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avgust 20, 2008

















Pentagon trapped in its own lies

New York, April 14th, 1999 - Pentagon was trapped in its own web of lies today when it, at first, tried to act a lack of information on more than 70 civilians - ethnic Albanian refugees - killed in NATO bombing today. Then it tried falsely to accuse the Yugoslav air forces, saying that the Yugoslav air fighter planes allegedly attacked the refugees fleeing away.

The news reporters stopped the Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon`s lies by series of questions. They asked: "How come that you reveal that important fact about the Yugoslav fighter planes and choppers flying over the refugees, right now after so many refugees were killed, isn`t this strange?"

"Is it possible that you still have no details on the today`s tragedy?", "Everything is being checked", Bacon said quite unconvincingly.

Afterwards, he confirmed that NATO fighter planes "have carried out an attack on a vehicle convoy today and that it was confirmed in Brussels."

This started a shower of questions: "Are you saying that that was a military convoy?".

Bacon tried to lie shamefully: "We have been informed that they (the Yugoslav Army) hide refugees in military vehicles".

An American journalist, whose name is, unfortunately, not known to us, asked resentfully: "What kind of military convoy is it, when the shot of the tragedy scene clearly shows mattresses and bags loaded on tractors and peasant vehicles?"

"Do you have evidence this was certainly done by the Yugoslav fighter planes?". Bacon had to confess: "No, we cannot confirm that this was done by the Yugoslav fighter planes."

The Pentagon spokesman nervously turned the stand to another Pentagon representative, to Mayor General Charles Weld, a strategy expert in the American headquarters. He was facing a new series of questions and he confessed that the NATO pilots are able to distinguish between military convoy and civilian columns.

He, also, was obviously nervous and refused to answer further questions asked by the journalists of the seventh force, whose representatives openly expressed doubts. They sensed that today`s refugee massacre conducted by the NATO pilots may represent only a drop in the ocean of gruesome lies fabricated by aggressor`s propaganda that cannot be tolerated any more.

Talking about the Yugoslav forces, Weld reiterated today that the Yugoslav Anti-Aircraft Defense still represented a great threat for aggressor fighter planes, regardless of the long-lasting NATO bombing campaign.

Weld said that the Yugoslav Anti-Aircraft Defense "is as dangerous as it was on the first day" when NATO started its aggression against Yugoslavia.