Why are there no Serbian refugees?
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Why are there no Serbian refugees?
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Why are there no Serbian refugees?

In article <01be9276$a969c4f0$1108010a@nmalett-nt>,
Nick.Malett@mchugh.com says...
If all of the Albanian refugees are fleeing NATO's bombing, why are there no Serbian refugees - especially when all of Serbian territory is being bombed?

Because they are droping most of the bombs on Kosovo! 400,000 people left from Belgrade to country side and foreign countries but you cant see that on your "free press!" I dont belive that Albanians are running just from NATO. They are running from the war, from danger like refugees always did in wars!

According to the Red Cross up to a million Yugoslavs have taken refuge away from the urban areas. Just because the western media hasn't reported this to any extent, doesn't mean it hasn't happened.
Phillip Davies

Exactly. I'd heard a few weeks ago that there were 50,000 Serbian refugees as well--most of them former victims of the Croatian ethnic cleansing of the Krajina in 1995. We have no way to know how many "internally displaced" refugees there are in Yugoslavia. I can certainly understand why they would want to stay within the borders of Yugoslavia though, rather than rushing toward the nearest friendly NATO base in a neighboring country.

I don't think bombing is the ONLY cause of refugee flows, but I do think it's the major cause. Here's an interesting story, FYI:


It's amazing that even this one story was published. Realize that western journalists are going to want to hear the juicy stories... people who left because of the bombs aren't news. From what I've heard, it's just the opposite on Russian TV--they're treated to a stream of refugees who say they left because of the bombing, not the Serbs. It all depends on what spin the media wants to give it.
- John Caruso

My point was that there seems to be a major denial of the fact the Kosovar Albanians are leaving their homes at gunpoint - whether military, police, or para-military. The argument I refute is that all of these Albanians are fleeing the bombing. Don't get me wrong, I am completely against what NATO is doing, but I see evil on both sides, not just on one.
- Nick Malett

Since your "refutation" didn't work, being based on false information, try another one. Meanwhile the argument still stands. People don't like being caught in a crossfire, Serbs and Albanians alike. To say that all the refugees, if only allowed, would be happy to stay in the war zone sounds ridiculous at best.
- Igor

if that was so the pristina kossovans would flee to serbia it being nearer
-brutus cregan

Oh, c'mon. It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to flee from one bomb site to another, would it? All of Serbia is under attack

- John Caruso