The Night Will Always Belong to US
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US troops out of Europe!
Was CNN involved in...
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avgust 20, 2008

















"The Night Will Always Belong to Us"

BELGRADE, June 3 - So now you know, too, why all those Serb men fought and died in on the Field of Blackbirds - Kosovo, 610 years ago, as well as in the last 72 days. Thanks to Milosevic's and Chernomyrdin's betrayals, NATO may eventually rule Kosovo in the daytime. "But the night will always belong to us," one normally mild-mannered Serb "city slicker," vowing to take his revenge on the occupying forces. One can understand the reasons for such deep anger. Over 1,500 civilians killed; 30% of them children, according to today's Tanjug news release. Over 5,000 civilians wounded. God only knows how many Serb soldiers have been killed or injured by NATO during the last 72 days. The entire urban Serbia is in ruins... no electricity; no water this evening, as on many recent days.

Still people were prepared to endure all that, and then some, as long as they felt united with their government and their army in opposition to the foreign aggressor.

Milosevic may be prepared to forgive and forget such NATO barbarism in the hope of spending a few more days in his earthly kingdom. But the Serb people never will. Most of all, they will never forgive him - the new Vuk Brankovic. From this day forward, another Day of Infamy in this needless war, the old Kosovo curse will be on Milosevic's head:

Whatsoever he may touch shall wither;
Vineyard, field of wheat - his sweat and labor fruitless;
And his generations barren!

Today, June 3, is St. Constantin's Day. May these verses from this day forward also be known as St. Constantin's Curse on Milosevic. And may the Serb people have the courage to indict him and try him for triple treason - of the Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia, and now in Kosovo - before the NATO hyenas get their hands on someone who is so much like themselves. And then, may the night belong to the souls of those vanquished by the NATO war criminals...