Humanitarian Disaster
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Nambiar: NATO is Guilty for Humanitarian Disaster

       New Delhi, April 13, 1999 - Indian general Satis Nambiar, who was the commander of UN peace forces in Bosnia in 1992 and 1993, condemned criminal NATO aggression on Yugoslavia saying that western military alliance is responsible for humanitarian disaster.
        General Nambiar also said that NATO action against sovereign and non-aligned Yugoslavia is a violation of UN charter and that it presents a threat to world peace.
        Reflecting on his engagement in peace forces, Nambiar explained that his withdrawal from Bosnia mostly resulted from the fact that NATO there started taking the leading role instead of the UN.
        "I wasn't prepared to stay there under those circumstances. NATO was deeply involved and conducted military operations in Bosnia under the cover of UN, which resulted in disapproval of many officers," he said.
        Nambiar pointed out that NATO intervention raises many questions regarding India and developing countries, because it designates many dangers, in the first place, humanitarian one.
        Stressing that his observations are based on his personal experience, Indian general warned about the destructive effects of western media that are persistently defending all the actions of their countries.
        "Since the world can watch only reports from CNN and BBC, and the press-conferences from NATO briefings, it is clear that West is trying to blame Yugoslavia for everything. From my own experience in Bosnia I can tell you that the mayor objective of western electronic media is to present only political views of their governments.

Let's not delude ourselves with the freedom of media in "the greatest democracy of the world", said Nambiar.

      They are doing it now too, Nambiar says, persistently showing pictures of Albanian refugees in order to accuse Yugoslavia although it is obvious that NATO is responsible for that, or actually the persistent bombing of western alliance forces.
        "While the world grieves over 'innocent Albanians' no one pays attention to Serbian refugees from Croatia," says Nambiar adding that NATO carries most of the responsibility for humanitarian disaster on Kosmet, while the rest of the world is responsible in as much as it "doesn't raise its voice against this unilateral military intervention."
        "Pressure on Yugoslavia to sign the draft of the agreement in Rambouillet under the threat of bombs is a violation of Vienna convention," says Nambiar.
        Asking the question - where does this lead international affairs, Nambiar says that the perspective "at least for the shorter period is gloomy" because UN are "weak and inefficient" and the western world, led by America insists on "imposing its norms" to the rest of the world.
        "Sovereignty and territorial integrity are no longer sacred, because secessionist movements in the world initiated by terrorist activities are becoming a formula for the destruction and breaking up of sovereign states," says Nambiar.
        He stressed that US citizens and NATO members are responsible for what their leaders are doing, adding that he believes people "will sooner or later force their governments to reconsider their policy and regard world values with more responsibility".