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US troops out of Europe!
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Why are there no Serbian refugees?
Why Kosovars Flee
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Winning and Losing
After the Slaughter
Kosovars vs. Kurds
New Roman Empire (12 articles)
Essence of the New World Order
NATO Cluster Bombs Kill Serbs
The NATO Coup That Failed
The Method of Distortion
NATO`s Victory
Why New World Order Hates Serbs
Enforcing Agreements
A War of Words
Krajina - The Croatian Invasion


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Obscene Hypocrisy
How sad it is to see the British Prime Minister express his commitment to preventing 'a human tragedy' in Kosovo when all the while the UK and US oppose the lifting of sanctions from Iraq. It is hypocrisy to claim that the West is commited to humanitarian causes, and in the same breath express a commitment to bombarding Serbia with which we are not at war or in any way threatened. Each day approx 250 people die in Iraq as a direct result of the sanctions applied by the UN, and endorsed eagerly by the US and the UK. Children are dying in droves, people are dying from unusual illnesses, almost certainly caused by the use of Depleted Uranium during the 'dessert storm' campaign. Over 90,000 US service men and women are affected. Why do the press and media not remind us of this, for if they did it would immediately expose the fact that the major western powers have absolutely no interest in preventing a 'humanitarian tragedy' and they should not insult our intelligence by claiming so. How many of you know that the NATO has depleted uranium in the Balkans? how many of you know that it has already been used? How many of us know that the US actually plans to use tactical nuclear weapons againts Iraq?
How many of us are aware of the degree to which the US, UK and others committed war crimes in Iraq? The US commited crimes in Vietnam, nobody went to prison for MyLai.