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180499 From: (TARABAS10)

In most primitive societies people think that everybody is entitled to decide
"trials" and to execute supposed culprits after one minute of examination. That
US staff, too, sticks to this mentality was shown recently by the massacre of a
jet pilote in Kosovo: He saw a burning village and some trucks and decided
immediately: people in the trucks were those who burnt the village. In reality
he killed dozens of innocent Albanian civilians. But an army speaker defends
the pilot saying it is "unfair" to blame him since he "had to" decide when
flying a supersonic aeroplane. That means: Nato officers think that ultra
modern technics allow to reduce law and moral to zero. Of course Nato officials
act acc. to the same lynching justice also when there would be time enough for
examination. All anti-Serb decisions in Bosnian war such as embargo, demand to
retire heavy Serb weapons from Sarajewo, bombing Pale etc were result of claims
without prove.

The second "justification" for Nato terror against Serbs are naked lies. The
news magazine Spiegel 15/1999 confessed at least 5 anti-Serb lies of western
propaganda. E.g. western press claimed that Serbs interned on a football place
in Pristina between 10.000 and 20.000 Albanian prisoners. A Nato robot
aeroplane filmed the place and showed: the place was completely empty. That
means western media lie even when they can easily be refuted. In more difficult
cases such as Srebrenica of course they are even more unscrupulous. Further
examples of western lies were reports that Albanian leader Rugova, his
companions Agani etc were killed who in reality all live
. Then Rugova appeared
in television together with Serb president Milosevic, both in jovial, relaxed
manner. Western media claimed that the television show was 2 years old. Now the
Spiegel journalist Renate Flottau tells: she was in the house of Rugova when he
departed to the meeting with president Milosevic and when he came back
reporting details: not 2 years ago but after his alleged killing in this bloody
year 1999. Spiegel also quotes anti-Serb accusations without any prove (= lies)
e.g. by minister Scharping about "Serb concentration camps" etc, asks the
comment of "German" chancellor Schröder, and this "justifies" all lies simply
saying: you need only to "interprete" the words sufficiently, so expulsion
becomes "concentration camp".

The president Glogovic of Macedonia, an enemy of Milosevic, said that damage by
western attacks on Serbia can only be repaired after 20 years. Western
"justification" for it is that Nato "wants to stop murder and expulsion". In
reality most Albanians say clearly that "living together with Serbs is
impossible": that means they want to expel the Serb minority. The German
magazine Focus 15/1999 published that still in 1941 in Kosovo there were only
300.000 Albanians. The rest of today`s population came since then by immigration
and birth excess. Nobody denies that some hundredthousands of Serbs left Kosovo under fascist and Albanian pressure. Together with today`s 200.000 Serbs in Kosovo Serbs were clearly the majority in 1941. But Nato suggests that the
later immigrants are entitled to expel the original inhabitants but the latter
are not entitled to expel the invaders. In other countries such as Sudan,
Cambodia, Northern Korea, China communists and moslems are allowed to KILL
MILLIONS, but Nato claims it is intolerable that Serbs expel some hundred
thousands of Albanians who before expelled hundredthousands of Serbs. Claims
about Serb killings, mass violations etc are never proved.

Spiegel etc furnish permanent new examples of Albanian or other moslem lies against Serbs. But Albanians confess that they not only did kill pro-Serbian Albanians ("collaborators") but want to do that even more after their victory.      THAT MEANS THAT NATO DOESN`T FIGHT AGAINST MURDER AND EXPULSION BUT FOR EXPULSION OF SERBS AND FOR MURDER ON ALBANIAN "COLLABORATORS".

Another western lie is: "Nato doesn`t fight against the Serb people, only
against the "dictator" Milosevic."
In reality newspapers speak every day of
"Serb killers", with whom Albanians couldn`t live together even after the end
of Milosevic; Serb history is painted as sequence of atrocities; and Nato
destroys the base of Serb life more thoroughly than most earlier wars did. The
alleged "dictator" Milosevic was accepted in correct election and he allowed
permanent demonstrations against him. But the Munich chief of the party CSU,
former staffing "German" government, Singhammer, demanded that pro-Serbian
demonstrations shall be prohibited: such are the "democrats" who call president
Milosevic a "dictator". SPD chancellor Schroeder "justified" Nato bombing with
claims that in Rambouillet Milosevic "didn´t accept the smallest concession".
In reality the Austrian chief of Nato commission, Petrovic, clearly said that
most points of Nato "peace" program in Ramboulliet could only be suscribed and
here no negotiation was possible: so he said clearly that Nato wanted
dictatorship in Yougoslavia.
This became perfectly clear now with a new
announcement: Nato demanded in Rambouillet even that its troops could treat not
only Kosovo but all Yougoslavia as an occupied country. Not 1 percent of Serb
population might accept this, it was a clear attempt to introduce western
dictatorship in Yougoslavia - by threat of bombs, mass killing, destructions
for 20 years. Minister Fischer claims that this point was without importance
for the failure of Rambouillet. But if they demand such cynical perversions
before they rule in Kosovo - what can be their policy after having definitive
power? And can anybody believe that the other points of the treaty were
principally less impudent? It is the same behaviour as that of the killer pilot
in Kosovo: Nato has the technics, the political power and the power in media to
feign "moral" by propaganda and so doesn`t see a reason to concern for
substantial moral at all.

The magazine Focus published that Scharping in 1968 denied German right to have
military jets ("starfighter") at all. The so called "green" party in 1975
claimed: "THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEACE", and not one of its members objected. But today Scharping and the majority of "green" party members impose an offensive war to expel the native = Serb population of Kosovo from their homes.