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avgust 20, 2008



















They say the "real" purpose behind the bombings was to "force Kosovo and Serbia to accept the U.S. brokered RAMBOuillet agreement which includes a NATO occupying force of 28,000 (4,000 U.S.) troops." They make as a comparison a "harsher version of the Haiti occupation." Anotherwords, surrender and subject themselves to NATO Martial Law, with is occupation without legal liability or restraint or die.

"When asked on "60 Minutes" in May of 1996 about the deaths of half a million children, more than died in Hiroshima, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright responded, "We think the price is worth it."

Clinton declared, if Milosevic doesn't sign the agreement to make Kosovo a state within a state, he will pay the price.

And, there has been a strong case made that the US State Department fraudulently cooked up the so-called "massacre" so they could get NATO and the US public to go along with the bombing and by force have NATO troops stationed in Kosovo as a prelude to secession.

Apparently the victims of this "massacre" of Racak, weren't even from the local village but brought in from another location, because one villager stated he could not recognize any of the victims as from the village where the Albanians claimed the massacre took place.

Eyewitness accounts by Albanians are refuted by film shot by reporters of Associated Press, stating that the gully where the bodies were found was discovered only on the day after the fighting, even though observers were present in Racak within half an hour after the fighting ended. The French daily Figaro casts doubt on the statements of Albanians regarding events in the village of Racak, asking the question whether terrorists of the KLA orchestrated this so-called massacre in order for them to turn their military defeat into a political victory. We all remember this kind of propaganda from previous wars we become entrenched in.

The available facts is the film shot both during the fighting at Racak and on location by Renaud Girard, a special reporter for Figaro - which clearly refutes the claims of the Albanian separatists that Serbian security forces massacred 45 civilians.

And, Yugoslav experts in forensic medicine, who began to perform autopsies of the bodies of those killed in Racak, declared that "not one of the bodies showed evidence that the victim was executed," writes Figaro.

According to French newsmagazine, Figaro, the Serb police surrounded and attacked the village of Racak, known to be a base of the separatist KLA. The police had nothing to hide, and ] invited a television crew (two reporters of the American Associated Press) to film the operation. Also on location were two vehicles with American diplomatic plates, which lends support to the position that there was complicity between the Albanians and the U.S. in promoting this as a massacre.

A police report was made public via the International Press Center in Pristina, which stated that, during as a result of the fighting at Racak, 15 "KLA terrorists were killed and a significant quantity of weapons was confiscated".

The of bodies of Albanian civilians found in a gully, _which shocked the world_, were not discovered until the next day. And, at that time, the village was under the control of armed members of the KLA, who directed foreign visitors toward the scene of the so-called massacre.

All the Albanians, told one version: that police raided the village, separated women from men, and took the latter into the hills where they subsequently killed them.

However that version is contradicted observations and by the film shot by the Associated Press crew.

The shooting began because the police encountered resistance from the trenches which the KLA separatists had dug and the fighting was intense on the higher ground around the village. The AP reporters who were there on the scene concluded that the KLA separatists, who were surrounded, were desperately trying to break out. About 20 of them succeeded in doing so, a fact which the police confirmed.

The reporters also found very few cartridge shells around the gully where the so-called massacre took place", concludes Figaro.

It seems very clear that this was the necessary media campaign to have NATO involvement. To lend further credence to the reporters from AP, the London Guardian also doubted the Albanian version and quoted statements of officials of the international verification mission, who wished to remain anonymous, that they were convinced that some of the bodies of the deceased at Racak were later moved.

This leaves little doubt that that reports from the verification mission was not accurate and points to a very aggressive campaign to blame it on the Serbs.

This is all public relations. We need a good guy and a bad guy and Mr Milosevic is the bad guy. Sadam Hussein is the bad guy. We always need bad guys. Bill Clinton especially needs bad guys so he doesn't appear so bad himself.

What will most likely happen is the war will not give Milosevic the excuse to declare martial law and seize back control of Montenegro.

Since the early 1980s, when the Albanians began agitating for independence from Serbia, many ethnic Albanians boycotted the state educational system in favor of their own schools funded by Albanians living abroad and as a result young ethnic Albanians do not even speak the Serbian language and Serbs don't speak albanian and mixed marriages are rare. Most Albanians are Muslims, though descendants of Christians, who converted to Islam under Ottoman rule.

Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has emphatically declared that his federal republic as well as Serbia can never accept any solutions to make Kosovo a "state within a state."

In a letter, Milosevic stated: "Your peoples should be shamed because you are threatening a small European nation which is defending its territory from separatism, their citizens and their historical dignity from hooligans who don't know what either history or dignity means,"

Milosevic stated that his republic will insist on political solutions to the Kosovo crisis through peaceful negotiations.

Kosovo is, legally, a part of the republic of Serbia. It won't be surrendered without a fight. That much is clear.

As is typical the WEST were promoting this as a "humanitarian peacekeeping operation" which is in fact just more American bully power politics

If Kosovo succeeds in breaking away from Yugoslavia, it would inevitably unite with Albania, a de facto Greater Albania, and this would be destabilizing to Macedonia, where the albanians are 40% of the population and there is an uneasy co-existence with the Slavic majority.

America is a society of mercenary interlocking exploitive corporations, an electorate that is notoriously unenlightened and misinformed by a notoriously phony mass media that is responsive more to the whims and will of their commercial advertisers than they are to telling the truth. This is a nation of millions of used car salesmen, and of real estate barons who practice medicine [Doctors buy a lot land and other riches with the money they overcharge you for healthcare.] This is a country of people with guns who have no qualms about killing anybody that doesn't look like them, talk like them or threatens to cut off their oil.

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