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avgust 20, 2008

















Black operations: Markale market "massacre" the sequel

We have been notified from our official sources that a sequel to Sarajevo Markale market "massacre" is in preparation. NATO countries' public has been reluctant to accept the ground troops deployment. The air raids are not yielding any tangible results. The war can not be won from air alone, and for escalating the air strike to full deployment of ground troops a REALLY good cause is needed. Similar ideas have been toyed with for quite a while. There were rumors of "something" going on, some unspecified preparations being carried out, but no more details given, leaving everything in the realm of the usual propaganda and counter-propaganda of both sides. But latest information we gathered have more disturbing details, adding considerable weight to the rumors: "Reportedly a group of American and German pilots are training for some time now on Yugoslav made Croatian Air Force planes "galeb" and "jastreb". The planes will be painted in the FRY Air Force colours and insignia and used for bombing the ethnic Albanian refugee camps in Albania. That would be the "just" cause for ground troops intervention.

Additional facts that support this scenario are:

1. For days NATO has intensified the relocation of refugees from the border regions of Albania and Macedonia further inland.

2. The arrival of NATO airplanes into Albania and Skopje is not covered by tv reports as before (business associate in Macedonia confirmed that the number of transport airplanes arriving to Skopje has significantly increased).

3. Christian Amanpour has arrived to Albania. "

Our comment:

It is unclear whether Croatian Air Force has any of the "galeb" or "jastreb" Yugoslav made planes. It is our guess that all of them were evacuated to Yugoslavia in 1991. But, it would be easy to obtain these planes from some of the African countries, that have purchased them when they were very popular as reliable, low-budget jet planes. We know that several private collectors from USA have purchased some of these planes from the Air Force Museum in Belgrade.So, we can conclude that there are quite a few of these planes outside FR Yugoslavia, and that they can be used as described.
Furthermore, according to the stipulations of the June 14th 1996 Agreement on Sub Regional Arms Control signed in Florence, Italy, FR Yugoslavia has decided to get rid of all "galeb" and "jastreb" planes, leaving in service only "Super galeb G4" and "Orao" planes, plus MiG-21 and MiG-29. So, even if an attack on refugee camps would be executed with "galeb" or "jastreb" planes, that could hardly be attributed to FR Yugoslavia Air Force. The movement of refugees further away from the border is a sure sign that there is no expectation of peaceful settlement soon, and that border area has to be cleared and secured for advancing troops.

Increase in NATO transport flights to Skopje can be explained in various ways, mainly by increase in refugee relief supplies
shipments. Keeping these flights out of the public focus can mean only one thing - they are bringing everything needed for ground invasion of Yugoslavia. But the fact that preparations are under way for such a long period of time, could undermine the igniting effect of yet another "massacre". And to conclude, if all other data is missing, watch for Amanpour trail - she is literally the "source" of news. Her timely appearance on each and every occasion where a biased and hysteric media
coverage is needed to justify extreme measures against a side that Amanpour (a long time proponent of biased journalism) labels as "bad guys", is probably the most significant indication of future actions.

This message goes right after another massacre on Kosovo. NATO airplanes bombed with 15 missiles the Albanian refugee
convoy, which was coming back to Kosovo and was camping during night on Pristina-Prizren road near village Koris
(Prizren area). During two hours of attacks, NATO destroyed about 20 refugee tractors and also bombed medical teams,
which were giving help to wounded people. At least 50 people were killed, mostly children and women, and about 50 were
heavily wounded.
You must realize that the real goal of NATO isn't refugee protection and achieving their peaceful comeback and life on Kosovo.