yet, surely had there actually been any Yugoslav aircraft in the skies the efficient Americans would have spotted and obliterated them The Washington Post reported: "As a senior Joint Staff officer then reviewed the extensive precautions that pilots flying attack missions over Yugoslavia are supposed to take before dropping any bombs, Bacon phoned Belgium to talk with Gen. Wesley K. Clark, NATO's top military commander. Returning to the briefing room, Bacon offered another account.  He reported that "Clark had 'verbal reports' of the possibility that after military vehicles were hit by NATO warplanes, Yugoslav forces 'got out and attacked civilians' who were traveling in the middle of the convoy."

Clinton, who never passes up an opportunity to blast Milosevic, of course didn't scold the editors for printing erroneous stories about the NATO bombing of a refugee convoy. He did criticize the press in Yugoslavia, saying, "the government run press in Yugoslavia has created an alternative reality based on propaganda about Kosovo. Thank goodness our press and the press around the world have tried to get at and get out the truth,'' Clinton said. Long term, he said, NATO is fighting for the future and stability of multiethnic democracies in southeastern Europe, the historically troubled Balkans.

Of course, in the case of the bombed refugee story, the truth only came out because those pesky Serbs started broadcasting it all over the Internet and via e-mail. In fact, only those who have Internet or e-mail would know what Milosevic actually said about the tragic story following the incident. Milosevic said in a statement in the wake of NATO bombing of a column of refugees on the Djakovica-Prizren road:  "Today's massacre of ethnic Albanian refugees, who were returning to their homes in broad daylight, has demonstrated the NATO's most brutal aspect. Striking four times on refugee convoys cannot be described as a mistake. It was done on purpose."

"The Republic of Serbia and all its people are shocked by the horrible massacre perpetrated today by the criminal NATO airforce against innocent civilians. With indignation for the perpetrators and sorrow for the dozens of innocent victims, I point to the fact that the only fault of the ethnic Albanian victims was that they had been citizens of our common homeland. These unprecedented crimes in contemporary world history are committed by those who publicly advocate respect of all human rights and freedoms, and who make special efforts, as they claim, to protect the ethnic Albanian community.

"The way they are caring for their alleged protégées is so ruthless and brutal that it has caused indignation and disbelief among all people in Serbia and elsewhere in the world. The men who gave orders to perpetrate this most horrible massacre of innocent civilians at the end of the 20th century in Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija province will be held responsible for their acts before the entire humanity."

"Serbia's fight for freedom, for life and for equal rights of all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, is getting its true sense of purpose following the horrible crime committed by NATO airforce. Our country and all its people are courageously confronting those who think they can put the world in order by perpetrating most horrible crimes in cold blood. Despite all their terrible attacks and crimes, we shall ensure coexistence and equality of all citizens of Kosovo and Metohija and Serbia".

If we peel away the hyperbole in Milosevic's statement, there is a kernel of obvious truth that he is addressing, but which Clinton is studiously ignoring: How would you feel about your friends in Washington if YOU were an Albanian being bombed by Airplanes with American pilots and markings? As I have said before, this is a communications-e-mail war waged not only by bombs and planes, but largely for the hearts and minds of the World's public via the written and spoken word. While the administration provides reports on supposed military targets hit, the Yugoslavs concentrate on the people who were hit or affected by the bombs. In the following Yugoslav report, note the number of times the victims of bombing attacks were identified as "Albanians."

"In the brutal strikes by the aggressors' planes launched yesterday on the Djakovica-Prizren road against a group of ethnic Albanians returning to their homes, at least 64 people died and more than 20 were seriously injured. Having been given assurances by the State authorities that they can safely return home, several convoys of ethnic Albanians traveled in their cars from the border crossing points of 'Vrbnica' and 'Cafa Prusit' on the border with Albania, on their way back to their home when the aggressors' planes attacked them on three occasions between 1.00 and 3.00 p.m., committing a real massacre and a war crime. These were Albanians, mostly women and children, from two villages around Djakovica and from one village near Prizren. They were all getting back home in three groups from the border.

"According to eyewitness accounts, the heaviest strikes were launched against the convoys at 3.00 p.m. in the village of Bistrizin, which is 10 km away from Djakovica in the direction of Prizren, and where the criminals' jets dropped bombs and fired missiles on a column of people. Most of the civilians were killed on the spot. The aggressors apparently knew very well who these people were, because they could not have "accidentally" mistaken civilian vehicles for military ones. Therefore, it is clear that this was yet another attempt at making it impossible for ethnic Albanians to return from exile which they were forced into by NATO criminals in collaboration with the terrorists.

"...Last night, NATO aggressors continued to target both Serb and Albanian villages south of Pristina. Two missiles were fired in the area of Gracanica, which is inhabited by Serbs, and at Ajvalija, which is an all Albanian village. "Two powerful explosions were heard today at 12.30 a.m. around Pristina. NATO monsters fired one missile southeast of Pristina in the area of Saskovac village, which is entirely Albanian populated, while the other missile fell southwest of the southern Serbian provincial capital.   "The aggressors planes, which again flew over Pristina tonight, fired at 8.35 p.m. three missiles on the outskirts of the city. Two strong explosions went off from the direction of Lukare village, northeast of the city, and one explosion was heard east of Pristina."

Now, pretend you are an Albanian in one of those Albanian villages which had just been bombed by airplanes from America, and you have the opportunity to hear the American president on CNN saying to a group of American editors meeting in San Francisco, "We and our NATO allies are in Kosovo today because we want to stop the slaughter and the ethnic cleansing" and that the leader of the country you are living in, Slobodan Milosevic's aim is "to drive the Albanian majority from the province even if it means turning Kosovo into a lifeless wasteland.''

Before March 24th, 1999, your village was intact. You and your mostly non-political friends, just tried to stay alive as the KLA guerrilla bandits from your former homeland in Northern Albania and the Yugoslav police fought with one another. Now your village factory where you worked has been destroyed by American bombs and you are out of a job and your children can no longer attend school because it was hit when the factory went up in flames. You learn that someone asked Mr. Clinton about the bombs dropping on you and he replied: "a united NATO is determined to maintain and intensify attacks' against the Serbs to save Kosovo." You learn that Clinton said the bombing of fellow Albanians as they returned home which had killed several of your friends was "regrettable and tragic, but no reason to change the mission. You cannot have this kind of conflict without some errors like this occurring. This is not a business of perfection.''

Your personal tragedy and sorrow and the deaths of scores of women and children from your village is nothing but a regrettable "error?" No apology? No sadness for the victims or the "error?" How do you think you might feel about Mr. I-feel-your-pain Clinton at that point?

Expect the anti-Clinton rallies around the world to continue and to grow in intensity. Bill Clinton challenged Slobodan Milosevic to a duel of words and bombs. So far, Clinton has won the bombing part of the duel, and Milosevic has won the war of words. It is significant that in heavily Democrat San Francisco, for the first time in 30 years when a younger Bill Clinton was organizing anti-Vietnam War demonstrations, a large group of pickets were marching and shouting "How many kids have you killed today?" at Bill Clinton, not Lyndon Johnson.