There will be no III World War
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US troops out of Europe!
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Krajina - The Croatian Invasion


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avgust 20, 2008

















There will be no III World War this summer.


Part 1-3

Sorry, there will be no III World War this summer. Are you about to go to the Safeway to shop for flour and sugar, scared that the conflict in Kosovo will spill into the whole Europe and eventually hit Canada? Listen to my advise: go to the Future Shop and buy a big screen TV set. For the war is even more photogenic than Roseanne.

Take a Tomahawk missile for that respect. It is worth hundreds of thousands dollars. It is stuffed with electronics more than with the
trotyl, and before it hits a Yugoslav target it is equipped with a video camera. Until the final ka-boom the camera transmits pictures received via satellite by some eggheads sitting 10 thousand miles away from the ka-boom. They are sitting in front of video screens, bitting peanuts, gulping coca-cola, and advising constructors of those Tomahawks. Constructors will consider advises during production of the next series of missiles. And they will spare millions of greenbacks. That is why they are driving they private limos, sailing their private yachts and flying their private jets, while you deliver them pizza for minimum wage plus tips. There is no better range in the whole world than Yugoslavia. One does not need to build mock factories and mock hospitals, and cope with angry
Indians and environmentalists while there are real factories and hospitals in Belgrade. For free. Just take your missiles and fire, fire, fire!

Or the B-2 bomber aircraft, which costs two billion greenbacks... Isn't it cool to test it over the Adriatic rather than over Iowa? Imagine a pilot, who is repeatedly said through the radio: "this is not a drill". What a marvellous toy for military psychiatrists. Real strains, real stress, intensive sweatening, breath, blood, urine, adrenaline... Yum, yum-m.

And yet there are those aircraft carriers wandering in open seas. Each has 2,000 crew, 3 basketball halls, 5 swimming pools; each scrambles 4,000 eggs for breakfast. How long one can stand listening to the oldest sergeant telling his stories from the Desert Storm? We can't bite Saddam but there is Slobo 200 miles away. He kills Albanians. Who are those Albanians? Who knows... There was an Albanian girl in "Wag the Dog" - a movie about a fictional American president, who launches a fictional war to divert an attention from his fictional romance with a fictional White House intern. That girl was cool. Yeah, buddie, those 4,000 eggs will not be wasted... War is cool!

American boys have never heard about the Clausewitz's doctrine; they seldom know how to spell Napoleon's name. No wonder they have no clue about their idea of the role of war in state economy. But they all know that thanks to the war in Persian Gulf, Ted Turner's CNN channel earned 70 million bucks. Oh, that's cool!

F-117 Stealth fighter-bombers: invisible yet shot down over Yugoslavia. In Farnborough they cost 45 million a piece. Prices for bombs and missiles dropped on Yugoslavia range from $1000 to $500,000 a piece. One flight hour of F-15 plane equals $10,000. First weeks of the air offensive saw 400 planes. Add to it costs of operation of satellites, awacs, radars, runways - at least a million dollars a day. And those are not Canadian dollars. Americans, who can convert everything to money, say that one hour of war for Kosovo costs NATO countries 10 million dollars. Hundred hours makes it a billion. A billion blown out within four days!

Just imagine: what if one gave this money to Albanians from Kosovo? Let's assume there are 1.5 million of them, and everybody - from a baby to an oldie - gets $2000. How much would it cost? Three billion. Twelve days of war. You say no money can buy life, freedom and safety? I have a feeling that if they had sent Alan Greenspan to Rambouillet, for 3 billion bucks he would have convinced both Miloshevich and Rugova. And if he had had 5% provision from this deal, he would have brokered such a beautiful autonomy, that Messieur Bouchard would have shat in his pants...

Unfortunately it was not Greenspan to broker the war. It was Madame Halfbright. She gave orders to Billary Clito. President Clito gave orders to gensek Solana. Gensek Solana shifted it on General Clark. Hierarchy of puppets. The strings were pulled by American industrial tycoons, to whom war - any war - is a good opportunity to empty old stocks and get new governmental contracts. But the war was possible in first place due to American fear of humiliation. Madame Halfbright has gone an ultimatum too far. One ultimatum less and peace accord could be possible; one ultimatum more and she came to the point, beyond which there is only humiliation or
war. Who has ever been to an elementary school knows that in such a situation there is only one choice and this is a war. Therefore both sides behave like schoolboys from an elementary school. They do not want to lose face. Slobo says he will stop killing when Solana stops bombing. Solana says he will stop when Slobo stops. Slobo of course will stop. As soon as he kills or expells the last Albanian from Kosovo. They say there will be no European Vietnam, it means NATO ground troops will not invade Yugoslavia. Even if they do, so what? The Yugoslav army will keep killing and looting. Albanians will keep fleeing and dying. Albanian dead and refugees, who otherwise might be worth $2000 a head, now have their historic five minutes - right between stock market quotes and a coca-cola commercial. Coca-cola is cool!

Part 2-3