Escorting KLA into Kosovo
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avgust 20, 2008

















NATO Escorting the KLA Back into Kosovo
By: Mary Mostert


For 77 days the Serbs were bombed by faceless, unidentifiable enemies with huge amounts of firepower at their disposal. While the Alliance puts the death toll of the Serb military at up to 10,000 and the civilian death toll in less than 500, the Serbs put the death toll of the military at less than 500 and the civilian death toll in the thousands. Obviously, one, or both, are not telling the truth.

In what must be one of the strangest and most disorganized cessation of hostilities in history, NATO forces, after first demanding that all Yugoslav troops withdraw in 7 days, seem to being having problems themselves in moving in an orderly way into Kosovo. First, the Russian beat them to Pristina, which apparently caused a near panic in both Washington and London. And, of course, secondly, the KLA has not put down their weapons, nor has the Yugoslav Army and Police been willing to withdraw and leave the non-Albanian minorities in Kosovo at the mercy of the KLA.

The not surprising result of the chaotic control situation over the week-end were dead Serbs and at least two dead German journalists. German machine-gunners riddled an old yellow Zastava car in Prizren in a gun-battle that lasted about 20 minutes, according to London Telegraph reporter. The gun battle lasted about 20 minutes and sent hundreds of celebrating Albanian civilians diving for cover, as German forces crouched behind concrete barricades and continued to fire up the main street in Prizren. Finally Yugoslav army officials arrived and pleaded with them to stop.

The "peace agreement" provision that the KLA would "demilitarize" has not taken place. As NATO troops move in, apparently their "little brother" - the Kosovo Libration Army is also moving in. Serb sources report that KLA forces, although they should have been demilitarized, entered Djakovica, Prizren, Decani and Pec. Serb news reported Monday that "American General Shelton has just stated on CNN that KLA will not be disarmed, only demilitarized."

This has created a mass exodus of Serbs and other minorities from Kosovo. News reported by Phillip Smucker that the Serb killed in Prizren was "shot in the back," and the shock that, while the Yugoslav police and military, are being required to leave, or give up their arms, that the KLA is being allowed back into Kosovo as NATO moves in will, of course, convince the Kosovo Serbs that they have no police protection and that, once again, the KLA is on the rampage.

This will create still another "ethnically pure" Balkan state, such as Albania, with 97% pure ethnic Albanians, Slovenia, 91% ethnic Slovenes.

Now that the negotiations are over, aspects of the Rambouillet agreement, which were glossed over and ignored by the dominant media (but which some of us independent commentators reported) are being mentioned. For example, On Sunday, June 13, 1999, The Los Angeles Times published an opinion piece by Walter Russell Mead, a contributing editor of Opinion, and senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) entitled, "Conflict in Kosovo; a Weak Peace; There's Joy in Belgrade, only Relief in the West." In the article Mead complains "On a number of key 'non-negotiable' demands the administration bought a peace agreement by accepting Russian conditions. The Rambouillet accords - the agreements we went to war to enforce - gave NATO troops the right to travel anywhere in Yugoslavia they wished. They would have been bad news for indicted war criminal Milosevic: With NATO soldiers driving all over his country he wouldn't have anywhere to hide.

"But, desperately anxious to close the deal, the White House caved on this. Under the new peace plan, Milosevic has kept NATO troops out of his remaining territory. This concession gives him a concrete item to point to as something he 'won' in the war. NATO demanded that he allow what in practice amounted to a Yugoslav surrender of authority throughout the country; Milosevic stood up to NATO, and the bullies backed down. He will use that fact to help make the case why they Yugoslavs should keep him in power - and out of jail."

Remember the vague statements about Rambouillet in February? Madeleine Albright said, on the day the KLA decided, (not surprisingly, since they were promised Kosovo as their own country) "Today the Kosovo Albanian delegation undertook to sign the agreement after it is reviewed by technical experts and discussed with the people of Kosovo. The delegation invited NATO to deploy a force on the ground as part of this settlement. Kosovo would have its own constitution and government with full responsibility for all the issues that affect the daily lives of its people. Serbian police units would be rapidly withdrawn. The Yugoslav military would be restricted to patrolling a five-kilometer border zone. The Kosovo Liberation Army would also be de-militarized, and we are prepared to help retrain qualified members who wish to join Kosovo's new multi-ethnic police. "This settlement is the best deal either side can hope to achieve. The Contact Group extended its deadline and kept working over the past few days because we are well aware that a collapse here risked igniting renewed conflict and a humanitarian catastrophe. Unfortunately, President Milosevic and his delegation failed to seize this opportunity for progress."

While the Serbs could look forward to having a terrorist group of drug-dealers as their police force in Kosovo, Albright made no mention of the provision that in effect required an unconditional surrender by the Serbs to a NATO occupying force, not only of Kosovo, but of all the rest of Yugoslavia.

And, remember the oft repeated statements that Milosevic is a "dictator" to be compared with Adolf Hitler? Yet, Mead recognizes in his statement that the Yugoslavs elected him. He is obviously annoyed that, in spite of 77 days of being bombed, the Serbs are not ready to abandon their Democratic form of government and the elected leader of the nation - even if many of them don't like Milosevic or his policies. They are well aware that once they agree to allowing NATO to choose their leader - they lost the right to choose their own leaders.

Mead also mentions "the panic that swept through Western diplomatic and military offices Friday when Russian troops were seen headed toward Kosovo." The great fear, apparently from this CFR spokesman, was "there is nothing on paper to prevent the Russians from establishing a Russian zone for the province's Serbs." That, apparently, is just exactly what the Russians have in mind, - protecting the Serbs from unrestrained KLA slaughter.

However, perhaps the most revealing aspects of Mead's article was what he called "The White House's third cave: The Rambouillet accords laid out a clear path for the Kosovars to move toward independence after a transitional three years. That pledge has been dropped. The current agreement makes pious, vague references to the 'spirit' of the Rambouillet accords, but gives more weight to Yugoslavia's legal rights over the province. Add it up, and see the sad truth: the war flopped. It is true that the Serbs have withdrawn, but general agreement had been reached on this point before the bombing began. The deal of June was on the table in February." (Note: a point I made in a recent article. Had Albright and Clinton accepted the notion of Yugoslav sovereignty - a point the Serbs endured 77 days of bombing to defend - there was no point in bombing in the first place.)

"If we had been willing to accept U.N. authority, Russian trooops and Yugoslav sovereignty, we likely could have had it, or something very close, without firing a shot."

So, we find, the Serbs were right. This actually WAS an effort to take over their country.

Mead makes it clear: "One key U.S. goal in this war was to establish the legitimacy of NATO interventions without a U.N. mandate and to build backing among our European allies for more such interventions in the future.

We failed. By going back to the Security Council (we did it under heavy pressure from our allies), we tacitly conceded that NATO interventions need U.N. mandates. "This isn't a victory for the Serbs, but it is a political defeat for the United States - and a first-class diplomatic victory for Russia and China. We wanted to carry out the war as a NATO campaign, but the Yugoslavs refused to surrender to NATO, either at Rambouillet or during the bombing.

"The U.S. dream of a NATO willing and able to intervene 'out of area' without a Security Council mandate is farther away now than it was three months ago. NATO's first war will probably be its last, and it is difficult even to imagine the circumstances that will ever again lead Germany to fight by America's side without a clear mandate from the Security Council."

Horrors! Does this actually mean that Bill Clinton and NATO will have to abide by international law in the future? Mead fears it could be worse than that: "If Russia manages to get an occupation zone, the U.S. suffers an unspinnable public defeat. Don't look for ticker-tape parades and champagne corks on this one. An unnecessary war has brought an ambiguous peace. Let's just hope it lasts."

What peace? There is no peace. There can be no peace based on lies, intrigue and downright injustice. The KLA, which was dismissed as a terrorist group, which is financed by heroin sales all over Europe and shakedowns of Albanian-American businessmen, have come back to Kosovo in force, protected, it appears, by NATO forces. The KLA has been in control of a portion of Northern Albania for some time and what are conditions there? Well, a mere 6 months ago, on December 24, 1998, the U.S. State Department issued the following warning: "Given the possibility that the U.S. Embassy's personnel and facilities could be the targets of a terrorist attack, on August 14, 1998, the Department of State ordered the departure of Embassy personnel in non-emergency positions and families of Embassy personnel, and later further reduced its staff. As a result of the continued reduction in staff, the Embassy has suspended normal operations and is able to offer only emergency services to American citizens. ... The northeastern area of Albania, including the towns of Tropoja and Bajram Curri and the area near the Kosovo border, remains outside effective government control. Travel to this area is exceedingly dangerous. Even persons traveling to this area solely to render humanitarian assistance to refugees have been attacked by bandits."

While it would be really nice to go back to business as usual, the week-end reports look ominous. Here we are, six months later after the US Embassy in Tirana sent its people home for fear of the chaotic situation caused by the KLA in Albania, , bringing this bandit group of drug dealers into Kosovo and, apparently, standing back while they go on a rampage - not only against Serbs, but also against others. We have acted as the KLA's air force, and have given them technical aid and training.

This is not the road to peace, folks. This sounds like the ground war we've been hearing about for weeks. If NATO and the White House is going to ignore the agreement signed by the Serbs where the KLA is concerned, it cannot expect the Serbs to abide by the agreement either. Now that the enemy is where they can been seen - don't expect that the Serb forces, supported by the Russians and probably the Chinese, to do nothing while the KLA does in Kosovo what it has been doing in Northeastern Albania for quite some time.

This whole thing makes me really wonder what really IS going on in Kosovo. This is not about the plight of refugees. There are STILL more Serb refugees than any other nationality, and this "peace" will create probably another 100,000-200,000 Serb refugees.

If we were concerned about refugees - we would have reacted differently to Serb, Rwandan, Sierra Leone, Cambodian, Kurdish, Tutsis, and others driven from their homes by the millions.