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March 04, 2003


















Say "NO!" To US Ground Troops In Kosovo, Congressmen Say

By Mary Mostert, Analyst, Original Sources
Original Source
April 7, 1999

President Clinton and his spokespersons keep saying that he will not send
American Ground Troops to Kosovo. However, it seems clear that ground troops
ARE going to be sent by NATO. Clinton has just announced that he is sending
up to 24 Apache helicopters along with 2,000 to 2,700 American troops as
"air support

Igor Ivanov, Russia's foreign minister, said yesterday that NATO is planning
to send 100,000 ground troops to Kosovo in the next 15 days (mostly
European), according to Agence France Presse (AFP). The goal of the
operation would be to separate Kosovo from the rest of Serbia and set up a
provisional government, AFP said, citing the deputy chief of staff of the
Russian armed forces, Yuri Boluyevsky.

President Clinton pledged to press on with "undiminished, unceasing and
unrelenting" air strikes against Yugoslavia until Milosevic surrenders
control over Kosovo, a State in Yugoslavia, to NATO. For the bombings to
stop, Clinton said Milosevic must withdraw his troops from Kosovo, agree to
allow NATO peacekeepers into the province, accept an interim peace deal that
gives Kosovo autonomy and allow all the ethnic Albanians who have fled the
region to
return. In other words, only an unconditional surrender by Milosevic of his
army and 10% of his country will stop the USAF
from bombing Yugoslavia cities. .

Clinton stated, "We are prepared to sustain this effort for the long haul.
Our plan is to persist until we prevail," Vladislav
Javonovic, the Yugoslav Charge d'Affaires to the U.N., told CNN's "Larry
King Live" that Belgrade was ready to offer Kosovar
Albanians "a very impressive, substantial autonomy ... and, of course, safe

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said nearly 400,000 refugees have
fled Kosovo since March 24, and that "An estimated 831,000 of the 1.8
million ethnic Albanian population of Kosovo, many of them still on the move
inside the province, have been displaced from their homes."

The figure of 1.8 million people being Albanian is consistently used by the
Administration. Where did it come from? I called the
State Department and asked how many of the refugees were illegal aliens and
how many were citizens. They didn't know and were surprised I asked. The
1998 World Almanac says the population of Kosovo is 2,000,000 people. Ninety
Percent of them, the State Department says, are Albanian, which would,
indeed, mean an Albanian population of 1,800,000.

Yet, World Almanacs show that in 1961 Kosovo had a total population of
963,565, of which only 642,000 were Albanian. By 1983, when Yugoslavia was
still united, with a total population of 22,826,000 people, only 8% of the
entire population was Albanian, a total of 1,826,080. Then four ethnic
groups seceded, Croatia, Macedonia,
Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Slovenia, leaving Yugoslavia with a population
of less than 45% of the land, and 10,337,000 people. The 1993 World Almanac
showed that Yugoslavia still had only 8% Albanian population, which would
indicate that there were 826,960 Albanians in all of Yugoslavia.

Somehow, the State Department claims, there are now, a mere 5-6 years later,
1,800,000 Albanians LIVING IN KOSOVO ALONE! That doesn't count the 100,000
Albanians that are living in Belgrade. In fact, the apartment houses NATO
bombed yesterday were occupied by Albanians. There was a million MORE
Albanians living in Kosovo and 112,000 FEWER Serbs living in Kosovo and were
are told that Serbs were mistreating the Albanians? Why, then, did so many
of them come
into Kosovo illegally?

Members of Congress need to pay close attention to what Bill Clinton and
NATO plan in "escorting" what appears to be close to
1,000,000 illegal aliens from Albania back into Kosovo and forcing, at
gunpoint, the Yugoslavians to give up a piece of real estate which contains
the cradle of their Serbian Orthodox faith to a group of Albanian Muslims.
If that happens, it will only be a
matter of time before some ethnic group in America wants ITS own seat in the
United Nations and goes after it with the same
determination as the Albanian, Macedonian, Croatian, Bosnian and Slovene
minorities. Should the Cubans have part of Florida as their autonomous
nation, or should African-Americans have Mississippi or Hispanics be given
San Bernadino County for their ticket to the United Nations? And, what about
the Cherokees and the Apaches? Shouldn't they have their own country?

Do we really want to set a precedent that would allow a United Nations or
Chinese army at some future time to bomb Miami or San Diego or Washington,
DC until we Americans agree to give every disgruntled minority in America
their own nation-state and seat in the United Nations?

Yugoslavia and Slobodan Milosevic have been very harshly judged by NATO, led
by Bill Clinton and a vigorous propaganda campaign by people like Geraldo
Rivera are working overtime to convince the American people that their
judgment authorizes an incredibly harsh punishment - the destruction of
their nation.

At this Easter time of year, perhaps those who believe in Jesus Christ might
want to remember that he finished the Sermon on the Mount by saying, "Judge
not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be
judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

For the non-Christians, that translates into: What Goes Around Comes Around.
If we do what Clinton is planning, we better never, EVER try to get rid of
California's 1,000,000 illegal aliens, if the State Department figures are
correct - and not merely figures to later accuse the Serbs of slaughtering
people who never existed in the first place.