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US troops out of Europe!
Chronology of KLA
NATO Campaign
Letters from Yugoslavia
A Discussion: Robbie vs. Deepshooter
Slouching Toward Peace
An American Opinion
Mineral Resources in Kosovo
Humanitarian Disaster
Motivations and Consequences
Clinton`s Scheme
Evolution of Democracy
Last Free People in Europe
German Interests in War
Do not Sell the Hide
Obscene Hipocrasy
When Will the Media Call It War
NATO Briefing
Who is the liar
Case Against Further Bombing
World Power Oil Gold
Bankers New World Order
Bombing Free Press
There will be no III World War
Why are there no Serbian refugees?
Why Kosovars Flee
US Bombing of Albanian Refugees
Winning and Losing
After the Slaughter
Kosovars vs. Kurds
New Roman Empire (12 articles)
Essence of the New World Order
NATO Cluster Bombs Kill Serbs
The NATO Coup That Failed
The Method of Distortion
NATO`s Victory
Why New World Order Hates Serbs
Enforcing Agreements
A War of Words
Krajina - The Croatian Invasion


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avgust 20, 2008


















180499  From: Spiro Dreamer <>

Good morning the brainwashed masses of the West.
Welcome to the Brave New World of 1984
The Newspeak is here:

The might is right!
War is called peace making, occupation peace keeping!
We kill children to save children!

We do not have an issue with your people (it is the tyrant we aim to kill) but people just keep getting in the way!

When our enemy kills civilians, this is a war crime; when we kill civilians, this is called collateral damage (and we apologize)!

I saw it on TV - therefore it is true!

User pays - you pay the spies that spy on you (Iraq paid for UNSCOM through the UN's food for oil program)!

The prosecutor is the judge and the jury and the executioner!
The judge has got the biggest gun - so the judge can judge!
We have better weapons - therefore, we are morally superior (also, God is on our side)!
We will teach you to behave - you brutish people!

We give you options - would you like to be occupied, or first bombed and then occupied?

You are not allowed to defend yourself - that is an act of aggression against us!
I bomb and shoot my terrorists, but my enemy's terrorist is a "liberation/freedom fighter"!
We bring you democracy by bombing you!
Inflame a civil war, then send in the "peace keepers"!

The emotional triggers for the brainwashed populace are the words: ethnic cleansing, humanitarian catastrophe, massacre, thyrant, dictator, democracy. And lots and lots of pictures of crying children. Just keep recycling these ad infinitum.

Yes, I forgot the legitimacy phrase - "the international community" (stands for: one wolf and a couple of hyenas leading a herd of sheep) Dare you not do what the wolf (US) and his hyeanas (Germany, England,France) ordered?