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Croatian President Franjo Tudjman is another darling of the U.S. government. He has received considerable backing from the Pentagon and State Department. When he spoke at the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Washington as a Clinton-invited guest of honor, many in the audience walked out. This is the man who once declared, "Thank god my wife is neither a Serb nor a Jew."

Tudjman is a Croatian nationalist and anti-communist. His government has adopted the flag and currency of the fascist Ustashe regime during World War II.

His book "Wastelands: Historical Truths" asserts that "only" 900,000 Jews died in the Holocaust, not 6 million. He also asserts that no more than 70,000 Serbs were killed in the Ustashe death camps.

According to Alfred Lipson, a senior researcher at the Holocaust Resource Center and Archives at Queensborough Community College in New York, "more than 60,000 Jews died" at the death camp in Jasenovac, Croatia, "along with 27,000 Gypsies; the Serbs, the most anti-Nazi ethnic group in Yugoslavia, suffered the greatest losses--1.2 million." (Forward, Nov. 11, 1994)

Although the U.S. has brokered a Croatian-Bosnian federation between Tudjman and Izetbegovic, it is a shaky alliance at best. Tudjman is violently anti-Muslim, to the point of even denying the Muslims legitimacy. In an interview in the Sept. 25 French daily Le Figaro, Tudjman said that the Muslims are really Croatians who should eventually be incorporated into Croatia.

Tudjman says in the Le Figaro interview that he sees his task in the Croatian-Bosnian federation as "Europeanizing" the Muslims and "bringing them into European civilization."

In his racist ravings, Tudjman sounds like Los Angeles cop Mark Fuhrman. Except Tudjman heads up a country. According to an Aug. 19 New York Times profile, Tudjman came to power "helped by financing from anti-communist Croatian emigres in the United States and Canada." What the Times doesn't mention is that these groups are ultimately financed by the CIA. It was this U.S.-based support that put Tudjman at the head of the Croatian government.



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