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Zeljko Raznjatovic - Arkan

As a young man just out of a home for juvenile delinquents,
he left Yugoslavia for Europe and began a life of crime. He is still
wanted in several European countries: the Italian police want him in
connection with the killing of a restaurant owner in 1974. He robbed
banks in Stockholm and Goteborg, Sweden. He was convicted of armed
robbery in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. But here is the
strange part--in all cases, he "escaped" from prison.

In November of 1990, Arkan traveled to Knin for a meeting of the
council of war of the Knin uprising. On the way back to Belgrade after
the meeting, Arkan and his three companions were stopped by police and
arrested. The four were convicted and Arkan was sentenced to 20 months
in prison. Miraculously, once again he was released from prison, this
time by the Western-backed Croatian government.

When Milosevic, in an attempt to break Western sanctions, promised
to turn over state-run gas stations to anyone who could get oil into
Serbia, Arkan had little trouble in obtaining oil from the West and as
result, was able to get control of several gas stations.

All of these strange connections with Western authorities where
Arkan keeps getting away with serious crimes and offenses without
punishment makes me suspect he was really working for the West.