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US troops out of Europe!
Was CNN involved in...
Post Reports Only on Albanians
Disinformation Trap
TV Screens Offer Us Illusions of War
Is it dangerous to tell the Truth
The Night Will Always Belong to US
Meltdown of the Support
Brainwashing the Western People
Media Agenda for War
The War on TV
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avgust 20, 2008


















Like a growing riptide, public support in the U.S. is starting to swell at an increasing rate. It is now becoming harder and harder to find people who support this illegal aggression against Yugoslavia. Clinton is now at the point in his illegal war where he will have armed U.S. Marines standing guard over poor Albanian refugee pawns to keep them from rioting in their camps. Congress is finally starting to get the message that we don't belong in the Balkans at all under the false pretences that have been proffered by Clinton and NATO.

Clinton and NATO has caused all the suffering and death, without producing any solid evidence of the "atrocities" supposedly committed by Milosevic. All that has been produced by NATO is allegations and tentative information on "atrocities" being committed. This whole illegal war was started and continues under false, misleading "information," carefully crafted and artfully delivered to appear as fact so as to manipulate public opinion for their continued support. Finally the manifold lies are starting to surface; the military is being drained; the price tag is growing at an exponential rate to the point where it is overdrawing "surpluses" (that don't exist), cutting into funds that should be protected public coffers. At the same time, information is slowly being released that indicates a gross treasonous effort by Clinton to release ALL nuclear weapon technologies to China, and possibly other near nuclear-capable nations.