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US troops out of Europe!
Peace Plans
KLA Political Declaration
Chinese Embassy Bombing
New Age of Humanitarian Vigilante Power
Accusations of Rape
Pre 1989,  Albanian Rule in Kosovo
Lynching Justice
Reasons for NATO Aggression
Purpose Behind Intervention
March 1994
Albanian Rule in Kosovo
Manoevers Focused on Mounting Chaos
Theory of American Stupidity
Theory of European Stupidity
The Empire
Failure of Diplomacy


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Not for public: "The Well Hidden Truth"

1. Evidence that reporters KNEW the U.S. government had deliberately written the Rambouillet "peace" agreement to be so extreme that the Serbs couldn't sign it. That is, it was a setup to achieve bombing. But this was never reported. See:
2. Documents, not intended for publication, from the German Courts and German Foreign Ministry According to these official German documents, there was no Serbian persecution of Albanians during the year before the bombing started.
3. Three reports from Paul Watson, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter on the ground in Kosovo since bombing started.
a) Despite Western reports, Mr. Watson sees NO evidence of massacres or organized government persecution of Albanians in Pristina, capital of Kosovo
b) Albanians and Serbs work side by side in Kosovo to undo damage caused by NATO's bombs
4. Here's a brilliant deconstruction of a NATO mass grave hoax
5. Eve-Ann Prentice, London Times reporter targeted (!) by NATO planes over Kosovo, describes Serbian/Albania kindness towards her after the attack. Gives a whole different impression of what these folks are like from what we're getting on TV.
6. What is the KLA, the Kosovo Albanian group for which NATO is now providing an air force? Prof. Chossudovsky's answers and it isn't good.
7. Report of U.S. Congressional Mission to Serbia refutes NATO assertions
about atrocities and ethnic cleansing.
8. A group of articles from the NY Times and other papers in the 1980s show the Serbs were victims of a racist movement in Kosovo.
9. When NATO planes bomb Albania, everyone within miles flees - illustrating the Serbian government's point that bombing is what crated the refugee crisis.
10. Albanians take up arms against the secessionist KLA.
11. Sean Gervasi has written some of the best analysis of U.S. and German plans for carving up the world. For instance, see:
12. NATO has been demonizing the Serbs for 9 years. Here one of the most successful slanders, the concentration camp hoax, is debunked by Thomas Deichmann.