When Others Converted, Serbs Didn`t
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Why Albaninas Fled
Economic terrorism
Montenegro Goverment Delemna
Kosovo Commission
March 2000: Kosovo One Year Later
Ethnical Aspects on NATO
Ethnic Cleansing
Europe`s Plan to Control the Balkans
Comparison between Clinton and Hitler
Americans are learning to accept War Crimes
Serbs and Roma Flee KLA Terror in Kosovo
NATO Learns for Whom It Has Won a War
What do we do next? Massacre Serbs
When Others Converted, Serbs Didn`t
Who Won and Who Lost
Crisis in the Atlantic Alliance
UN Security Council Draft Resolution
Serbs Withdraw under UN Resolution
Did the Serbs Lose (NATO view)
NATO and Russia Breakthrough
A Truly Heroic Resistance
Refusing to Rebuild Bombed Infrastracture
Escorting KLA into Kosovo
Indicator of a Future Plan
Resolution 1244
The Ultimate War Crime
Who Will Punish NATO?
NATO Complicit in Ethnic Cleansing of Serbs
Tyranny to Kosovo Albanians
Attacks by Albanians Intensifying
100,000 Dead Kosovars
KFOR & UN Legalization of Anarchy


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When Others Converted, the Serbs Didn't

LONDON, June 3 - Early this morning, we received by fax from the U.K. a copy of an article written by a Briton of Polish descent, headlined "Serbia's Art and Soul." The following excerpt from it may help you understand why the Serbs fought and died for Kosovo: "Gracanica? A strange church, as I remember it, with too many domes crowded above too small a nave, located a few miles outside Pristina, and started in 1313. The Turks burnt it down a few decades later. So the Serbs rebuilt it. Burnt down and rebuilt, burnt down and rebuilt-the famous ecclesiastical sites of Kosovo kept the Serbian embers glowing, for century after century, with remarkable success.

So. When the Bosnians converted to Islam, the Serbs didn't. When the Albanians converted to Islam, the Serbs didn't. For 500 years they believed themselves to be fighting a Christian jihad on behalf of civilised West against the invading eastern Muslims. When the Turks were finally expelled, in the false dawn that preceded the Great War, in came the Bulgarians. And the Austrians. And the Italians. Then the Nazis. Even more clearly than my people, the Poles, the Serbs have had to define themselves through their opposition to their neighbours. And their churches, packed to the rafters with so much stern and rousing and ancient religious propaganda, have been the chief artistic focus of that opposition. So. When the Croats sided with Hitler, the Serbs didn't. When the Albanians sided with Hitler, the Serbs didn't. Until, finally, in about 1960, under the wonky tarpaulin of Tito's communism, the Muslim population of Kosovo, swollen by wholesale illegal immigration from the mightily poor and pseudo-Maoist Albania, and fattened by the strict Muslim forbidding of birth control, finally overtook and out numbered the indigenous Serb population. And 40 years of recent history began the process of attempting to outweigh 700 years of historic struggle. Monasteries had stones thrown through their windows (many had already been converted into mosques.) Graves were desecrated. Churches were torched. It is to the defense of those churches that the Serbs clearly believed they were rushing when they invaded, so brutally and quickly, Kosovo and Metohija.

The coverage of the Kosovo conflict has, time after time, struck me with its high-tech ignorance of these powerful low-tech causes. Not a word is ever mentioned about the great Church art of Serbia. Not enough has been devoted to the deep historical roots of the war. A few brief references have been made to the historic Battle of Kosovo of 1389, but not with any deep ambition to take it seriously. Not a line, that I have read, has been quoted from the marvelous cycle of epic Kosovo poems with which the Serbs, "a nation of (black)birds," have been indoctrinating their children, from birth, since the victory of the Turks."